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Casino Infernale!

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message 1: by Rich (new)

Rich S | 2 comments Ok first off how are there only 17 members of the Simon R. Green cause here? He's written so many great books I assumed his fanbase on here would be larger! I love the Nightside, Secret Histories and even the Ghost finders.

So Casino Infernale came out and I thought it was a really great read and was curious to see what others thought of it?

I won't post any spoilers because it is hardly a week old but it did move the overall plot along and answered some long standing questions. It was a slightly different type of adventure for Eddie which I liked.

Although I will say this everytime I come around to the Drood side of things and the way they act towards Eddie they up the jerk level on them so they always remain slightly unlikeable, which I guess is the point- a tough organization for the tough jobs.

Anyways just curious to people's thoughts on it.


message 2: by Jaq (new)

Jaq | 6 comments Have it on order - can't wait to read it!

message 3: by Rich (new)

Rich S | 2 comments I think you guys will like it, seems like things are heading in the right direction.

message 4: by Jaq (new)

Jaq | 6 comments cannot wait....I love how the Droods are capable of great good but also great evil when they think they're doing the "right" thing...

message 5: by Matt (new)

Matt Guy | 1 comments I dislike this series as a whole. Tbh... The droods are just too powerful. There is no urgency in any of the situations they find themselves in, its just armor up and punch through them.

That being said, I still read this series out of a love for Simon R Green and his works (Go read shadows fall and the Hawk and Fisher series also Deathstalker, I'm assuming you have read the nightside series though, cause they are awesome)

This book though is definitely one of the better ones since for most of it Eddie can't use his armor and actually does get the crap kicked out of him, repeatedly. He doesn't have his usual 'win' button and that is refreshing.

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