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Zhanaestilinski | 28 comments Hey everybody!
New Prompt!: The Sky is Falling

Why is the sky falling? Is the world ending? If so, what would your character do in those last remaining minutes? Are aliens invading? If so, be creative and write from the invaders perspective. But don't let me tell you what to write, attack the prompt however you want!

Remember,the contest closes next Monday, there's no word limit and have fun.

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Claire B. | 58 comments My heart stopped momentarily. What was that? I looked up and saw the clouds sinking closer to me. They used to look like fluffy sheep or cotton candy, but their demeanor had changed into a maw of black fur coming to devour me. I froze, my eyes still fixed on the world above, although it seemed that, in a few short moments, the world above wouldn't be above.
"Sophie! Run!"
My classmate, Josh, was already past the playground that we, as high and mighty eighth graders, were too old for now. His eyes, even from that distance, plead with me to run, but I couldn't. Feet! Go! You know the drill! Right, left!
I looked up again and saw the cloud now only a few feet from my face. Even though the sky was falling, I felt a strange sense of calmness come over me. There had to be a reason I'd never fit in, right? What if this could be it?
A tear slid down my face unbidden, but it was not from the fact that I was probably about to face death by cloud. It was a tear of joy. No matter what happened, I would finally take my place among the stars.

Zhanaestilinski | 28 comments Awesome story, Claire. I really like the ending--nice twist.

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Claire B. | 58 comments Gee, thanks. *bashful*

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Chloe :D smiley face! (chloeturtle21) | 301 comments Mod
"Come on Marrissa!" My mother screamed at my from the car. I was lying facedown into the dirt with tears clouding my vision.
"I can't leave Toby here!" I screamed back at her.
"Your brother is dead, and you will be too if we don't leave now!"
"The sky is falling everywhere. We can't just run away from the sky."
The world had been in turmoil for quite some time. We were running out of resources. Global warming was a dangerous reality, but this climax was worse. Places in the world had been so hot, that it caused the sky to shatter like glass. We had been running from it for a year, and I was tired. Almost everyone I loved was dead from pieces of the sky engulfing them. Sometimes I wish it would happen to me.
"Marrissa! Watch out!" My mother screamed and I looked up. A piece was falling toward me, but I didn't move.
I turned my face back toward Toby's grave and whispered, "It's OK Toby. I'm going to be with you real soon."

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Chloe :D smiley face! (chloeturtle21) | 301 comments Mod
Don't laugh. I wrote it in 2 minutes

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good job

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) wow Chloe that was really good! almost beliveable!

Zhanaestilinski | 28 comments Remember if you're going to enter the contest it ends at midnight and the winner will be announced on Tuesday! Come on people, we only have 2 entries so far, its not much of a competition. Be creative and write something, anything :)

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Reader the Fish (readerthefish) | 138 comments I just learned this on the deadline.... *angry at myself*

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Zhanaestilinski | 28 comments There's still time, don't give up...

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Reader the Fish (readerthefish) | 138 comments Okay thanks

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) I woke up to screaming, it wasn't like it was anything new though. Mom and my sister were always yelling about somthing and if it was Sarah and Mom then it was Mom and Dad. If you asked me, they should of never of gotten married in the first place;seeing as they were always going at it. I thought as I got up and headed down the hallway to see who was yelling now. Hearing Sarah yelling about somthing that sounded like "THE SKY IS FALLING!! WHY WON'T YOU BELIVE ME!??"

"Because that's only the stuff of fairy tails Sarah, the sky can't ever fall. Now go on and go get ready for dinner."
"No I swear it's falling! I wouldn't make this up! How else would Nash just droop dead on the way home with a long shreed of glass looking thing in his chest? Mom you have to belive me I'm NOT making this up!!"

She yelled as I walked into the room. "Eve you belive me don't you?!" She said running into my arms. "I don't know Sarah, how could the sky be falling?"
"Come! I can prove it!" Sarah said pulling me over to the door and opening it only to pull me out. As a big peace of glass looking thing came crashing down, into our yard. "you belive me now don't you?"
"yes, it would be a little hard not to when it's falling right into our yard." I said ducking anouther peace of glass that was only inches from us. "MOM! you have to see this!" I yelled into the house. Turning my back to the glass like storm.

To see mom heading out towreds us. "Oh My gosh! your right Sarah, the sky really is falling!" Mom said steeping out by us. Watching as a peace of it crashed into our nabgers yard.

Feeling my sister shove me out of the way. felling something scarp down my back a moment latter.
"Melssia!OMG!OMG!OMG!" I heard Sarah yelling as I fell over on my face, while i felt the blood drippling down the back of the cream colored shirt I had on. While Mom started yelling about somthing. Starting to hear footsteeps runing into the house half draging half carrying me with them. The last thing I heard before I passed out was. "We have to call 911 we can't just let her die!!!"

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Chloe :D smiley face! (chloeturtle21) | 301 comments Mod
Good luck everybody!!!!

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Chloe :D smiley face! (chloeturtle21) | 301 comments Mod
Good luck everybody!!!!

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Zhanaestilinski | 28 comments Congrats to Claire, our winner. Thanks to everyone else who entered :) These contests are really cool and hopefully they can continue.

Claire, the power is now in your hands. Post a topic whenever you're ready!

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Claire B. | 58 comments Yay! I finally won something! :) (I'm not a lucky person...)

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Claire B. | 58 comments Meiyu♫Music♫Grammar♥and Lala-ing♥ wrote: "yay!!NICE JOB CLAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks! :)

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