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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian McKinley | 151 comments Give us an author who you feel will or has inherited the mantle of "next great horror author." Tell us why!

message 2: by Larry (new)

Larry Kollar (lkollar) | 20 comments How about a queen? Ania Ahlborn.

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason Parent | 43 comments Some of the guys over at Darkfuse have real potential.

message 4: by Brian (new)

Brian McKinley | 151 comments Larry wrote: "How about a queen? Ania Ahlborn."

King or queen, both work! Tell us more about Ania!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Jc Eggleton of Brookhaven. He is a superb writer and Brookhaven just felt It is twisted and kind of Lovecraftian, but really damn funny at times; the narrative is artful. The biggest thing is that he is not hamstrung by Steven King worship. Some elements reminded me of the spawn comics too, and the hardboiled crime askpects were a nice additon. Plus, there is a lot of societal criticism in the book. It crosses genres and still stays true to an almost old fashioned weird fiction horror note. It is one of my favorite indie books and well worth a read.

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