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Adelaide Blair | 976 comments Mod
This topic is for those who want to talk about the movie adaptation of Hell House. Feel free to spoil away!

Adelaide Blair | 976 comments Mod
So, I watched the Legend of Hell House for the zillionth time last night, and I have to say it stands up really well against the book. In fact, I think I like it better. The action has been moved to England, but Matheson wrote the screenplay, so it sticks very closely to the book. The sex stuff is toned down quite a bit, but I think it works well with the very creepy atmosphere the film manages to create. If the film were made nowadays, it might be more explicit, which would be a shame. Everything in this fim works together to create a specific feeling, and if the sexual possessions where more emphasized, I think the tone of the movie woud shift and not for the better. I still find the ending somewhat silly, but up until that point the film does a great job of keeping me involved.

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