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How old is Katsa in this book?

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Joya I think that was a flashback of when she found out her grace, but I think she is about 16. I doesn't really mention.

em Actually, she's eighteen. She was eight in the flash back, and it said a decade had past since then. If you do the math, eight plus ten equals eighteen. So she's eighteen in Graceling.

Joya You are probably right, I read Graceling a long time ago.

em Joya wrote: "You are probably right, I read Graceling a long time ago."

:D I read it a long time ago, too, but my friend used to go on and on and on about how much she loved this book and she talked about it so much a few things like that stuck. :P

Joya I agree with you friend:), but I don't seem to have as good a memory, nothing sticks;)

Anjini my friend and I had this discussion the other day and we had the same thougts 16 or 18,
but does anyone know if Giddion is younger or older than Katsa? 10 year has past between book 1 and 3 and he mentions that he is 25 in the last book which would make him 15 in the first one.

Yasmani Katasa is 18 in Graceling. Bitter Blue takes place 8 years later meaning she is 26

Anjini ah makes more sense,

Christina 18. At the beginning of the book she mentions that she discovered her Grace 10 years before and she was barely 8 at the time.

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