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Vishwa World (WorldVishwa) | 17 comments My dear friends; all those who are living this planet Earth, the whole planet is natural beauty and we're each one is sharing beauty to live here with clear term for peaceful celebration of life.

Let you; the world know about me; I'm the child through eternal process of nature by balanced eternally transforming infinite universe. This inhabitable planet is sharing connectivity towards possible environment; an equilibrium for visible possibility of beauty, the world of life and divine eternal journey. This great spirit of space is being great divine glittering balance; the universe of galaxies, we're one of them within a Milky-way galaxy in balance of whole transforming universe space.

The truth of this fact can't be many believes to make a condition of self-centered identity of individual state to effect against this great eternal low of this universal nature of balanced space. Nothing is out of this great mystery; only insight of this truth is the witness to live its own essence to celebrate within this being habitable great world. Existing whole space universe is being this insight of the planet earth within glittering milky-way galaxy. This evolutionary development of life; this divine planet earth is its balancing family solar system for inhabitable visible beauty life through continuously transforming evolutionary law of this amazed mystery spirit. The truth of eternal stability of balance universe and mysteriously whole sharing inter-connectivity is being surviving chain to live this great divine journey but existence itself is insight to experience this invisible to visible eternal beauty of journey, life.

This divine balancing force is almighty; an insight to see, to listen, to feel, to move towards whole to experience or to drink great bliss and its utter peace, the taste of its juice of this great divine heart "Planet Earth"!This sensitive chain of possible inhabitable law is insight; the being the very moment presence, flowing present this whole world “Planet”! This is eternally stable state; an almighty spirit (Insight of eternal truth), being in each moment of flowing transforming eternal journey.

We; this is the world consequently, this eternal almighty spirit, an authentic witness a heart to feel and celebrate this great essence of bliss, all the moment stable fresh taste of great journey. We’re surviving chain of eternal balancing law this whole being world all around the great mother “EARTH”! We’re whole billions surrounded human world; is on going with shattered unawareness and being result of endless war, terror against none other but itself being own misery, sadness, paranoid direction of destruction to effect whole glory. These conflicts are just unawareness about reality of own being.

Let you know individually own spirit; the universe of truth which is being this form and heart to feel and mind to live this great divine journey. Awareness is to be in a clear understanding; clear term of witness, an authentic pure clear perspective of this fact. Meditation mean watchfulness with full of consciously in very clear term in utter balance; centered witness in very moment, ever alert with full of passion to feel, to live, experience the whole fact in very clear essence. Awareness comes when we focused in very moment having utter balance; centered with full of consciously presence and celebrating spirit within inner most universe. It is ‘MEDITATION”!

The clear term an awareness of human world may transform these whole conflicts of terror, misery, this whole unbalancing, out of rhythm this destructive world of being. Let meditate to be aware first to witness authentically the reality of own is and then there is very clear perspective and focus is very cheerfully in the direction of critical conflicts. It may possibly solve; transforms on the way to real beautiful path, glory of peaceful celebrating world together naturally! A great celebrating spirit of great love we’re; this amazing world. The world will be great life form venerable and great understanding of celebration. You world; have away from each other, believe of assumed self, provided ego which is really not you and is being chaos gives the impression of life form used for illusion, not in attendance.

It is eternal journey; single spirit, balance of this whole universe is this just love. The celebration of beauty of life and whole expressions of life are only the many ways of expressions of this love, the essence of the "Spirit". The forest and ocean both are natural constituents of life; there are inter-connected, natural forces of total universe. Only voice of one spirit is going on in this multifarious expression of beauty within life stream.

The breeze is blowing, clouds are raining; and then green land is result of an awesome beauty, spirit of natural liveliness of rhythm. It is being- song of love in birds and in everything. It's the beauty of love; a sensitive great eternal spirit. Everything is inter-connected and eternally in balance. Hence; it is eternal journey of Great Spirit, its being celebration world and it is ever stable glory even in pressure of complications by human society.

Yes; it is constantly changing yet always a fresh in balance naturally. The existing world of beauty life; being, the existence means it is all being within united state of balancing rhythm the universe and it is the state of ultimate spirit. Great amazing insight of life; beauty and love! Means; its whole liveliness is the presence of ultimate stable eternal spirit. Spirit is ultimate; absolute and eternal. Ever the present moment is only stable state; an authentic being, the real witness or insight because it is ultimate fresh change constantly focuses of spirit in the moment. This awesome reality itself is the expression of love here very moment for authentic understanding; the celebration may peace and showering bliss mutually within whole world! In the moment and all the moment; the world might be beauty of celebration love because love is all about life!

All these frames are the Paintings; Creative Essence is lively breathing expressions of love right now because it's blissful love of ultimate life-stream, of spirit. Love is real essence of life; it's beauty, profound experience of God. It is an essence of awesome insight of existence: So I'm here to celebrate this infinite beauty. I'm in the each moment of flow of this glorious face life; in its whole pace of journey is face of whole evolution, form of in attendance full of life! The face of whole phase of this being ‘Life Stream’; its great eternal journey, an awesome authentic ultimate nature of spirit (The whole is inter-connected insight; mysterious invisible system, mind and heart to be visible glory in infinite possible forms). It is ever fresh presence in cultivating whole; it’s all the moment is never before repetitive realization, each moment of life stream is eternal evolutionary expression of great divinity. Gracefully positive face of fresh glorious rhythm is fact to be aware to experience very moment within whole presence which is in fact this inhabitable world at the moment naturally.


It naturally moves towards possibility of wholeness within this dynamic presence. This beauty is dynamism of spirit; the real meaning of life. This ‘Letter to Self’; it’s spirit of dialogue to this world, each one to meditate the fact, the clear term of life stream together. Now; let’s real glory here an authentic expression of awareness. The world whole together celebrating just showering bliss and utter peace naturally! So; let whole of us celebrate "Just Love" at this juncture. In fact; in full of awareness, each form is ultimate spirit naturally because everything is inter-connected, sharing chain to survive the breath and heart-beat for bliss and peace. An authentic lives beauty; the presence of blessed insight ultimately we’re, this whole world, planet earth. And this is itself unfolding essence; being authentic state of ultimate being, the huge hug ‘Just Love’ representation of insight:

The world; Spirit, at this point in time is being sharing celebration; a poetic rhythm of just love, at the same time this essence is mystify in forms of paintings when mystery having a brush in hand and playing inner-most rhythm with colors on sky like canvas, space! These whole frames of paintings are result of ‘Meditation’ and same time is unfolding showering bliss of ultimate mystery insight. Awareness and Just love to celebrate together whole I’m: The world! I’m “YOU”! I’m because of we’re!

It is flow of inner scrutiny which is being within inter-connected whole; inner dialogue to the world but it is to meditate at the point of complications, whole conflicts, misery and this blind race without direction or rhythm. Let aware and let us together in very clear term to work out at this one home;“EARTH”, all of us the world together! The very moment; the world phase in its advancement, is really living authentically blissfully, the inner-most insight of celebration in great amazing right direction as this awesome mystery eternally going on beautifully within its utter balance of glittering divinity in the moment…?

It (whole of us) is; this planet earth in this whole constantly cultivating phase in the moment being
journey of just love and eternally it's going on; going on and on! If truth be told...This whole is constantly cultivating liveliness in utter balance naturally. Ultimately it is accessible full of life and eternally going on; next to the transforming surface of on its own, unfold in attendance flowing present very moment in a fresh authentic realization. ‘THE BIRTH’ is its eternal glory of divine journey of life ceaselessly...!

Each one form; even single particle is infinite possibilities of contribution, sharing and building the glory of this universe, galaxies and this great inhabitable world 'EARTH'. It whole space-universe is single sharing balance for this visible life! The whole balance of equilibrium universe is in very moment the process of great insight: Eyes to visit, to see, heart to feel, mind to be aware, to be being endless journey in infinite possibilities because it is each and every thing is being the way through balance of this whole possible beauty universe.

This is ceaselessly on and on; going on in very pure term, in its clear essence of beautiful, its great auspicious and miraculous truth. We're the world of life; in continuously transforming, very single moment as well as simply easy rhythm of spirit of this divine beauty! This great glory is song of 'Love' in its eternal journey; 'Peace & Ecstasy' the showering bliss throughout process life.

It is great gift; being life here and this great mysterious environment is whole forms and all possibility to survive the whole journey all together peacefully because this great divinity is itself sufficient. This divine journey itself is ultimately showering bliss all the moment; it is just fresh each transforming moment of life journey. This one home; 'EARTH' is ultimate on going great caring regard and just love, our forms and life because it is ultimate existence itself is utter balance within infinite universe of great 'SPACE'.

Therefore; individually in this very moment of celebration of journey in this conversation, I’m nothing because insight itself is being to be whole just together aware, very clear term an understanding, the great authentic divine journey with full of bliss around the world. And I'm here in form of Vishwa (Name) ‘Vishwa’ as sense ‘The World’ in India but this spirit celebrating whole around full of essence of beauty love to the world, I'm "WORLD"!

I’m 'World'; I'm 'YOU', I’m because of you! Meditate upon; how is whichever unique form (The Life), an individual separate essence, may be separate self or ego, beyond this eternal law of truth
It's Continue..

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Vishwa World (WorldVishwa) | 17 comments Link for full note: LETTER TO SELF: THE WORLD!

*Vishwa (WORLD)
on Monday, June 10, 2013 at 6:38pm

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