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message 1: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments Here we go

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Cool, so got any idea's?

message 3: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments What do you usually like to do?

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Romance, supernatural, highschool, action, adventure etc.

message 5: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments I see lets go with a paranormal/supernatural romance....but whats plaguing my idea is making the characters young

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Depends on how young you want them to be?

message 7: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments not way too young like...I don't know 17 18

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments hmm..well if it's supernatural it make's it a little easier so it's not too cleche. They could appear 17-18 but not be. would that work?

message 9: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments yeah

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments alright. So how do want this plot to be? Who are these people..? Are the two who make the romance? Are they like angel's/demon's vampire's/werewolves?

message 11: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments I like angels/demons makes me think of a story I'm writing

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments cool that's my favorite! So should they be like, in a war against each other? Or would you like to base it off of the story your writing?

message 13: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments it should be that they'er at war with each other

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Sound's good to me. Should they both just be warrior's or general's or just different ranks in war?

message 15: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments OOOH a general's secret romance would be awesome

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Haha, alright. Sound's like a plan! So is that everything? should we go ahead and make character's now or make them along the way?

message 17: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments I say now you go first

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Alright, I'll be a moment

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Name: Lagoona Fai
Age (appearance): 18
Species: Angel
Rank: General
Gender: F
Personality: Strong, independent, kind, and nice but a great fighter.

 photo images2_zps30adb288.jpg

Sorry that it's not much, I don't really see much point in making my character so descp. I like the fun in making them up more and more as you go.

message 20: by Nat (last edited Jun 09, 2013 09:55PM) (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments Name: Rene Luna
Age (appearance):19
Species: Demon
Rank: General
Gender: M
Personality: uncaring to the demon race,secretly kind,and intelligent
[image error]

its ok do want me to start?

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Sure, if you don't mind. But I might have to go soon, getting tired cause it's late here x)

message 22: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments that's ok the same for me :)

Rene sat around as the captain sat in front of him giving his report even though Rene made it clear he could careless. The demon base was set up a few miles from the war it self.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Alrighty!

Lagoona paced around in the tent that was set up in camp, thinking about everything that was needed to be done, listening to everyone that was saying what was completed and still needing to be completed. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. "Alright, just make sure that all the group's a re ready. I want about twenty men to surround the camp and be in the camp to make sure no one can get in when the injured come here." she commanded her pawn.

message 24: by Nat (last edited Jun 09, 2013 10:08PM) (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments Rene sat silent completely spaced out when the captain got irritated and began talking about Rene's father and anyone knew that Rene had the worse relationship with his father,"Why can't you be more like your father?"he said angered. With that Rene snapped and he stood the shadows of the room enclosing them,"How dare you speak to me about that horrid man?" he growled the shadows consumed them and after awhile Rene left the tent covered in blood. He looked around to see horrified faces,"Jinks you'er captain."he called storming off sight.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona thought for another moment as the forearm guard that was white and cooper gold irritated her but she would learn to get use to it. "I'm sure you can figure out the rest of the grouping right, Friece?" she asked her pawn. Without letting him answer she walked out of the tent, needing to get some fresh air and let her wing's out. She headed down the hill and sat down by the river on a rock with her wing's out, glowing white.

message 26: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments Rene trudged down the hill muttering to himself and saying that when he gets back he's gonna smack someone. He didn't realize that he was walking down to the river. He looked around and and realized he was standing in the river. He sighed and sat on the river back his dark black wings reflecting the water making them look like a stary night. He rubbed his face then looked up at the sky not noticing anything around him.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona was picking at the grass that she was sitting on, looking down at the ground as she didn't hear or see anyone come. Lagoona saw something dark and black out of the corner of her eye and looked up a bit and saw that half of the water was darker than normal. She furrowed her eye brow's and looked up to see a demon standing in the water. She narrowed her eye's and stood up "Who are you and what are you doing here?" she growled at him, forgetting that the lake was the line where no one could pass unless they wanted to go onto anothers side.

message 28: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments Startled Rene looked to the direction of the voice hoping he wouldn't see anyone from the demon camp. When he saw the glowing white wings he took a step back when he did he slipped on a rock and fell onto the water,"Ow!" he said getting up quickly,"I could ask you the same question."he said looking at his now bleeding arm. He didn't really care who she was he didn't even look at her face he just wanted to find a place to be alone.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona watched him fall as it seemed that she had startled him. Lagoona was very immature, she would laugh at the simplest thing's and a very serious moment. She covered her mouth and looked away from the demon and laughed a bit at him. "Clutz." she mocked him. "Either way I ask you first. Speak up demon." she said more serious now with her hands placed on her hip's.

message 30: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments "First of all I am not a clutz. I tripped over a rock and second....I just need to leave everyone. Is that such a crime? Now I believe I asked you the same question." Rene said taking off his jacket starting to wring it out.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona watched the demon curiously, still not getting an answer to who he was but it would have to work. All demon's are stubborn any way's. She sighed and sat down on a large rock that peeked out of the grass from being buried a long time ago. She ran her finger over a small cat fish that swam by, it enjoying the pet an embrace she gave it. "Well your not alone, I needed to clear my mind too to get away from everyone and giving order's. Too much stress." she said rubbing her temples.

message 32: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments "Well don't it's not like you'er at the front lines. Let the captains handle it. Sure you're in charge but the should know what to do and if there's a problem the should know how to solve it. Otherwise how else would the have gotten to the position that they'er in now." Rene said putting his jacket back on and sitting down on the river bank. He sighed and stared blankly into space.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona's eye brow's furrowed once more whenever the demon said that which made her wonder more about him. "How do you know I'm General?" she asked, not knowing what he was but by his wearing's he had to have been a great rank.

message 34: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments "Why else would be stressing." He said simply. He stood and turned his back for a second then turned to face her. It was then clearly shown the patch on his jacket. It signified power but it looked to have been torn and almost as if burnt,"Honestly I don't want to be here. I find war pointless and stupid. And I wouldn't be here if it weren't for.."he trailed off balling his hands into a fist. He sat back down on the river bank and started muttering to himself.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona watched him closely as he spoke and then her eye's lit up, stunned that a demon could actually enough to point something out like that. But I've always known demon's to just was blood..they always want to fight. There's something different about this demon for sure.. Lagoona thought to herself. She didn't speak a word and watched him as he walked away, seeing his anger.

message 36: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments After about a minute or two Rene finally calmed down and started pacing back and forth in the river when his foot caught on another rock and he fell face first into the river,"You have got to be kidding me!"he said getting up and taking hid shoes off and throwing them in the direction he came from. Now blood dripped off his forehead and arm,"Oh great." he muttered.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona rose a brow and then she felt a smile appear on her face once he fell face down into the water. She shook her head, laughing a bit thinking how clumsy this demon was. She sighed and stood up, walking into the water easily and not falling. She held out a long clean bandage for him to wrap his arm in "Here." she said

message 38: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments Rene took the bandage,"I would expect you to hate me but thank you."he said taking off his jacket again and tossing it onto the river bank,"So I'm curious. Why haven't you tried to kill me yet?" He asked while he wrapped his arm. Surely she would have at least tried to stab me or something. He thought.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona's eye's ran down the trail of fresh blood that ran down his arm and then looked back up to his face once he wrapped it up. "I see no point in killing you when we're outside of war. Plus your unarmed and that would be a coward move." she said simply with a shrug.

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Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments "You should know that every demon has their abilities. Mine is the manipulation of shadows. I could kill anyone with the pressure I don't like doing that though. It makes me seem like a heartless person." Rene said then he noticed he was taller than her and that he had to look down at her he wanted to smile but he knew what would happen if he did.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona placed a hand on her head as she softly shook her head with a sad smile on her face "Being on the human world too long make's me forget about power's and such." she said and then looked back up at him "But if I attacked you without you knowing about it, would be coward like. Sort of like when a man has their back turned to me and I attack them. That would be wrong." she said in all serious.

message 42: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments "Fair enough." Rene nodded. He understood that,it did seem like a fair thing,"So what are humans like? I've been told that they really got themselves into trouble with money and other violence." he said shaking his head. Sure they were at war but at least no one in this realm had any internal problems.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona thought about his question for a few moment's, not too sure how to answer that.. nicely. "Their pest's. That's the nicest way I can put it." she shrugged with a small smile on her face. She wasn't sure why, but she felt fine telling this demon and talking to him as if he were a friend which is breaking a lot of rules.

message 44: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments "I knew it."Rene said to himself. He had his suspicions about humans and that just confirmed it. Without realizing it he started smiling softly. As soon as he did the darkness around him started to lighten up which he still didn't notice and many fish started crowding around both Rene and Lagoona.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona rose a brow and a small smile appeared once more, seeing this demon actually smile and the aura around him change to light. "Huh, didn't know demon's could smile unless it was filled with mischief and blood lust." she said with a grin, crossing her arm's over her chest lightly.

message 46: by Nat (new)

Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments Rene's smile disappeared but the darkness around him stayed light he looked down and saw all the fish around him he sighed,It could be worse. He thought about what she said,"Well that's true but I don't really care for violence and mischief...well I guess I lost the mischief urge a long time ago." He said with a shrug.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona looked away with a grin on her face, laughing a bit at a joke that she was saying "Some demon you are..". Lagoona was always teasing people or making fun but was always nice in the end and never meant any harm in them.

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Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments "Thanks."He said his smile reappearing on his face. He shook his head,"Though you'er kinda right." He admitted. But for some reason when Lagoona smiled it made him smile which made things brighter.

ღツ°ᴘʜɪʀᴇ° ツღ | 714 comments Lagoona looked down to their feet, close together but not touching. She watched the fish as they swam around them and she looked back up to him. She heard someone yell from camp, knowing that it was her name being called. She sighed "I have to return to camp." she said to him, not sure why she should be telling him where she's going.

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Nat (darkwords) | 1614 comments "Not surprised." He said and at the same time a howl sounded to the opposite side then the distinct sound of the new captain Jinks calling him by his name,"Rene!"
"Well then I guess I have to go as well. I'll see around...maybe."He said starting to walk away.

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