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Who's The Protagonist?

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Rain Who's going to be next? will it be Xavier on his quest to find his nina? what do you think?

Danni there has not been much human interaction besides max an talin's stories so it would be good to see more of that but i love these books, i dont really care who gets the bigger presence in print either way i just want more of these books

Rain Since I've posted this, it has been revealed that it's going to be Vasic. I'm fine with that but at some point I need Kaleb to be a best man at a friends wedding :P You're right there is a lack of humans in this series but I suppose the world is so big and amazing that it's difficult to cover everyone and everything

Danni Lol very true I've started re-reading this series on Monday I finished kiss of snow tonight I don't think I can wait for the next one ! I may have to find something else to fill up my wait!

Rain Oh my new years resolution is to not re-read books and god the temptation is strong!! I have read Lucas's book, Hawke's book and Kaleb's book waaay too many times, they are like comfort blankets but book version :p

Danni Mine are Judd hawke and kaleb and I so know what you mean I'll be hitting the book shops on wensday morning to get some more new reading material I might even finish up some of my collections while I'm there

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