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Care of Magical Creatures class is held outside in the Grounds. It is taught by Professor Hagrid; a kindly teacher who loves all magical animals dearly. Be careful, though- Hagrid has been known to bring very dangerous animals to class...
(Role-Play here.)

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Luna Belle Pris (lajoqb) | 7 comments Oliby Thorne was late to class... again. " Don' t think I didn' t see you come in Oliby," growled Hagrid. You are just in time. Today we are learning about Billywigs. Who can tell me what they are... Oliby? he sighed.
"Professor Billywigs are bright blue insects that are so fast they usually aren't seen until they sting you. "
" Right, said Hagrid. " And they..."
" Make you giddy and float in the air if stung."
Hagrid could not help but chuckle. " I haven't had as bright a student since Hermione Granger. Of course she wasn't fond of Magical creatures."
Oliby beamed. Everyone knew who Hermione was. But Oliby was only smarter than her in this class. All of the sudden the students all began screaming OUCH!
"Oh I forgot to tell you I have let the Billywigs loose for yeh to catch," Hagrid said regretfully as all the students began to float in the air.

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments (We are at honneydukes if you want to join)

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Henry stood, expressionless, as he watched Hagrid try to tame a particularly feisty fire crab. His classmates should be getting here any minute.
Henry rolled his eyes when Hagrid nearly received serious burns. He wasn't sure why he bothered with this class.

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Artemis walked down the gently sloping hills of the grounds to Hagrid's Hut. She walked slowly- the effects of the curse on the Serpentine Potion had nearly entirely worn off, so after begging the matron she was allowed to rejoin her classes after several nights in the hospital wing.
She stepped down the roughly carved steps that perforated the steepest hill, and walked out across the flat around the hut. There were a few students there already, gathered around several wooden boxes. Artemis saw with a thrill of mild horror that the boxes were nailed firmly shut- and trembling. Maybe she should have stayed in bed.
She smiled up at the Care of Magical Creatures teacher.
"Hi, Hagrid," she said quietly, pulling her Monster Book of Monsters textbook out of her satchel. It was securely bound with Spellotape.

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((I gtg for now, but will continue this later!))

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Artemis looked closer, and realised that several of the boxes were open. Fire crabs scuttled across the ground, drying the grass a pale yellow. She looked up and, to her relief, spotted a familiar face. She smiled at Henry gently, and went up to Hagrid.
"How can I help?" she said, then started as a crab made it's way towards her.
"Impedimenta!" she whispered. The crab froze in it's tracks. Artemis lowered her rosewood wand, sighing a little in relief.

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John walked to hagrid's hut for classes as he was approaching he noticed the firecrabs on the ground he stood still and observed them "interesting." John said and continued to look down at them.

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Turtle-like creatures, fire crabs have heavily jeweled shells in many colors.

"Contemplating which one will make the best jewelry, Jackal?" Henry jeered. He gestured to a rather large crab with quite a lot of rubies and smirked. "I think it suits you."

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"And why would that be." John asked snappily.

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Before Henry could respond, Cassie rushed down the steps and around the hut, late as usual.
After taking in the surroundings--including the glares passing between John and Henry--she grabbed hold of John.
"C'mon! It looks like Artemis and Hagrid could use some help," she said; at the same time a crab shot fire out of its rear end, nearly hitting Artemis.

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John followed her.

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"What did you pulled me away for?" John asked.

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Her brow furrowed as she stunned the beast and turned back to John. "They need help...and...," she hesitated, and John looked at her curiously. "It didn't seem as though the two of you were having a pleasant conversation." She shrugged. Sometimes John's temper could get the best of him, and Henry could be quite infuriating.

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"No we weren't." John said looking back at Henry.

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Artemis jumped as a jet of flame just missed her.
The crab froze.
She looked up at Cassie, John and Henry. They were arguing about something it seemed. Cassie seemed to be trying to smooth things over.
"Look out!" she called as a large crab with a shell the colour of topaz scuttled over to where they were standing.

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"Immobulus." John said paralyzing the crab, and then John walked away towards the library.

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Artemis ducked as a flame narrowly missed her once again, and ended up by Henry, John and Cassie.
"Hi guys!" she said. "This is my first class back- which class did I miss this morning? I'll do the missed work in the weekend."
She turned to Henry.
"I know we know eachother now," she said shyly, "but that duel wasn't exactly a great introduction. My name's Artemis Piper...my last name's Jones. I thought I might have seen you at the Owlery before...do you have an owl?"

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Cassie smiled at her friend, but Henry's brow furrowed in confusion.
"I'm not sure what you're talking about," he replied as he looked on at the fire crabs with contempt. "Pets are a nuisance--particularly those that hiss," he said, glaring at John.
He turned back to Artemis and smiled in a way he knew was utterly charming. "You're right. It wasn't a proper introduction at all," he said, and gave a mock bow. "Henry Thorn...pleasure."

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John turned around and walked back up to Henry "what is your problem with me." John asked angrily.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) "Leave off Henry" Genevieve said crossly "Just because your last name is Thorn doesn't mean you have to be one.
((Please can I just hex him? nothing serious just a little jinx? lol))

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((Ooh! Am I being that annoying? Hehe))

Henry immobilized one of the crabs nonverbally, showing off. He ignored John, turned to Genevieve, and sighed, irritated.
"I'm not sure what you mean."
Again, he immobilized a fire crab, before it scorched Gen. He cocked an eyebrow at her.
"You're welcome."

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John stood there looking at him waiting.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) "You know what I mean Henry, thank you" she said stiffly and rolled up her sleeves blasting the crabs left and right she raised an eyebrow "Yes?"
"Sorry" she muttered to John "Henry's a git"

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"So I've noticed." John said.

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Artemis smiled, and jinxed the last fire crab.
"You can do non-verbal jinxes?" she said in interest to Henry. "I've been practising...I love Charms. But- I can only manage levitating spells right now. Look-"
She took a deep breath, and flicked her wand expertly. A crab began flying through the air.
"Oh, whoops," Artemis cringed as it began shooting balls of fire from above. "Maybe not such a great idea." She quickly lowered it back to the ground.
"Which House are you again?"

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Henry observed her practice magic without comment. When she asked what house he was in his eyes darkened.
"Ravenclaw," he muttered, then shrugged. " I suppose it's better than Hufflepuff," he spat the name of the house. "At least I'm not daft, right? And yes--" he replied cockily, as he stunned another fire crab without a word, "I can perform non-verbal jinxes."

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"People are prejudiced about Houses," Artemis said quietly. "We're much more alike that it might seem. Sometimes...I don't think we should have Houses at all."
Hurt flashed in her eyes. "Or at least, no certain "good" or "bad" Houses. My mother-" She caught herself, and in an attempt to fill the sudden silence, jinxed another crab.

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John walked away.

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People were prejudiced against houses. People like him. He knew not all Hufflepuffs were goody two shoes, Judas was a perfect example of that...but to not have houses? Henry thought the notion was ridiculous, but kept that thought to himself.
Silence fell between them.
After a while, Henry looked at Artemis, curious, but hesitant. "Your mother?"

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Artemis looked up at him. For a second she hesitated. "She works at the Ministry. She was a Griffindor. All of my family were. My older brothers, too. They work for Gringotts. I'm the first Ravenclaw we've had in literally generations. The thing is that they think that Ravenclaws are the worst House of them all. Not Hufflepuff. Not Slytherin." She took a breath. "They think that they're cunning. And know-it-alls. And sly. My mother sent me a Howler the day after my Sorting. Things...they've never really been the same at home since."
A heavy silence fell. Artemis looked unusually pale as she Stunned the last crab.

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Henry stood expressionless, pondering. His own parents were Slytherins and he'd always assumed he'd follow in their footsteps. Nothing had surprised him more than when the Sorting Hat had called out "Ravenclaw!" after 5 whole minutes of sitting on his head. They had been disappointed in him, believing Slytherins were superior. Even now, he believed them.
He kept all of this from Artemis. She needed to be cheered up, and as much as he didn't want to be the one to do it, and wasn't even sure if he was able to do it, he opted for a more "cheerful" tone.
With an awkward smile that didn't come close to reaching his eyes, he cleared his throat. "Well...you are kind of a know-it-all..." He shrugged, looking to the sky.

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Artemis gave a small, quick smile.
"It really is a pity about the duelling incident," she said lightly. "That was my first duel- and I was turned into a weasel at one point, too. Still, Judas was hardly a satisfactory opponent. I'd like to try another match."
She walked up a few steps, and looked down at Henry, the smile finally reaching her eyes.
"How about it, Thorn?"

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Genevieve, now halfway across the grounds to give them time, punched the air. She made her way over to John "This, Is going to be interesting" she whispered grinning...

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"If you don't mind I've had enough dueling for awhile."John said and started walking again.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) "Omygod, John I'm sorry" Gen said "I didn't think about it, I'm sorry"

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"That's okay, I need to get going anyway." John said.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) ((I don't think I sent this the first time but this may be a double post))
"Okay...Thanks John" Genevieve said and continue towards the castle to do her homework, she had a feeling Henry was more then he let on...
((Awesome Anastasia, Ally, keep the drama coming!

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Cassie frowned, and turned to follow John without waiting for Henry's response. She didn't want to be part of anything that had to do with Henry.

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Henry contemplated, then shrugged.
"All right," he said slowly. "But...a fair warning..." He looked at her pointedly, eyes piercing, brows raised. "I'll be a more than satisfactory opponent."

((Should we decide beforehand who's going to win? So we know how to write it?))

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(Yes. We'll decide at the arena!)

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Artemis looked at Henry, then nodded.
"Shall we go then?" she said, her smile even wider than before. "This should be interesting...and after all," she added as she started to walk up the steps, "it must be hard to never have a worthy opponent."

(See you there?)

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{New RP]

Artemis aimed her wand at the Niffler.
The Niffler hesitated, perched on top of a barrel. Artemis seized it and handed it to Hagrid.
"Now it won't remember where it's nest is," she said. "You won't have to keep chasing it back here."

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna came towards them. "Hi, Hagrid! Hi, Art!" Anna said waving.

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Artemis smiled.
"Hi, Anna," she said. "We're catching these Nifflers...they've escaped, you see."

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Halle | 4729 comments "Oh, need any help?" Anna asked smiling.

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"Yes," Artemis said, "our class is catching Nifflers today, you see."

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Halle | 4729 comments "Oh, I see." Anna said then went to chase after one.

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Andi walked towards the forest, to class. She got there early and sat, waiting for any friends.

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