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Jackie - Fire & Ice Book Reviews (jackiefireicebookreviews) Enter here, to receive a signed hardback copy of Game Board of the Gods bye Richelle Mead You have 12 days left! Good luck :-)

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Poppy (poppydodd111364) Is it free

Jackie - Fire & Ice Book Reviews (jackiefireicebookreviews) The giveaway is over now.

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Poppy (poppydodd111364) Oh :-(

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Amaya has anyone here read gameboard of the gods? i havent but it sounded pretty good.

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RabidReader (RabidReaderX) | 2 comments Yes. I enjoyed it. I know a lot of readers have been giving it mixed reviews, but I expect it to pick up after the second book. The reveal was easy to figure out if you know your mythology. The characters look to be classic Mead. She set the bar high with Sydney and Adrian and that story line.

The premise has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to where she takes it. Getting sick of the vampire, WW, Angel crap that's out there. This series look to at least have a major plot beyond just the tortured sexual tension of the characters, at least I think it will.

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Amaya ooooh. thanks for the info! it was helpful ^.^.

Jackie - Fire & Ice Book Reviews (jackiefireicebookreviews) This is on my list of books to read next. Thanks for the info!

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