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Melissa I noticed a few people (me included) will be reading this book or one of her others this month.

What are your thoughts on this book or series?

It is one of my favorites, I am actually rereading the series for when the next book comes out.

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Karina Almeroth (pinky222) | 13 comments This will be my first time reading it. Hope its good!! So many rave about it!!

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Shomeret | 69 comments I prefer Gabaldon's Lord John Grey books. Lord John is one of the characters in the Outlander series, so this spin off series also qualifies as 18th century reads.

Melissa I have been slowly working my way through the Lord John books. I have really enjoyed them, he is such a great character!

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Karina Almeroth (pinky222) | 13 comments I will have to try those books too!! I'm still waiting for Outlander to arrive to begin reading it! Eek!

Melissa I just finished rereading Outlander and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time.

I read The Exile (graphic novel) which was different, but interesting.

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Karina Almeroth (pinky222) | 13 comments Ive finally received my.copy of Outlander in the post...gotta read it now before the end of the month!!!

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Sarah | 9 comments I have Outlander on my to-read list. I've heard it's good.

Brighid O'Sullivan (brighidosullivan) | 4 comments Outlander is not good. It's Addictive!!!

Melissa I enjoy it for a lot of different reasons, the characters are really good and entertaining. The folklore in itself is interesting, she puts a lot of old beliefs and stories in it that I liked hearing recited. Both characters are quite literary so you get a lot of quotes and recitations from other books as well.

And I thought the idea and storyline were good as well. Its just such an interesting time to read about (and for me be glad I didn't live in) there were so many things going on and this mix showed a nice mix of the old ways and newer thoughts of some of the more educated people.

The fact that she is a nurse and is having to figure out how to cure people without the help of modern medicines was a good part of the storyline to.

Brighid O'Sullivan (brighidosullivan) | 4 comments There are several things I love about the Outlander Series. Here are a few. I love her style of writing. She uses lots and lots of description and sensory so I feel like I'm in the characters shoes, sort of. I like that the books are long. I was thinking about this the other day. I'm in the middle of Book 5 'The Fiery Cross' I"ve read over 5000 pages. NO wonder I feel like I know the characters so personally!!! I also love that there are so many things going on, one at a time of course, but its not a love story so to speak but a love story weaved into a highly dramatic life with all the characters around the two very well fleshed out and alive. I also think Diana Gabaldon is the best writer I've ever read and I'm learning history, which I absolutely love, at the same time as being entertained.

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