Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir Mustaine question

Mustaine is one of the luckiest men to ever live.
Jason Pelaez Jason Jun 10, 2013 12:10PM
The story of one of the greatest metal artists of all-time, Dave Mustaine, is one that definitely can teach you many lessons, but is also one that shows you the consequences of making bad decisions. This book mentions a lot of things about Mustaine specifically his addictions with alcohol and drugs. Mustaine tried practically every single type of drug that is in the black market and even had his dance with death, which he luckily survived. When reading this and knowing all the drugs he took. I automatically thought that there was no way anyone could survive that dosage and still be alive. However, Mustaine has managed to be blessed with something special and luckily he is alive today and still doing what he loves. It also talks about Mustaine's early days and how he got into many fights along with James Hetfield, of Metallica, he was able to get away from the police. Many times he drove under the influence and was not caught. These are all example of Mustaine's luck. However, you can't always rely on luck and Mustaine was lucky enough to get sober. Though he looks at it now and regrets many things. This is definitely not a lifestyle you would want to live but definitely a book you would want to read to learn about different types of lives and things to do and not to do.

He did everything for Metallica but Metallica did a big mistake and its good because now we have MEGADETH !

Mustaine was individually more talented than Hetfield in my opinion. As wasted as Mustaine was during his concerts, of which I was at all of his albums tours, he always played his heart out and gave the audience a show to remember.

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