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message 1: by C.M. (new) - added it

C.M. Walker (cmwalker) | 3 comments I added my book to the Goodreads database and clicked on the "is this you" link to apply for the Author Program. This was a over a week ago and I haven't had a response yet. Should I apply again or keep waiting? I wasn't sure if maybe I did something wrong of if there is a delay in processing requests.


message 2: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn Slagel | 32 comments I would email them. It would't take that long normally.

message 3: by Travis (new)

Travis Hill (angrygames) | 39 comments They connected mine in two days, if it has been a week, I agree, email them.

message 4: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Szymanski (MatureMomG) | 12 comments I'm having trouble here, also. After I said that it WAS me, it "applied" (is that the right word?) immediately But there is no book cover (just their generic), and my photo doesn't show up- I can;t seem to get to my author page and change anything... I emailed 2 days ago, haven't heard (which is kind of strange, I think). Advice?

message 5: by rivka (new)

rivka | 561 comments Kathy, you were approved several days ago. An email was sent; maybe your spam filter ate it?

You can add your photo on this page, and I found and added a cover image for your book.

message 6: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Szymanski (MatureMomG) | 12 comments Thanks, Rivka. Working on it. Got the photo and a bio up. And the cover is perfect! Now can you help me by giving me about 6 uninterrupted hours (okay I'll take three 2-hour slots) so I can browse and learn Goodreads and begin to understand all it has to offer? :)

message 7: by C.M. (new) - added it

C.M. Walker (cmwalker) | 3 comments Thanks all. I've sent an email.

message 8: by Harper (new)

Harper Sloan (harper_sloan) | 9 comments I'm having the same issue. I sent a request to unlock or 'apply' to claim my author page over a week ago. I've sent a few more 'apply' request since and emailed GR support. Nothing. I even sent another one this morning. Luckily one of my friends through GR is one of their Librarians but she can only do so much. Any advice would be welcomed! I have no idea how else to get my author page 'unlocked'.

message 9: by C.M. (new) - added it

C.M. Walker (cmwalker) | 3 comments Harper, I emailed support at goodreads dot com and the problem was resolved in minutes.

message 10: by Harper (new)

Harper Sloan (harper_sloan) | 9 comments Thank you, C.M. I actually FINALLY got it resolved yesterday. I sent two more 'applications' and emailed support again.

message 11: by Jo (new)

Jo Chandler | 41 comments Hi, all,
My accounts were merged immediately upon request, but the page I created as a personal page is not what I ended up with on my author page, and I couldn't seem to manipulate things to create what I want. I just gave up. Everytime I look at my new author page, I feel a bit overwhelmed. I'm really hoping to make Goodreads an important part of my publishing process. Sigh.

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