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This is the room that King Malaraux and Queen Aerlia share.

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Aerlia pulled the cover over him more, and snuggled up to him, soon falling back asleep.

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Aerlia was sleeping her arm around Malraux, she was having a dream of a grey river running through a blue forest. And odd dream. ((Don't ask lol))

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Aerlia shifted so that her head was on his shoulder, her arm still around his torso. She sighed happily.

She slowly opened up her eyes and looked at Malraux her eyes meeting his, she sleepily smiled and in a quiet voice said, "You're alive."

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She looked at him, her eyes getting watery, "I...I was so worried."

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Aerlia swallowed. "I know." She slowly sat up, propping herself up on the pillows. "Are you in pain? I healed you the best I could..."

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Aerlia relaxed, "I am glad."

The stars came out and shone through the window. Aerlia gained some strength from them. "Let me see your wound, Malraux."

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Aerlia healed it a little more. "There, is that better?"

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"Great." she smiled at him. She motioned to a servant "Get some wine to refresh him."

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Aerlia rolled her eyes, "You wish!" she laughed too

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Aerlia's eyes narrowed teasingly. "I am not telling." she turned so that her back faced himm.

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Aerlia laughed merrily, "I am not telling."

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"Oh, do not be like that, I am only teasing you!" she ran her finger around Malraux's back, drawing invisable patterns.

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Aerlia smiled at the gentle kiss. "So, when should we hold the ball?"

((No really, when should we hold the ball? Because I am going to broadcast a message to all members telling them to make characters and attend the ball. I will also consult with Ruth on the matter))

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((Well it has to be before the tenth (I am going on a trip then)))

"Hmm...how about the sixth?" she asked running dates through her head.

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