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gale and katniss or peeta and katniss
Grace Grace Jun 10, 2013 12:17PM
do u think that katniss and peeta would have been a good match or would katniss and gale be a good match?
I choose katniss and gale

I guess this would be a little difficult and Almost like Twilight because it's two guys with different perspectives and she meets one as a best friend and meets another by fate. Then both fall madly in love with her and she has to choose one.

i always thought (in the movie) that gale and katniss looked perfect together.

Katniss walks about with a chip on her shoulder, as does Gale. They're best friends because they're so alike. More like siblings if anything. And who really wants to get it on with their brother? That's just nasty! lol

Whereas Peeta is everything Katniss is not, making them a whole unit when put together. He's the ying to her yang.
Besides, Gale could never love Katniss the way Peeta does and that's proven when Gale ships himself off to district 2.

Collins made the right decision!

Christina I agree totally!
Jun 12, 2013 05:47AM

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