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It is what it is

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Selena crept through the forest...her eyes darting around.She was watching for slayers.

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Kinya jumps out of no where," Hi'ya,what's your name?"

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"Aaaaah!"Selena yelled"wh-who are you?"she asked suspiciously.

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Kinya smiles,"I'm....Kinya"she says striking a pose

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"Are you a vampire slayer?"Selena asked"just...wondering"

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She then gives her a mean look,"I am not!"she says"I am not that cruel" she says putting her hands on her hips

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Selena gave a sigh of relief"good...I'm Selena,the vampire"

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Kinya gives a bright smile,and holds out her hand"Nice to meet you!"she says happily

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Selena looks at the hand suspiciously.She was taught to never trust no one,she trusted someone once and was betrayed.

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Kinya then gives her a sad look"What's wrong?"she askes

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Selena backed away"I can't-"she said then transformed into a bat,and flied upwards.

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Kinya sighs" WHATEVER THEN!!!" She yells

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