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Death's Messengers

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Matthew I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on my story, Death's Messengers, which can be found in this anthology?

Andrew Lawston Well I thought it was excellent ;)

Still not sure what to make of the news that The Frag Prince will be pushed back to October - guess it gives me more time to get some other stuff up to scratch and capitalise on the internet's brief moment of mild interest in my work...

Matthew Thanks Andrew, sorry I haven't been on a whole so only just saw this! Any chance you could post a review up on Amazon (if you haven't already!)?

Andrew Lawston Hey Matthew - I will, but does my contribution to Vol 4 sort of dilute my objectivity?

No, that looked ridiculous even as I typed it - I'll have another glance at the book to refresh and tap out a review asap.

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