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The sad demise of Iain Banks
John Owen John Jun 10, 2013 06:56AM
The death from cancer yesterday of Iain Banks is a sad blow for all his fans. As he was only fifty-nine when he died, we are all losers, as he had many more productive years in him. In both mainstream and science fiction, Banks has been an outstanding writer for the last thirty years. My own personal favourite is the mind-blowing 'Use Of Weapons', one of the only books you get to the end of and start reading again, because of the wicked twist in the final pages that stands everything you understood until then on its head. What's your favourite Iain Banks, or Iain M. Banks, story?

Player of games is amazing. He was a great author who we losr way to early.

Dmitry (last edited Mar 27, 2014 10:56AM ) Mar 27, 2014 10:55AM   0 votes
+1 for against a dark background, and id replace matter with the algebraist - neither of which by the way are in the culture series, theyre standalones

Lysergius (last edited Jun 24, 2015 08:06AM ) Jun 24, 2015 08:06AM   0 votes
As a fan of Iain Banks since "Espedair Street", and having read everything he has written, I guess "Excession" has to be top of the list for me...

"Matter" and "Against a Dark Background" can be read over and over again, unlike many books. But my guilty favorite of Mr. Banks is "The Algebraist," which I consider to be the most speculative of his "Culture" series. Delving into its pages is actually like diving into your television set during a serial episode and seeing all and everything going around the production, including the changing of the producers mistress's 2nd child's diapers. It's that uncanny, and beguiling.

Dmitry the algebraist is NOT a culture novel
Oct 09, 2014 09:05AM

I tend to prefer Iain Banks non sci-fi books, some of which are very strange. The Wasp Factory and the Bridge are both favourites. I do agree about Use Of Weapons though, it was the first Culture novel I read, none of the others quite reached such engrossing complexity - truly great storytelling!
Iain's death is a huge loss, who knows what other incredible tales he would have come up with.

I agree, very sad and a huge loss.

I've read several of both, but I am amazed by his Culture books - the scale is awesome (in the true meaning of that word). Over all, I think my favorite is an Ian M. Banks book, Player of Games. Planning to read it again soon as a small honour, and then read the rest of the Culture ones and any others I can find.

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