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message 1: by Taliah (new)

Taliah Lagons | 77 comments Mod
I couldn't think of a title.

-Person one writes a short story (100 words or so).
-Person two writes a different story, but using an element of person one's story. It can have the same character in a different situation, the same plot but different ending, whatever.
-Person three writes a story using an element of person two's story.
-Do I have to tell you what person four does?

Note: If no-ones replied to the last comment for a while (like a few days) feel free to make up a whole new story to get things going again.

Another note: don't worry if your story is rubbish. It's a game, not an English lesson :)

message 2: by Taliah (new)

Taliah Lagons | 77 comments Mod
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She lived in a beautiful castle, which had beautiful iron bars covering all the windows.

Every now and then, the princess would have a few un-princess like thoughts. She was forgiven, but the king and queen of the castle always remembered the time she had spat ugly words in their faces, demanding to be let out.

Now, the king and queen were starting to forget those words, because the princess had not spoken in a long time. Ever since they had punished her for acting out… but ah well. She was quiet now.

Once upon a time, a runaway princess laughed at how easily a mannequin had deceived the king and queen

message 3: by Mel (new)

Mel | 371 comments Mod
Bruno could remember when he was just a little boy, watching the princess with adoring wonder, the few times he caught a glimpse of her. Racing ahead of her prestigious and elegant father, the king, when an audience was arranged to be held in the Square. The princess, a delightful ball of energy with a wild look in her eyes. She was considered improper and unladylike by all the townspeople, greatly embarrassing the king and queen as well.

Bruno remembered one day when he'd wandered away from the Square to come upon the princess receiving one of her many scoldings by her parents, this one particularly fiery. He'd hidden and watched as the princess met their raised voices and glares with a look of pure uncaring defiance, and when she refused to react to their angry tell-offs, the king grabbed her by the wrist. She tried to pull away, and received a slap across the face. Bruno had cringed at such cruelty and darted away as they rounded the corner, the princess screaming in protest as she was dragged into the castle.

He never saw her again.

Even as he grew older, approaching his 16th birthday, he still wondered about her, what had happened to the rebellious princess who'd disappeared. Bruno never thought he'd see her again, until the day, on a wander through the forest, a wild-eyed girl whipped by him with incredible speed, as if running away from something terrible.

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