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Potions class is taught in the dungeons by the elderly Horace Slughorn. Slughorn is merry and kind to students- but make sure you speak loudly! He grows deafer by the day...
(Role-Play here.)

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John and Rose entered just as class started "two more students hurray." Slughorn said to them.

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They sat down at a cauldron.

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Meagan | 32 comments "Wow, I have never been to this class on time, weird." Rose looks around the classroom hoping for familiar faces, although knowing there probably won't be any as she unfortunately does not know many people currently in attendance at Hogwarts.

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"Now today we are making a polyjuice potion." He said to the class. "Now turn to page 321 he said as the class opened there books.

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Meagan | 32 comments "Oops, I forgot my book" Rose said mostly in embarrassment, but with a hint of amusement.

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"Use mine." He said and passed the book too her.

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"I memorized the ingredients ya see." He said to slughorn as he walked towards him.

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Meagan | 32 comments "Whoops, fell asleep.." Rose woke up a little confused, but shook it off realizing potions class was over. "Sorry John!"

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"It's okay we finished 'art of the potion so on to, lunch I guess." He said.

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"Ready?" He asked.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Melania walked up and asked Rose, "What potion are you making?"

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" polyjuice potion." He said.

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"Well I need to goin' to lunch 'ow bye." He said.

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It was his free period and John decided to spend it in potions.

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After about half an hour of taking to slughorn he made some excuse and walked to the great hall.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Mel and John walked in hand in hand. He led her close to where Bree was sitting. "Hi Bree, your here to class early!" She said. "John is going tohelp me with potions, I am dead awful at it!"

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "I don't know what it is about potions I always end up with something way different." She chuckled.

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"You can join us if you want some tips." John looked over at Mel "right."

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Ya, sure!" She looked at Bree and smiled sweetly. "So what first?" She asked John.

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"Well, today I know we're making a draught of living death, now The Draught of Living Death brings upon its drinker a very powerful sleep that can last indefinitely. This draught is very dangerous if not used with caution...This is an extremely dangerous potion. Execute with maximum caution, the equipment you need is
*Standard size cauldron (presumably pewter)
*150 fl.oz beaker
*50 fl.oz. graduated cylinder
*Standard test tube
*250 fl.oz. measuring cup
*Stirring rod

"Cut up the Sopophorous bean but if you crush it you get more juice
Pour in 250 fl.oz. of water and add 5 oz. of African sea salt to the beaker. Set the beaker aside after all the water has been added. Be very careful not to shake or move the beaker now.
Leave the water and salt to rest for five minutes.
Slowly pour all the water into the cauldron.
With your left hand use the graduated cylinder to obtain 40 fl.oz. of essence of wormwood.
With your right hand hold the cauldron at a slight angle and pour ten drops (20 fl.oz.) of essence of wormwood.
Now with your left hand hold the cauldron at a slightly different angle and pour another ten drops of wormwood essence.
Chop three Valerian roots into small squared pieces. After cutting place it in a beaker with water. Leave it to settle for five minutes. Your potion should now be resembling a smooth blackcurrant-coloured liquid.
Carefully pour the Sopophorous bean's juice into the cauldron
Add seven drops of the reduced liquid from the beaker; make sure there are no traces or fragments of Valerian root.
Stir the potion ten times clockwise; your potion should now be turning a light shade of lilac.
With your right hand stir the potion counterclockwise until the potion turns as clear as water; every stir should take approximately two and a half seconds.
Slowly put in seven square pieces of Valerian root.
Stir the potion ten times counterclockwise.
Add one hundred and fifty fl.oz. of powdered root of asphodel.
Hold the cauldron with your right hand; with your left hand gently stir the potion ten times counterclockwise and eight times clockwise.
Leave the potion to settle for two and a half minutes.
Add one small piece of Valerian root.
Your potion should turn to a pale pink colour; the preparation is now complete as mine is." he said showing them the potion. "One last thing Stir counterclockwise seven times and clockwise once instead, it works better, and those are my tips hope they helped.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Thanks, it helped a bunch." She smiled and said to Bree, "didn't it?"

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"Thank you now I think professor Slughorn is here." John said and glanced across the room to look at him.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "I cant wait for class when I can wow Slughorn! I hope to be on his select student list. Do you guys?"

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"Yes I do." He said looking at his potion.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Im not a favorite in this class, but with John's help I hope to be!"

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"And you will be." John said.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "You are so sweet." She replied. "I think class is going to start soon." ((John will you be the teacher??))

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"I know." He said.

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"Today class we will be making a potion which is called the Draught of death." Slughorn said.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments She looked at Bree and smiled, "this is going to be easy."

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"As you may or may not know- John what do you have there?" Slughorn questioned pointing at his potion.

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"It's the Draught of death, I apologize professor." John said sadly.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Why are you apologizing? Professor, do you need to get your eyes checked?" She said in a supportive tone, "It's perfect?

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"No I do not Melania, I believe he was apologizing because that class had not started yet but he made the potion in advance."

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Oh, excuse my rudness professor..." The professor walked off and Mel turned to Bree, "I guess I won't be on his selective students list, Hah! OOPS!"

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Slughorn ignored this and wrote down the nessicary equipment and ingredients on the board.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Melania wrote down the ingredients on a notepad and began collecting the items from around the room.

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"This is what you need to do, so lets get right on it." He said excitedly.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Melania focused hard for the next hour making the potion perfection. Since the episode today with Slughorn, she wanted to impress him with a mere perfect potion.

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"And I would like you all to try and model after John's potion." Slughorn said.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Mel walked over to John's potion pretending to look at it to model and said, "Sorry about that. I thought he was downing your potion, when everyone here knows you are the best... Can I make it up to you by taking you out for butterbeer after this?"

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"You don't need to make anything up for me, allow me to take you out invite bree if you want." John offered.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "I do have to make up for it. And I was going to ask you if it was ok to invite Bree as well." Mel walked over to Bree's spot and asked her, "Hey," she said lamely. "John and I are going out for butterbeer after class if you want to join?"

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Great, when class is over we can meet by the door." She walked back to her potion, going over the directions to see if she did everything correctly.

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John took out a small vial and filled it up with the draught.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments After she was done she walked over to John and said, "Bree is coming too, we are going to meet by the door. After class I am going to speak to Slughorn, though and apologize for my rash behavior, so I will just meet you guys there." she said to John.

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"If that doesn't work I'll talk to him." He said to Mel.

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments "Ok, thanks a bunch," she smiled and walked back to her table waiting for Slughorn to come around and comment on their potions.

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When Slughorn came around to Mel's he said "this could have used more Sopophorous bean juice." He said and kept looking.

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