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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments A room for guests to stay.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen opened the door to the guest room. She walked in, waiting for Legolas.

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Legolas entered the familiar room. "Thank you," he told Arwen, and sat down on the bed.

message 4: by ella (new)

ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen smiled, "If you need anything, just ask." She walked to the door and said, "Good night", making a little curtsy and closing the door behind her. She walked down the hall to her room.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

"Good night," Legolas called back. As she closed the door, he kicked his boots off, removed his cloak, and lay on the bed for a while, singing. "Ee to aw e mah ke-el stahl, da-a raw mow ri nye kor," he grinned. "Ee to aw e mah keel al lel yahl, too eh na yi to ren..."
After a couple hours, he let his head sink onto the pillow, and he was fast asleep.

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*The following morning*

Legolas woke up as the light filtering in through the curtains hit his eyelids. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he yawned and sttod up.

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Madelaine woke up. "Legolas?" she said, looking around. "He did not just leave me here." she grumbled. She got up, got dressed, and headed out the door.

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Celebrian opened the door to the South Guest Room, it revealed a lovely small cosy room with a window opened, a bed and a bedside table, 'Welcome Boromir to the South Guest Room'

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Ken (kensamcampo) (uh, I think you totally misspelled Celeborn, but I didn't notice till now. Or is it really Celebrain, just to be funny? Actually nvm I like Celebrain better anyway.) 'Le Hannon'

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((celebrian is Celeborn's daughter))

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(( Yes, it's Celebrian, Galadriel and Celeborn's daughter))

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Celebrian looked hazy, 'Legolas is now in the Shire, you'll find him there with Drax, Madeleine, Woodsong and a beast. I must go now but I am at your service' she then disappeared...

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Ken (kensamcampo) ((oh, I only know of galadriel and her husband. I didn't know they had a daughter))

' Thank you and farewell '

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(( Hmm, Celebrian is the wife of Elrond, and mother of Arwen ))

'Farewell Boromir,' Celebrian disappeared with a blink of an eye...

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Ken (kensamcampo) ((now that makes more sense))

*The Following Day*
Boromir gets up and walks out of the south guest room.

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