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This is the only hospital that has been left standing so far. Supplies are limited here due to raids and the staff is in short supply, but it is your best bet if you are in need of medical treatment.

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E M M A ((hey))

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Rachel ((So what am I doing?))

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E M M A ((just examine and treat Paul, and Hannah you can narrate lil and Bailey getting to the captive room))

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Rachel ((Okay I think I've got it!))

Doctor: I watch as another patient is brought into be treated. I can hear the screams from down the hall. "Another one?" I sigh. "I'm guessing his name is Paul." The other guys grunted in response. I get to work in treating the boy in front of me. He was pretty messed up.

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E M M A Bailey: "no shit!" I snapped. "how are we gonna get out?" I whispered.

Paul: the doctor clapped a respirator over my face, and begins stitching and treating the bruises and cuts. When she's finished, they give me a speacial medicine into my iv that would make me recover quickly. It was a double dose because of my condition, and my pulse incresased to 36 per minute.

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E M M A Bailey: "shut up!" I Hissed. "maybe we can convince the guard or something? It might be our best bet to just sit tught- I don't want to be out under chains for trying to get out," I whispered.

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Rachel Doctor: "Who brought him in?" I ask. The men tell me. "Bring them in here. If he's anything to go by they might need checked over too." The men start to protest. "For the love of God! Just bring them in!" I screech. I'd had it with those men. Capturing innocent people all because they needed medical care. It made me sick.

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E M M A Bailey; a guard marches in, and takes me and Lilian by the arm. He leads us to a hospital room. Paul is hooked up to a bunch of machines, and is banshee everywhere. "Paul!" I whimper.

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Rachel Doctor: I nod at the the guard. "You can go now." I tell him exasperated. Some of them just couldn't take a hint. Shaking my head I smile at the two girls. "Sorry about him, he's just one of the many b*st*ards running this whole get up." I explain.

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E M M A Paul: I mumble something, my throat feeling dry. I could open my eyes slightly, a spark of energy rushing through me. That would be the tonic. "llll," I murmured, unable to open my mouth.

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Rachel Doctor: "The medical care we have here is some of the finest in the country. He got some of the best care, he'll be fine." I tell the girl. "So you guys are now hostages?" I ask.

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E M M A Paul: I Try to tell her something, but the mask and the pain in my cheek prevent me from talking clearly. I kept asking where Lewis wasu, hoping shed eventually make sense of it.

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Rachel Doctor: "I'll try make sure you three get a room together." I promise them. They seemed like a nice bunch. They didn't deserve this.

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E M M A Paul: "lew. Lew." I kept repeating, momentarily forgetting how to move my mouth to say the last syllable of his name. Frustrated, I furrowed my brow. "lewiss," I mumble inside the mask.

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E M M A Paul: "why...?" I mumbled. Why hadn't he come? Ibknow he was mad, but it hurt to know my best friend didn't come to watch me die. We had been through everything together, and I was always there for him. Always.

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E M M A Paul: "Lewis...?" I began to become emotional. If anything happen in the hospital to me, I Wanted to tell him I was sorry about Eva. I felt a bit angry too. He had almost killed me with his own bare hands without a good reason, and didn't come to say goodbye to me. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes. How could he do this to me?

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E M M A Paul: so it was true. "lew-Lewis!" I choked on tears, crying now. He had abandoned me. All those times I had been his shoulder to cry on, the times I'd stay in the hospital all day with him when he got a concussion from water polo- they didn't mean anything apparenty.

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Rachel ((Awww! Poor Paul!))

Doctor: "I'll leave you guys alone." I say and walk out the room. "Go in that room and you'd wish you were dead by the time I'm through with you!" I threaten the guard before walking away.

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E M M A Paul: "sh-shock?" i shook with tears. "is he hurt?" I asked loudly, worried. Shock usually meant that you were Hurt badly. You could die from it. "I hurt him didn't I," I sobbed harder.

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E M M A Paul: I nod slowly, reaching up to wipe my face. I grimace in pain, wiping my fae with the heel of my hand. Maybe I was being selfish. His sister had died, and it was my fault.

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E M M A Paul: "tish- tissue," I mumbled, putting my arm back down. I'd Oreo ably never, ever see Lewis again.

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E M M A Paul: I shook my head, grabbing four tissues and wiping my entire fce with it. I held it out to put it on the table, landing t a few feet short. I groaned and straightened my head, still dwelling on the fact that Lewis hadn't come.

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E M M A Paul: "you didn't... You dint do any.. Anything," I breathed, closing my eyes to take a break from the light.

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E M M A Paul: "no... I didn't hearguy inside... I ...make no difference.." my words were hard to understand because of the drowsiness I was feeling, my lips barely moving as I spoke.

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E M M A Paul: I kisses her back, my face hurting, but I didn't care. Tears rundown my face as I reflected on this past week. I even managed to move my head behind her head to get a better kiss.

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E M M A ((that's a new phrase! I'm gonna start saying that xD))
Paul: my hands moved down to her waist, and I gasped for air. Breathing softly, I kissed her once more on her lips, then rested my head back on the pillow, sighing. "I love you lilian," I mumbled.

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E M M A Paul: I wanted to be with lilian forever and ever and ever. I held onto her, gently pulling her waist down so shed be laying on top. This way I could hug her comfortably. "thanks for taking care of me," I began to become reset eyed, my voice cracking.

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E M M A Paul: "as will I for you," I mumbled. "did you get your bruises checked?" my head felt more clear, and I could think straight again.

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E M M A Paul: "you need to get them checked. You might get an infection for the cuts. I'm no doctor, and I'm not sure I I patched them up correctly." I admitted, hugging her tightly. My injuries were now numb, then became all tingly. I leaned my head into hers, kissing her forehead .

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E M M A Paul: "lilian. If you love me, you'll get yourself checked out right now," I raised an eyebrow, releasing my clutch on her body.

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E M M A Paul: she reenters the room and I scoot over fir er. "good girl," I smiled weakly.

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E M M A Paul: "first aid class," I flashed her a grin. "thanks to stepmonster. Come lay next to me," I beckoned.

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E M M A Paul: "did you? And how was that?" I asked genuinely interested. Hopefully there weren't any boys on that class. I draped my arm around he waist, feeling absolutely no pain anymore.

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E M M A Paul: "glad to hear that," I snickered. "lifeguarding is more fun," I scrunched my nose, nuzzling hers.

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E M M A Paul: "how long did you do lifeguarding? Surprise I didn't see you," I asked, Exchanging a kiss with her.

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E M M A Paul: "whyyy? Ie been lifeguarding for like... Since I was maybe twelve? And I went to a whole bunch of jr lifeguard camps," I recalled, thinking about the past with a smile.

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E M M A Paul: "ehh I wasn't a stud.. I was pretty awkward too since I was always a good footer two taller than anyone else," I admitted. "was still fun though... I miss the water," I sighed.

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E M M A Paul: "that gangly tall guy? I wish I was a bit shorter, you know? It suits lew- it looks better on sone people, not me," I rolled my eyes.

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E M M A Paul: "yeah, of course.," I smiled weakly. "how are you holding up? I haven't asked," I directed the attention away from myself.

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E M M A Paul: "I guess that's good to hear," I buried her in my arms, closing my eyes momentarily. I had begun to feel homesick, even for stepmonster. I missed her overprotectiveness.

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E M M A Paul: "what?" I loosen my iron grip, smiling apologeticall6. "sorry, what?" I kissed her nose.
((I got your nose!! Haha brb shower))

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E M M A Paul: "oh! I love you most, though," I stuck out my tongue. It seemed like all my energy was coming back now.

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E M M A Paul: "and who would that be?" I grin. "when we get out of here, I want to go swimming. I don't care about he cuts. I've missed the water too much," I say mock tragically. "so are we captives..?" I say quietly.

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E M M A Paul; "isn't there any way we can escape?" I sighed. I closed my eyes leaning into Lilian, thinking o possible escape routes.
((doctor cam help out))

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E M M A ((sure! You wanna play him?))
Paul: I get goosebumps when she touches my hair, and I shudder. "Well I was mostly dead so... Sorry," I apologized jokingly. I kissed her cheek, pretending that I was content with the idea of being stuck in this hospital forever.

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E M M A Paul: "No, not at all doc," I flash him a charming smile. "thanks for saving my life. It really meant alot," I said cheesily.

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E M M A ((the doctor smuggling them out with the help of a few officials that don't like their bad guy boss))
Paul: "what do you mean?" I ask softly, glancing at lilian. I didn't realize how easy it was for me to be sitting up, nor that all my bruises were fading.

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E M M A Paul:I blush bashfully and turned away when she started to change. "well... No. Don't you need those?" I motion to the clothes on the floor. I flipped the covers off, grimacing at how many bandages I was wearing. I took off the stupid hospital gown and pulled on the shirt first, then wiggled on the pants.

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E M M A Paul: "I don't know where my clothes are. They put me in this though," I handed her the papery gown, before stepping on the floor lightly. I tried to stand up, but immediately felt sick .

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