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David I just finished this. Very quick read. I know Guillermo read it, I'm ready to discuss.

Early on Hitchens makes a comment in regards to the evil of teaching children about eternal suffering in hell; he says those who teach such things "should be comdemned by those who shrink from cruelty to children (a moral essential that underlies all cultures)."

My comment was, "all cultures, really?" It reminded me of an old episode from my favorite podcast, Hardcore History, where he talks about the history of child raising. The argument is that much that has been accepted throughout history would be considered abusive today:

(You can only get the podcast for 2 dollars)

Anyway, I find the moral argument compelling, it is one reason I remain a Christian. I thought Wilson did well in pointing out problems in Hitchens logic.

"Your first point was that the Christian faith cannot credit itself for all that "Love your neighbor" stuff, not to mention the Golden Rule, and the reason for this is that such moral precepts have been self-evident to everybody throughout history who wanted to have a stable society. You then move on to the second point, which contains the idea that the teachings of Christianity are "incredibly immoral." In your book, you make the same point about other religions. Apparently, basic morality is not all that self-evident. So my first question is: Which way do you want to argue this? Do all human societies have a grasp of basic morality, which is the theme of your first point, or has religion poisoned everything, which is the thesis of your book

Hitchens, Christopher; Douglas Wilson (2008-09-02). Is Christianity Good for the World? (Kindle Locations 224-229). Canon Press. Kindle Edition.

On what basis does Hitchens deem religion "evil"? If morality is evolving, how can Hitchens say for sure it is evil? Who says we won't evolve to a place where Hitchens' morality today is deemed evil? There just seems no solid ground to stand on.

I also found it interesting that in Hitchens reply to Wilson he seemed befuddled that Wilson had not spoken of Jesus or tried to convince Hitchens of any sort of design. Hitchens pointed out there was nothing Wilson said that was uniquely Christian. I found it funny because Wilson was responding to Hitchens. It seemed to me:

1. Hitchens makes points
2. Wilson responds
3. Hitchens seems incredulous that Wilson responded to what he said in 1 instead of just preaching at him.

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Lee Harmon (DubiousDisciple) | 2112 comments Kinda wish I'd gotten this one instead the other book discussion. I think I like these multi-author books better than you do, David.

David I like them, did it appear I didn't?

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