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message 1: by Stacia (the 2010 club), groupaholic (new)

Tina (Observationsofanovice) | 11 comments It's worth the read. The last of the trilogy was a bit anticlimactic for me, but still entertaining.

Nicole K (nicoleklor) | 43 comments I just read the first book and started in on the second book last night. Who were your favorite characters? Right now I would have to say that I love Claire and I also love that her nickname is five-two. I thought that story has been pretty entertaining so far but I am interested to see where things are headed. Especially with (view spoiler)

Tracey (tralo29) | 4 comments I loved Hector, as well as Lucas. the whole series is great

Tina (Observationsofanovice) | 11 comments a favorite of mine is most definitely Hector, then of course Lucas. let me know what you think after you're done with the series

Jen (at last!) (jenkeith) | 204 comments I really need to read the rest of this series. I enjoyed the first one a lot.

Nicole K (nicoleklor) | 43 comments One of my favorite things about these books and I don't know if anyone else will feel this way, or have noticed a difference, but I love that there is so much story packed into at least the first two books. I haven't finished the second yet, but that is part of what I am talking about. As I'm reading I am one to usually check page numbers so that I know about how much more story I have left. I have found when I go to check that with this story that I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that I have so much more to read.

There are a lot of books that I go to check page numbers and there are only a few left, less than 10-15% left and I am thinking, 'how are they going to fit in all the story?' but with these books I have found myself thinking 'yay! I'm not even halfway,' or 'wow, I only got through 30%.'

It makes me happy when I can really enjoy a book for a little longer because I normally can power through books quite quickly.

Nicole K (nicoleklor) | 43 comments I really enjoyed this book. I liked how well the story lines came together, although I am never really a fan of the angst-y, poor communication between the characters when they need to get things done. It irks me that communication isn't easier even in fiction.

I really enjoyed Helen's growth and the introduction of Orion. I think that they have it wrong (view spoiler)

Also I feel like there is definitely going to be more to the tantalus and daphne parts of the story.

Nicole K (nicoleklor) | 43 comments So I finished the last book today, I would say that my favorite characters at the end were all the boys except Jason. He seemed so flip-floppy on the opinion of Helen, worried she was going to drop Claire then standing up for her, it made me not connect as well with him.

(view spoiler)

Overall though I am glad that I read them and I really did enjoy them all.

message 10: by Emma (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emma (emmadedtired) | 1 comments Tina D. | wrote: "It's worth the read. The last of the trilogy was a bit anticlimactic for me, but still entertaining."

I agree the 3rd book was a bit flat, The attraction between Helen and Lucas was not the same,they seem to come together to easy after all they went through I expected to feel more but I didn't care which was a shame,I loved them in book one.

Silvia Meadows (smeadows1984) One of those books you'd want to read. I loved them all. I hope to read more of Josephine Angelini's works.

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