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David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
an old mansion where screams of terror and howling can be heard coming from within. David and Scelero's home is protected by spells and wards that are so advanced that even the most powerful angels and demons can not enter the mansion without the premission of Scelero or David.

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Astrid looks at her map and then back up to the building I front of her " I don't think this is the right place" she said to herself, the mansion looked dark and gloomy not very welcoming she took a step back to get a better look. She had to pull her head back to get a glimps of most of it, she fluttered her black wings. And as she did it started to pour down with rain " oh no!" She said she put her wings away back inside herself and walked up to the gate " hello? Is there anybody there?" She said now shivering and hugging her arms.

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David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
"Who Goes there", David growls

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