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Diane Bleyer | 1 comments What will the world look like in 50 years? How can we make a difference now? A Mother's Right promotes environmental awareness through future fiction. It also promotes social change and activism. Please check out my latest interview on the topic:

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_Anonym | 2 comments I love the title of this thread. That's exactly what the Nine Inch Bride series is about. Is it any longer conscionable to write a novel that does not promote social change and activism? Does the "great American novel" mean anything anymore unless it does?

Apropos climate change:

"Everything was GreenCon product, from the soil in the tree pots to the levees holding the sea back from flooding the lower island.

and again,

"The Board required solar installations, feeding profits to Solar Skin Technology, one of the Old Man’s myriad holdings under GreenCon."

These quotes are from book one, Conundrum.

One of the most widely shared myths is that we can simply replace fossil fuels with Green Energy. That is the "Green Con." Though I only touch on this particular subject in Nine Inch Bride, it is dealt with incisively at, though not fiction.

I find a good deal of ambivalence among reader-activists. The attitude seems to be prevalent that if it isn't hard news or non-fiction, it doesn't count. I have found this so much so, that I've resorted to using the hash tag #IStoopToFiction on twitter. Yet it seems a grievously mistaken attitude at best.

Not only is the imagination, particularly through storytelling, more powerful than fact, but it has a better chance of reaching beyond the already converted.

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