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The hospital wing is a common place for some students (especially Quidditch players) to find themselves in. It is light, with soft beds and is run by the matron, Madam Hammond.
(Role-Play here.)

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Cassie laid in bed, confused and disoriented. But eventually her muddled thoughts cleared and she closed her eyes again, not willing to face reality.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Melania rushed in searching the hospital beds for Cassie. Rumor has it she fainted and was in the hospital wing. "Cassie, thank goodness you are alright!"

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John rushed in after her "is she alright?"

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "I don't know she is not answering me." She replied.

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Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) "Guys I heard that Cassie fainted at di-Oh my goodness, what happened?" Gen exclaimed as she rushed in "Is she all right?"

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "I think she fainted. That is the rumor anyway." She looked intensly at Cassie. "I think we should give her space and let her rest." She told John. "However, the forbbiden forest is waiting."

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"Lets go." He said with excitement.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) "Wait the Forbbiden Forest? what are you guys up to?"
Gen asked suspiciously.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Er..." She looked at John, "We are talking to Hagrid!" She said sounding convincing; all those years of acting lessons really paid off, she thought to herself.

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"Yea hagrid invited me for tea and I invited Mel and he said he knows a few plants I might be interested in from the forest."

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) "Yep," Gen said, sounding convinced but then continued "So you are A:" She held up a finger "Breaking school rules. B:Going into a highly dangerous place and C: Not telling me about it? Where can I sign up?

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"No I am not he said in the forest he got them out already so I am not breaking school rules."

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments She looked at John with her eyes saying- "Should we invite her?" Mel waited for his eyes to reply.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Meanwhile Gen looked unconvinced "Don't worry I won't rat you out if you don't let me annoyingly tag along"
Gen said deadpan

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He gazed back at Mel with his eyes "no." He said with his yes hoping she got it.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "We are just going to Hagrids to have tea. We are not breaking any rules; I am not that kind of girl and John is definitely not that kind of boy, just look at him." She turned to John and her eyes said- "sorry I had to do what I had to do."

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"It's ta truth." John said band looked back at "it's fine." He said with his eyes.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Well we have to go and keep our appointment with Hagrid..." She waved and said, "See ya!" They walked out of the room. ((Shoot I have to go again! Sorry! Can we do it the next time? I promise we will!))

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) ((Dang I meant to wait till you guys got to the Forest then come along in secret, sorry Gen is being annoying guys))
"Kay" Gen said "Have fun John, Mel." she left the room bound for Ravenclaw common room

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments ((This time we can really go over to hagrids for tea.))

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((That's fine.))

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Cassie opened her eyes reluctantly, relieved that they were gone. She loved her friends, but she just couldn't bring her herself to talk to anyone.

Her mum's letter, though cold and impersonal, was very informative. Cassie's cousin, and one of her closest friends, was dying.

Dragging herself out of bed, she tried to pull herself together. "What will I do?" she thought to herself. She'd have to see the headmistress, inform her of everything, who in turn would tell her friends. Then she would pack her things. Her cousin needed her.

((I feel so mean! Anyway, Cassie will be gone for awhile. But she will be back!))

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) ((Don't worry Ally, excitement spices things up!, miss you in the Ravenclaw common room though.))

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(Awww! So awesome!)

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Artemis lay asleep, her face as white as paper. Her curls were a tangled mess. The matron bustled around, fetching numerous potions and muttering charms over Artemis. As she lay, nightmares filled her head of snakes and Judas, laughing.

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John walked into the hospital room and looked around for Artemis.

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Cassie rushed into the hospital wing. Rumors about Artemis and the others were running rampant, and she felt the need to comfort her friend.

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She gasped when she laid eyes on her. "Art," she whispered. What could have happened to her? She tried to reach out and take her hand, but the matron waved her and the others away.

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Artemis gasped, and her eyes flew open.
"Bree!" she gasped. "Cassie!"
Her eyes fell on John, and she shrank back against the pillows.

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"Artemis are you feeling anything?" He asked putting a hand to her neck feeling her pulse.

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"Artemis!" Cassie gasped. She looked at John, then back to her friend. "What is it?" she asked softly, concerned.

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Madam Hammond pushed John out of the way. "Let me handle this."

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"Thank god the light didn't corrupt her." He sighed.

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"What did you do?" Artemis sobbed at John. "That-that thing- what was it? It could have killed someone! It could have..." She froze as she realised what had happened. "John," she said. "Where's Judas? And Henry!" Her eyes widened. "Is he alright? That snake!"

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"Judas? Henry? A-Artemis, I don't understand." Cassie turned to John. "What's going on?"

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"It wasn't me it was Judas, and the I calmed down the snake it's gone." John said in a calm tone.

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(Clam tones? Brillo :D)

Artemis took a shaky breath.
"What about Henry?" she whispered. "Is he alright? Has Judas been expelled?"
She winced and rubbed her side. "Ow."

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((Phahahaha sorry I'll edit that))

"Yes I believe judas is expelled Henry is quite alright." John replied.

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"Oh, Henry's all right," Thorn's cold voice came from the door. His earlier frustration was gone from his face. He looked instead calm and collected as he looked at Artemis without sympathy.

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"He has to be," Artemis said faintly. "That was...that was Dark magic. I can't believe that I..." Her eyes filled with tears. "I thought he was alright. I should have cursed him when I got the chance."

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Cassie gave another small gasp from behind the boys.
Henry's eyes softened a fraction. He shrugged. "Not your fault. The bloke's insane. You never would've known it."

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"That wasn't dark magic that was the serpentine potion." John said shaking his head.

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"Henry," Artemis said weakly. "Thank goodness...I thought the snake..." She fell silent, trembling as pain shot through her side. Her vision blurred.

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"Madam Hammond!" called Cassie. The matron rushed to her side, gave her something else for the pain, and shooed the others off.

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John sighed and walked out the door.

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"I'll see you later, Artemis," spoke Cassie softly, "now get some rest."

Henry nodded curtly and followed them.

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John sighed again and walked muttering in parseltongue.

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John sighed again and looked a her "yes I did." John said.

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"I forgot my quills in the library." John said walking back to the library.

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