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A hunter is a human who hunts down the supernatural and saves people from monsters, demons, ghosts and other creatures. They usually are just typical humans who, unlike others, believe in supernatural beings and, even more, they fight against them to protect normal people from harm. One of the most recurring reasons to go into the hunter lifestyle is a tragedy in their lives that involved the supernatural. However, there are other reasons to decide being a supernatural hunter, such as being raised as one.
It is often an emotionally-draining job, and many hunters have cut off all attempts at healthy relationships.


Appearance: 5 full sentences and/or an image.
Personality: 5 full sentences.
History: 10 full sentences.

*NOTE: If you have already made a hunter character, I kindly suggest you copy and paste them into here, then delete the character sheet out of the original topic you posted them in.

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Name: Billie Jones

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Type: Hunter

Grade: She would be in 10th, if she was enrolled in the school.

Appearance: Billie is pretty for her age, with long dark curls that frame her pale face in a charming and complimentary fashion. She has a button nose and deep brown eyes, paired along with lips often pressed into a grave and serious line.
She's average in height, but has some muscle from hunting her entire life. She's a master of the bitchface, and could single-handedly beat the daylights out of any boy at her old school. She has a few scars along her arms from creating last-minute sigils, but other than that she's pretty clean, injury wise.

Personality: Billie is, well, intense. She's hard to be around for a long period of time.
She grew up with three brothers and a single dad, so feminine roles were nonexistent in her life. She hates sexist people, and would be happy to teach them a lesson in hunting. She's very strong-headed, and if you tell her not to do something, she's probably do it out of spite.
Despite her over-powering personality, she's a great hunter. Probably the best of her age. She's taken out over 100 demons at the age of 15, along with a larger number of other supernaturals. She's very sarcastic, and her plans are often risky, but it gets the job done.

History: At the tender age of two, Billie's mother was killed by a vampire. In a rather brutal way, too. Her father immediately delved into the supernatural world, raising his children into amazing hunters. They moved around constantly, driving in a fuel-efficient mini-van. As the years went by, Billie's first kill was at the age of 6, and she took out a nest of vampires all on her own. She surpassed her brothers talent at hunting easily. Her father even booted the eldest out of the gang after sympathizing a nest of vampires before killing. Billie hasn't seen him since.
After hearing about the supernatural school via hunters word-of-mouth, she went there right away. On her own, of course. She didn't want her now middle-aged father and thick-headed brother holding her down on such an important mission. She's been sleeping in a tent in the woods for the time being, trying to gather more information.


Family: Kayden Jones (Brother), Jedidiah Jones (Brother), Bobby Jones (Father), Katelyn Jones (Mother; Deceased)


SpreadYourWings | 280 comments Name: Dimitri Valerik Markov

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: 5 full sentences and/or an image. http://boyswithblackhairandblueeyes.t...

Personality: Dimitri is emotionless and all he ever feels is hate. He hates supernaturals because they are different than him. He thinks that are irrelevant to the world and he "protects" the "true" human race from them. He is cold and merciless. If he finds a supernatural he won't give them two seconds to live. He's a liar and keeps many secrets but the one thing he enjoys is pain. Of course he's the one BRINGING the pain. He makes a perfect hunter in every way. He trusts humans but a super natural... Yeah in your dreams. This guy is serious about everything he does, you may as well call him an assassin.

History: Dimitri grew up in an orphanage, and it actually wasn't that bad. Everyone obeyed him, feared him. They knew what Dimitri was and what he would do to them, so they did whatever they could to get him of their back. Dimitri loved violence and would like nothing better than to beat up some orphan in the courtyard. He grew up in the orphanage but began to notice things. Things about done of the kids. The most interesting was a little girl named Valentyna Olesya. The girl always seemed to be messing with time , and he noticed it. He decided to punish her for it, so one night he took some if his followers and cornered her in the kitchen. He cut her up with a shark meat knife causing all the scars she has. He hoped that had taught her a lesson, but then she just disappeared. So he did some investigating saw the letter from the school received. He was furious, the girl had gotten away. The next night though he had awoken and was sitting on his bed. Across the room had sat Valentyna. Anger pulsed through him as he lunged for her but then he stopped in just midair. She had frozen time. She had then took one of her sais and stabbed him. The strange thing was that he hasn't felt the pain. Time was still frozen. But when she had undone time the pain sprung on him like a lion. He got up blood leaking from him, but then collapsed. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was Valentyna taking he ring. His precious ring. *im not going to tell you how he survived, it'll make it more fun to RP* since then he has become a hunter and has slain any type of super natural he has run into

Relationships: he doesn't have time for one, or maybe he's never tried to talk to a girl. Maybe he should try.

Family: None grew up an orphan.

Weapons/Skills: He is very skilled in daggers and small knives. He loves bows and arrows but favors he twin curved moon swords. Thin as paper but if cut, you'll be dead automatically.

Other: He hates Valentyna. He has vowed to kill her if its the last thing he does.

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Star (starlitewolf) | 964 comments Name: Tara Dawn

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5a5a91d6f770c8185a05d41a0b85225466326311

Personality: She is completely cold to supernaturals.She will care for her friends and family but will be a brutal murderer when she wants to.She can be funny and sarcastic if you are her friend but if she doesnt, she will make sure you know.She enjoys it when people know that she is boss.If you ever upset her in anyway, she will mostly kill you and display your heart in a jar.

History: When Tara was born, she grew up in a supernatural town where very few humans.She grew up being friends with the supernaturals along with her family.One day when a human upset some supernaturals they went on a brutal rampage to kill every human in the town.When they got to her family, she escaped with a large scar running down her back.She also escaped with her younger sister Dawn.From that day she lived in a forest practicing to get her revenge by shooting deer and teaching her sister how to hunt.She studied almost every supernatural's weakness.One day she learned that there was a school filled with supernaturals and went their to get her revenge.She took her sister Dawn, but on the trip, Dawn was turned into a werewolf.Because Tara didn't have the heart to kill her only family, she left her.


Family: Lily Dawn (Mother, dead)
Darin Dawn (Father, dead)
Shaun Dawn (Brother, dead)
Laura Dawn (Sister,Alive)

Weapons/Skills: She has a magic blade that can light up with fire, Magic Sword

She learned how too heal herself and others, but her skills in magic are very weak and being human makes it difficult to control.She has a knack for technology, as she learned too use it when she went to cities, mostly to set traps and get a few extra dollars.

Other: She has a terrible hate toward vampires and werewolves.(The creatures that killed her family and turned her sister)

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Name: Eton Browns
Age: 16 years of age
Gender: Male (bisexual)
Appearance: Eton Browns is probably the classiest man you shall ever be graced enough to see. Straight black hair is often combed out, but it manages to get itself tangled anyway. It's a longer than average cut; his hair falls half-way down his face. He combs it aside though, because he has dashing green eyes, and he knows it. Eton prefers to dress nicely when he can, but being a hunter he can understand certain circumstances may occur. He is often clad in dress pants, but "not the black ones" as he says. He also wears a dress shirt and suspenders, complete with a bow-tie. He has a knack for painting his nails, also, and carries around different shades in his car. People call it tacky and "hipster", but frankly, Eton couldn't care less. He thinks he's his own person, and it won't be any other way.
Seeing as most of his time is spent hunting, he wears leather fingerless gloves, just for handling his weaponry. It looks odd matched with the rest of his attire, but whatever. He thinks he's pretty chill.
Lastly, he wears a trademark pair of sunglasses. Everywhere. If he needs to use his eyes, he'll use 'em. But he likes his sun-reflectors very much thank you, and won't be getting rid of them soon.

Personality: Eton can be described as many things, it just depends on who is currently being the one judging him.
Many people think of him as obnoxious, a dick, douchebag, or just lame. But everyone, at some point in their lives, associates the name Eton Browns with the term "awesome." He's hard-core, pedal to the metal, and he doesn't care nor mind who tries to stop him.
Though he hates it when people call him a dick.
Eton is very sensitive towards outcasts, and often tries to take them under his wing in a way. It's not a weird obsession; he just likes to comfort those in dark places.
He's learned to hide his emotions extremely well, and battles with severe depression. He doesn't self-harm, nor has he attempted suicide. Instead it's just always there, in the back of his mind. It doesn't come in waves, but it never leaves.
He doesn't like judgmental people, and if he sees someone being horrible, he'll be ready to throw a punch.
History: Eton was born in Texas, of all places for someone like him to be raised. He was in an extremely Christian family, of which they hated him.
Well, all families have some love, but Eton's family mostly override it with toxins.
As a kid he was always slightly different. He didn't fit in with others, and sometimes likes more girly things than normal. At the age of thirteen his father caught him kissing a boy in his room, and kicked him out. Literally.
Eton moved in with his short-term boyfriend, who's father just so happened to be a hunter. The boy let slip of everything accidentally one night, and Eton kept his cool. The relationship ended soon, and Eton decided to do this "hunting thing". Not because someone died; because he thought it was cool. It helped relieve stress and stuff.
Eton was a player, in a way. He jacked cars and drove them miles, and slept with pretty much any girl or boy that would take him in for the night. He was smooth though, and it's a wonder how he hasn't died yet.
In the hunter business he's frowned upon by the older ones, scoffed upon by his age group, but gazed upon in awe by everyone younger. He doesn't have many hunter friends, but he doesn't care. It's a one-man wolf pack.
He eventually (like many other hunters) found out about the school whilst torturing a Djinn. He made his way out in his old, red, volkswagen beetle. Did he mention it's a convertible?
Relationships: He's had many, and has a few hunters he's close with, but other than that, he doesn't like loose ends.
Weapons/Skills: He prefers guns and baseball bats. The clean and the dirty. He has a pair of knuckle dusters made from iron that he prefers to use on ghosts. He makes a lot of his own unique weapons, though. Often replicas out of his favorite films. He has a pair of katana blades, a copy of Sting from Tolkien's novels, and even a few ninja stars.
Other: He enjoys long walks in the moonlight and wine coolers.

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Katie (Imadanosaur) Name:Ingrid Harin


Type(ex: werewolf, vampire, witch, elemental, etc.): A hunter (No species inparticullar.)

Appearance: She has mouse brown hair that falls right below her chin. It curls and makes her look very young, unless its strightened. She has a small nose and mouth. She is pretty short and skinny,but is strong and skilled. She tends to wear light clothing with a bit of flare. To match her atitude.

Personality: There is no denying it, Ingrid doesnt care what others think, she is kind and social,but she doesn't care. She isn't scared to say what she thinks and that can get her into trouble. She can trust people too fast. She is very athletic. People underestimate her alot but she is quick to hange that.

History: When she was 15 her sister Lilin was killed by a witch.(typical but i'm not in creative mode.) She loved Lilin with all her heart and swore to avenge her. She trained hard and long, particulary with the bow, and became strong. When she justified her sister she didnt stop there. She now works as a hunter in the hopes to fight in the battles coming up. She always works alone and doesn't plan to change that.

Crush/Relationship: No one but her bow and arrow. She likes girls.

Family: Vivian Harin- Her mom and Arnold Wes Harin- Her dad

Other: Her bow and arrow are her best weapon and they were given to her by an ancient elementalist.

Weapons/Skills: She is a great archer, also she can see in the dark. (Not a power, just really long training.)

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Katie (Imadanosaur) Do we need to get these accepted?

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Yes: Ingrid is accepted.

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A template & character brought to you by ⤹
( ♠ ) Paroxysmal Asphyxiation

{Part I}

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝You say you a gangsta, that don’t impress me none
You say you a gangsta, ain’t seen a thing you done❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Ezra Aisha Chausiku Faizah Sonagah
『 〓 』• Pronounced | Ez-rah | | Aye-shah | | Ch-awh-c-koo | | Fay-zhi-ae | | Sohn-ah-gah
• Ezra is a biblical name that has been taken by a number of civilizations. Ezra (/ˈɛzrə/; Hebrew: עזרא, Ezra; fl. 480–440 BC), also called Ezra the Scribe (Hebrew: עזרא הסופר, Ezra ha-Sofer) and Ezra the Priest in the Book of Ezra. According to the Hebrew Bible he returned from the Babylonian exile and reintroduced the Torah in Jerusalem (Ezra 7-10 and Neh 8). According to First Esdras, a non-canonical Greek translation of the Book of Ezra, he was also a high priest. His name may be an abbreviation of Azaryahu, "God-helps". In the Greek Septuagint the name is rendered Esdras (Greek: Ἔσδρας), from which Latin: Esdras. The Book of Ezra describes how he led a group of Judean exiles living in Babylon to their home city of Jerusalem (Ezra 8.2-14) where he enforced observance of the Torah and cleansed the community of mixed marriages. Ezra, known as "Ezra the scribe" in Chazalic literature, is a highly respected figure in Judaism. Traditionally Judaism credits Ezra with establishing the Great Assembly of scholars and prophets, the forerunner of the Sanhedrin, as the authority on matters of religious law. The Great Assembly is credited with establishing numerous features of contemporary traditional Judaism in something like their present form, including Torah reading, the Amidah, and establishing the feast of Purim. In Rabbinic traditions, Ezra is metaphorically referred to as the "flowers that appear on the earth" signifying the springtime in the national history of Judaism. Early Christian writers occasionally cited Ezra as author of the apocalyptic books attributed to him. In Islam he is known as Uzair (Arabic: عزير). He was mentioned in the Qur'an. Although he was not mentioned as one of the Prophets of Islam, he is considered as one of them by some Muslim scholars, based on Islamic traditions.
• Aisha has several different origins. The first of the three is Swahili. In Swahili, the name Aisha means Life. In Arabic, the name means Woman. In the more so in depth African origin, the name again means Life. This would be seen as quite exceptional, considering newborn children didn't often live past their first few weeks in the part of Africa Ezra called home. Chausiku has the singular origin of being from somewhere in Africa, with the delightful meaning of Born at night. Fitting, since she was born at night, and she prefers the night to anything else. Faizah, in both Arabic and its African origin, means Victorious. You can only imagine how much of an ego boost that is for her.
• Sonagah doesn't really seem to have a meaning. Many believe that it is linked to some sort of traditional god in an African religion, but no one can be sure. Ezra doesn't speak much of her origin.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝I'm impaired, the worst for wear

I'm going numb, I'm going numb❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


(view spoiler)

██████████████████████████ ██████████
|| ♛ || The first thing that one would notice of Ezra is her height. She's crazy tall, but then again, a lot of people from Africa were tall. She's somewhere close to seven feet, but her confidence would give her away to be taller than that. She weighs a solid one hundred thirty nine, standard for her height and body mass. She not super skinny, but is a happy medium between slender and large in body build. She is slightly muscular, if not a little meaty around the arm and leg area. She has distinct calf muscles, from running of course. You tend to build muscle faster on hard surfaces, so it'd have to be from cobble stone if anything. She has a standard set to her shoulders, not narrow or wide. As far as chest growth goes, Ezra has finished. She's not overly large, nor is she flat as board. She's of average size, and content. She doesn't need a whole lot of boob in her face when she runs. Her complexion, as far as it goes for ethnicity, is fairly lighter than it would be normally. In some lighting, she can look slightly darker.

Her hair is deep brown, the sort of brown that looks black, with light streaks of a more chestnut hue. Said hair coils down to the small of her back, and is most often braided. Her oculars are a dark brown, almost burgundy when she turns her head slightly to the side into the darker side of things. In brighter lights, her irises take on a hazel color. Her face is ovoid in shape, with well structured cheek bones. Her lips are thin in terms of the usual racial stereotypes, but still slightly thicker than the average woman's. They're a soft, pale pink hue, similar to the inside of a shell in intensity.

Her voice is nice and velvety, although heavily accented. It's very appealing to here when she's not yelling at you for something, otherwise the intonations make it sound harsh and degrading. She could possibly have taken other means to make money and be safe in life, for one being a singer would do her much good. But, singing is for those who know nothing of the world in her mind.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝Yeah I’m young, 21, living in a crazy world
But I know the difference between a man and a herb❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Species: Human {Huntress}
If you were to ask her if she were a hunter, she'd blatantly tell you no. Why? Because she is clearly no man, and she's a class of hunter all her own. Plus, she just likes the way huntress sounds. Makes her seem like some sort of queen.
Gender: Feminine {Female}
Blood Type: A Negative {A-}
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship Status:
Age: Nineteen {19} May Eighth {05/08}
⊱ Zodiacal symbol: Taurus (view spoiler)
⊱ Born in West Africa; specified country unknown
⊱ Ethnical background includes Liberian, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Congolese

Hair Colour: Her hair is deep brown, the sort of brown that looks black, with light streaks of a more chestnut hue. Said hair coils down to the small of her back, and is most often braided.
Eye Colour: Her oculars are a dark brown, almost burgundy when she turns her head slightly to the side into the darker side of things. In brighter lights, her irises take on a hazel color.
• Distinguished Marking(s):
Tribal Markings:
Tribal markings are similar to what would be later called tattoos, as they are quite the permanent little markings. They don't have a real distinct pattern, for the most part, but if you stare hard enough, you can just barely make out some sort of language. You wouldn't know what they are, as most people no longer speak it, save that small tribe Ezra comes from. But, because of generosity and such, you shall be clued in. The language is unnamed, as it never had one, but it originated around the same time as the first alphabet. The words are meant to be demon warding spells, which she received as a child.
Tribal Piercings:
These are, in a sense, like her tattoos. It's basically metal stick out of her skin, while going out on both ends. She has two in her ears, easily removable for when she needs to, and two going through her left eye brow. Those, she can't take off. It was a difficult process that isn't going to be repeated in her opinion.
These scars come from three kinds of hunting. They lace up her back and stomach, which she will proudly show off just to say that she kicked ass. These scars are signs of victory, because it's quite clear that her opponents didn't stand up to her very well. It's also like a warning, should anyone see them. So, you know not to mess with her. The kinds of hunting she received them from? One of those should be very obvious, and the other two will be for you to find out later.
Um, maybe it's just her, or she's a giant. Not many people reach her height. No, her height is something special.

Height: The first thing that one would notice of Ezra is her height. She's crazy tall, but then again, a lot of people from Africa were tall. She's somewhere close to seven feet, but her confidence would give her away to be taller than that.
Weight: She weighs a solid one hundred thirty nine, standard for her height and body mass. She not super skinny, but is a happy medium between slender and large in body build.

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{Part II}

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝Any mother lover wanna disrespect
Playing with fire finna get you wet
How it feel down there on your knees❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▪▪ ◞sᴋɪʟʟs & ᴀᴛᴛʀɪʙᴜᴛᴇs

Ezra is incredibly accurate when it comes to down to it. She's gone through extreme measures to be like so, and if you were to tell her otherwise, you might just have a few more things to discuss when you speak with your doctor next time around. It doesn't quite matter what the weapon is, so long as she can throw it. She tends to stick to those kinds of weapons, though she doesn't actually throw very far. Best not to tell her that bit, though.
Ezra is a little speed demon. Not little, but you get the point. She has to say that this isn't entirely her making. A few near death experiences taught her just how fast she needed to run if she wanted to continue living. She keeps her speed in check through steady practice everyday, a mile here or there can go a long way. Some people don't realize that, but it's very important to stay fit and prepared for anything.
Lower Body Strength:
If you hadn't guessed from the subtle hinting of how she doesn't have much upper body strength or how she runs everyday, then you're gonna need to re-evaluate your cognitive skills. Most of her strength comes straight from Ezra's lower body. It's the strongest part for her, and everyone else but hers is exceptionally strong, and she uses it to her advantage. At best, she could probably knock down a support beam. No shattering, no, but enough force to tip it. If that's strong, I dunno what is.
Ezra has incredible endurance for a human. She can withstand pain, yes, mostly because she does that on a daily basis. She can also run very long distances. It can be tiresome, and strenuous, but she can do it. She prefers not to ever have too, but is prepared for whatever.
Weapons Making:
You must not know about the Huntress and her skills. She's pretty adept at making a weapon from a multitude of things. It's all part of her other hunting experiences, excluding her monster hunting. No, she's made to be a hunter. It's best to keep her away from objects that are easily bendable, or breakable, because you don't want those going to your throat, be you human or not.
Personal Medical Attendance:
Ezra has had to patch herself up a few times, and has gotten good at it. It mostly depends on where the wound is located, but she will most definitely be able to at least patch it up. You can bet on that from all her scars; she made sure those were fixed up on her own.

Rest assured, Ezra isn't a super-human, nor is she a monster. Her history with having to protect herself is devastatingly long, but this is just a way to keep herself protected. Even if she doesn't look it, that's a lot of damage that's been done beyond the scars she carries.

Complete Upper body Strength:
Ezra isn't exactly the strongest in the sense of upper body strength. No, she really isn't. As stated earlier, she can't throw very far or with much force. She can hold her own in a fist fight, but not by much. If she can get her legs involved, then she's set. This, however, she makes up for with lower body strength.
Medical Attendance of Others:
Ezra is shit at caring for other people's wounds. She'll say so herself. She doesn't know why, but she feels more like she'll mess up if it's on another person. Some people take it to be her way to get out of caring for someone else, but she'll say otherwise, because it is. She can't quite explain the self doubt that runs through her when she's asked to fix someone else up. She just can't.
Easily Depressed:
Ezra has been through a lot, and you would think that she can get over things, but she can't. It's not in her nature to. She can accept things, yes, but she dwells on them often. She has quite a lot on her plate these days, jumbled emotions being one of them. She's twenty-one, and things are moving along quite quickly, even for her standards.
Trust Issues:
Ezra has a load of these. Her past makes it difficult for her to trust many people, even if they are hunters. She's a lone wolf in this sense, but she likes to just say that she's cautious. That's complete bull. She's mostly afraid of what people can do, because she's seen the extent of what they can do, and it's at all that pretty. People can be monster, too.
Where this came from is quite obvious. Ezra can handle her drinking, no problem. She's not entirely alcoholic, it's just that she has a tendency to drown her problems in a drink. Which is often. The drink does quite a lot to help with the stress she keeps down, as well as any thing else that might be upsetting her.
You can't expect anyone in this business not to be plagued by what they do. For Ezra, it takes on the form of nightmares that keep her awake at night. She's often plagued by what she can't do, and what the outcome would be if she were to mess up. It hurts her, really, and she tries to keep it all at bay, but there's only so much someone can hold in.
Fear of Rejection:
I'm sure that everyone has this. However, it might not be as strong. There are many reasons why she fears rejection, even if it's something that's done on a daily basis from her perspective. This fear is part of the nightmares, and she just has to hold it all inside her. No wonder she drinks.

See? She's human, maybe more so than most people give her credit for. She has her faults, and these faults define her. Her weaknesses are what propel her to go on and get stronger, to protect herself and anyone else that needs her.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝I lick the gun when I'm done
Cause I know that revenge is sweet❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Trait 1: Patient
Trait 2: Cautious
Trait 3: Deceitful
Trait 4: Courageous
Trait 5: Caring
Trait 6: Flirtatious
Trait 7: Strategic/Calculating

Fear the unknown, for it brings dangers
Among many things, Ezra can be summed up in a few words. This is the person your parents warn against, advising away from the beckon of intrigue. The first thing that most people look against is her appearance. She stands out greatly from the crowd, even in the aspects of religion. Her words are different, her gait is different, she secretes difference like a flower does a fragrance. People fear what they don't know, and she's a mystery to most. This would wound anyone, even her, but she takes it all in strode. You could say that she's gotten used to it with all the travelling she does, but she could have otherwise to say about the matter.

Good things come to those who wait
Ezra is very patient. Many would see her as the embodiment of the word, and she is respected in that sense. Being so patient also allows her to properly do of her job. This patience makes her a predator, through and through, despite the positive connotation that would follow the word. That being said, she can show a little impatience. Of course, it doesn't happen very often. She's just that much more of a boss, don't you think? Plus, being patient has been what has given her such enhancements to her skills. You think the Head of House Cassia is bad? Wait, til you see her in action.

Steady your hand, run not to the rash decisions; or be run through for the quicker end
Ezra is very cautious. She takes some time to get to trust people. She often takes her time with her decisions, even the smallest of them. Her caution towards everything is rather odd in an environment that calls for living in the moment sets her apart. She executes intelligence far past what most may think of her, and this brings fear to those who don't particularly know her well, not that anyone actually does. She tends to have a tough time letting people in, mostly because of what she's had to live through. Sometimes, she feels it necessary to keep people alive.

The lies they tell, are the truths they hide.
Ezra, being so cautious, won't always tell the truth. She spins a web of lies so fine, that those who've entered can't tell what's the truth and what is actually a lie. She learned the tricks of deceit as ways to get closer to her targets. Lying, or web-spinning as she refers to it, has been in her life for many years. She doesn't believe that there is a single truthful person out there, and in a twisted logic, believes that liars tell the truth. This aspect of her thought process is what makes her able to tell stories to children, and create histories to strangers when they inquire of her origin. So, it gets to the point when most people have to guess were she's really from, unless she's come to trust you with the information.

The viper strikes, and mice scatter
Ezra exhibits extreme cases of courage often. It's close to fearlessness, but not on that level. Her heart still races like crazy in the face of immediate danger, but she steps up to the challenge. She wouldn't be able to do her job if she were always afraid. She depends on this trait to make it through even a few days, though courage can often get one killed. This doesn't stop her from being as bad ass as she is, of course. It just makes her job that much more exciting for her.

Sing a lullaby to one, sing to all
Ezra is incredibly caring, despite what she may come off as at first. For her, others are maximum priority and she is second to them. Her caution towards others isn't dimmed, don't get her wrong, but it doesn't stop her from showing off a bit of kindness. She knows what struggling for something is like, and knows it when she sees it. This is what propels her to show caring towards others, to lift them up from whatever low place they may be in. She doesn't hesitate, mostly because she could probably kick their asses, to let people into her place of residence if they're human should they need a place to stay for the night. The night just isn't safe for certain people.

Buy me a drink, I'll take you home with me
Sure, Ezra likes a good flirting session every now and then. Who doesn't? She won't take it far; no, she really has no room for issues in her schedule, what with it already booked full of excessive hunting. Relationships can be a hassle, especially for her line of work and if the opposing party isn't apart of it. This isn't totally limited to small talk, and sometimes carries on to the more aggressive side of things. It's not to say that she has no control, it's just that hole in her often needs filling in some way, and who is she to deny someone the right of filling it for her?

You shoot, I shoot; so maybe let's talk
Ezra has a strategic side to her that only ever comes out when she's hunting, or negotiating on sleeping arrangements. She isn't one of those shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of hunters, and certainly will never be. He strategy has kept her alive, and she's particularly proud of that. This is sort of similar to being calculative, but she doesn't like the sound of that. It makes her seem diabolical and like she's planning something bad, when really it'll be helpful.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝And I hope I'm not sounding too desperate
But I need love and affection❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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{Part III}

❛ LIKES ☇ ♛
• Palm Wine:
For those unaware of what this foul smelling drink is, it's an alcoholic beverage taken directly from the palm tree. The first couple taps are nectarine sweet, but that's not what Ezra has in mind. She likesher palm wine strong and hearty, though she doesn't much favor the smell.
Fresh Meat:
Meat isn't exactly the easiest thing to come by when everyone's eaten most of it. You usually take what you get, and sometimes what you get isn't always fresh. So, Ezra would prefer if the meat that goes down her throat is freshly killed, or maybe even still raw. Either way-- it's gotta be fresh.
Fruit is good for you. It gives you nourishment and important vitamins that you can't find in certain other foods. There's also the added sweeteners that are entirely natural, and that's what Ezra likes about them. They taste sweet, are easy to find, and attract flies for fly fishing. They are also good for holding other things, especially the more gourd shaped ones.
Hey, it's a fun past time, alright. No harm in shaking a little of what you were given. It tends to be quite the exercise, and can be more of an attraction for monsters than one would think.

This should be obvious, seeing as she hunts them down as a way of life. Further explained in history, but this should still be extremely obvious.
Ezra grew up in a culture where disrespect would never be tolerated. Disrespect to elders especially wasn't taken lightly, and she reflects that life lesson out in her preferences. She deals everyone their fair share of respect, and expects to get the same in return. Should she not, there will be a problem.
Let's just say that Ezra can't read. No, literacy was never one of the luxuries that Ezra had, seeing as the country she called home was riddled in tribal wars; and not to forget the numerous creatures that followed the scent of blood. Further explained in history
Interrupted Sleep:
Sleep can mean life or death, because energy is everything. You have to keep moving, even if you feel so tired you fall down and die. Ezra knows this, and having her sleep interrupted makes her just as cranky as the next person, if not worse.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝As I close my eyes to sleep
I pray to God my soul to keep❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝Are you willing to sacrifice your life?❞

When the Civil War had run its course, what was left of the once honorable people were the instinctive husks of people. Ezra was among them, moving instinctual through life. Her family had been killed in the war, and she was no longer a queen. She could have been right along side them in her graves, had she been of any real importance to them.

This was when Ezra picked up her first and second form of hunting.

It's hard to find food, let alone have some else do it for you. So, she taught herself to kill the very same creatures she would have watched been prepared over an open fire. It took much the naivety of her situation away, having been protected by her husband's family before they had met their end.

It was also the same time she'd seen her first real monster.

Hearing stories of them as a child is nothing compared to seeing the actual thing. What she saw had no name, not to her, but she'd later know it be a Manbati, or in a more slang sort of term- Man Eater.

She had been scavenging for fruit when she saw a group of people running. Her skills had not been quite as refined at that time, so she ducked to stay safe. Their language was a dialect she could understand only faintly, and they didn't speak for long.

She found it odd that the group before her was all male, and that they looked so scared or even that they stayed together. She realized why when she saw a beautiful woman approach them from the direction they were running to. They must have been surprised by her speed, whatever she was, because they were all frightened that much more.

One of the men screamed, and Ezra's eyes ripped away from the short and bloody scene. Sure, she'd seen countless other deaths in the last few years, but nothing like this. When she looked back, the woman was still there. However, she'd changed. She was still incredibly beautiful but she'd grown horns that curved downwards and inwards when it reached past her chin, a barbed tail swung almost casually around her hips, and the skin on her neck, shoulders, and back was raised like an adornment on an old Victorian dress.

Ezra herself nearly screamed, and ran.

Running is what saved her, and thank ani that it did, or the world would be short of a fierce hunter. From that point on, she refined her skills to hunt both animals and monsters, but lastly, there were a few humans she'd have to hunt.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝I shoot the lights out
Oh, just another lonely night❞

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

❝Hide 'til it's bright out❞

Gaps in her history? Why bother going over them; it's the past. She'll say the same thing, but won't hold back to telling you all the gory details.

Ever since she first learned to hunt, she's been on the move. Hunting monsters doesn't always allow for staying in one place. With this movement came to influx of the most common language: English. Her English isn't all that great, but she can get around with it.

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Ahahaha! You used the nickname Vienna gave him! AXEHEAD!

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Part one:

A soul turned dark,
A rich pure black,
What the future holds, don't care.
What the past gave, remember.
What the past gave is to remember, forever.
The past can change people,
It changed me.
Two words play in my head,
Mighty, strong two words
Rip and tear the flesh of those...
Of those who have changed me.
Make my words pierce deeper than flesh
Make them realise what they've done.
Their own misfortune...It's your own fault.
I am not weak. Only destined...
Destined to kill you.
You filthy, unworthy, son of dirt,
You killed my love, you shattered my heart.
Now what is left?
A dark whole where my shattered heart lies.

"Would you keep me forever?"
"You...lied to me..."
Close to tears he sits there,
His love, gone...her refrain still ringing clear.

{Full Name} Jacob Ryan
{Name Pronunciation} Jae-cob Rye-an
{Nicknames} Jake, Ryan, Jakey, J., J.R,

Jacob was given the name Jacob for quite a peculiar reason. Quite simple actually...His mother ate too much Jacon Biscuit Factory products when pregnant with baby Jacob.

Jacob is a common male first name and a less well-known surname. From 1999 through 2012, Jacob has been the most popular baby name for boys in United States. It is a cognate of James. Jacob is derived from Late Latin Iacobus, from Greek άκωβος Iakobos, from Hebrew יַעֲקֹב (Yaqob, Yaaqov, Yaăqō), the name of the Hebrew patriarch, Jacob son of Isaac and Rebecca. The name comes from the Hebrew root בקע qb (meaning "to follow", "to be behind"), and it refers to the circumstances of Jacob's birth when he held on to the heel (in Hebrew עֲקֵב aqeb) of his older twin brother Esau (Genesis 25:26). According to Genesis 27:36, the root qb can also mean "to cheat". Jacob may also mean "follower of God" in Aramaic. In a Christian context, Jacob –James as reduced English form –is the name for several people in the New Testament: apostle James, son of Zebedee, another apostle James, son of Alphaeus, and James the Just, who led the original Messianic Community in Jerusalem. Since Jacob is also venerated as a Prophet of Islam, his name is commonly used as a male first name in Arab and Muslim societies (Arabic Yakub, Turkish Yakup).

{Age} 16

Face Claim: Johnny Simmons
[image error]http://menhairstylescollection.blogsp...

[image error]

Jacob has long-ish dark straight brown hair. It has a soft texture. He also has a side fringe, a charming neat one that doesn't cover his eye at all.

Jacob has emotionless dark brown eyes. It never gleams, never shines...they're just brown giving no emotion.
The last time they showed something was when he was in love.

Jacob has slightly thin pink lips. He has light sun kissed skin and a not muscular, not lanky build. Overall, he is quite a handsome young man.

The Mask
Did you just say that I look cute? I act cute? No is the answer if you haven't already guessed!

Jacob hides his true emotions very well. His don't show any emotion and his acting skills are mastered from going to drama classes at the young age of five to the age of twelve. As you might have guessed already, he is an exceptional liar.

The Past-holder
I'll never let go,
Never say goodbye (Count on me, Bruno Mars)

Jacob finds it extremely hard to let go of past events. He hardly tries too and loves keeping the burning hatred boiling inside of him, making no effort to get rid of it. He just couldn't move on. He doesn't care about the future, he cares about the past.

The Non Believer
'Cause who will tell,
The story of your life?
Who will remember,
Your last goodbye? (In The End, Black Veil Brides)

Jacob thinks people stupid. Most people dream about becoming famous in some way and then there comes the idiotic phsychiatrists saying "Follow your dreams"
Not everyone becomes famous so instead of focusing on that one thing, Jacob thinks you should focus on an easier task.

The Suppresser
No...I did not just feel that...

Jacob does have some good, optimistic thoughts and fedlings but they're all purposely pushed down. He can feel sorry for people easily when he was younger, before the horrid events. After years, he decided that those feelings wealen him so he started to supress them, push them down.

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✵ Dislikes: ▪ People: One of the things Axel can’t stand most is people. This comes in all different kinds: supernaturals, humans, hunters, angels, demons, you name it. If its breathing,..."

I'm sorry, but I'm dead jealous that you can make a template. I've always wanted to do one, especially for Henry and Sabine, but I don't know how!

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) That's so nice of you! Thank you. :) I REALLY do need help. I think I'll start with Henry's, since I have lots of idea's for him.

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I'd like to do a template for Eton later on, once I get home. I've been making all my posts from my phone for the past week or so. It sucks.

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At least you have a phone to make comments on!

Oh please. I have no idea how to even start. Maybe seeing who it's laid out would help.

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Sure! Let me edit it and then I'll send it. It has some random crap from Axel's sheet filled in so that might take a bit. Have it to you soon :)

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And I have the BEST separator line for Henry.
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I always find it really difficult to find separator lines. I also find it difficult to spell separator...

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Sorry I didn't reply, I'm trying to find gifs. For the life of me I can't find one with blood spilling...
Anyway, thank you for all your help!

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Yeah, sometimes its really difficult to find the right gifs. I had a heck of a time finding a gif for Axel's eyes. Tumblr is a good place to look for that stuff though!

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I make all my templates on my phone. Working on part two of Jacob Ryan. Started to use the notepad on my phone.

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I have Microsoft One Note, and I use it in making my characters.

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Part Two

The Mind Changer

What? No I did not say that I wanted that a week ago. I said that I wanted it TWO weeks ago!

Jacob changes his mind very quickly. One day he may say that oranges are better than grapefruit...the next day? "Grapefruit is better than oranges!"
This may cause huge annoyance both to himself and others.

The Quick Thinker

I have a plan.

Jacob can cook up a plan really fastly. I won't guarentee to you that it will be the very best plan but one thing to tell you, it will work.
He is extremely smart and may be able to answer a maths sum before the whole question is finished.

The Real Reader
R.I.P! Read In Peace!

Jacob finds that reading takes his mind off things better than video gaming, watching television or listening to Compact Discs. He loves having his head stuck in a book just to have some words to read when he is feeling

A sweet...innocent...naive...child...
As a child, Jacob was happy...happier than happy. Saturday evening, baking cookies with 'Mama', Sundays, visiting 'Granna' and her special Lasagnia, Mondays to Fridays, school. He was adorable. He had the sweetest, widest smile and is usually seen grinning from ear to ear. His life was perfect.

Growing up! A new adventure!

When Jacob reached his teenage years, he was still sweet and adorable. He had loads of friends. He spent alot of time strumming various tunes on his acoustic guitar and singing along. He was a brilliant singer and guitarist. Life was still perfect.

Frightning Fifteen...(When all changed)

At the age of fifteen, a family moved in next door to him. A very peculiar family. A slim, beautiful mother, handsome father, two adorable pugs...and a gorgeaus, dazzling beauty...the daughter. Jacob developed a secret love for the girl next door. He was sweet on her.

It was sit outside his front door...just sitting there watching the beautiful girl, Briony, water the plants and sing. Her voice was so beautiful often causing Jacob to just start daydreaming.

One night, Jacob crept into Briony's front yard and found her singing. He couldn't resist going up to her so he did. He leant against the wall casually in his ripped, faded jeans and surf t-shirt and greeted her. The response was nothing he expected. "You shouldn't be here! My parents won't allow it! You must leave!" she had whispered. Jacob simply stood there staring at her blankly before shaking his head and saying "I don't care..." Briony had laughed and in no time, they were chatting happily, organising lunches together, road trips.
That was all for a short time before one night, Jacob and Briony were sitting, cuddling on a pavement. The streets, silent and the moon, a shining galleon tossed o'er the sea of clouds. Jacob and Briony were also silent, only murmurs exchanged. All they were doing was enjoying the moment. Suddenly Briony started telling him how she was supernatural and it didn't feel felt like she was cursed. She was a Nephil and was not proud of it. Her mother, after a huge divorce with the human she mated with, started to loath humans. Briony told him how her mother treated her badly for being half her mother would kill her if she spots her with a human. Jacob didn't like seeing Briony crying so he wiped a tear away.

After a while, a light flickered on as a woman...Briony's mother emerged from her house. She had found Briony's bedroom empty and decided to investigate. She strolled around the neighbourhood until she turned her gaze to the boy, her neighbour and a girl...As she squinted closer, she found the girl familiar. Suddenly, it came to was Briony.

The two lovers were only seeing eachother so they didn't notice the mother.

Briony's mother screamed "You are poisened by the devil!" before dashing to Briony and slapping her hard across the cheek. Jacob was only human and couldn't help her. He could only scream and try pull them apart but he didn't have any enhanced strength and in the end only watched with dreadful tears. He heard horrid words screamed from the mother's lips such as "I do not need you, child...You are poisened by the devil!" Finally her mother's angel boyfriend emerged from the house and stopped the fight.

After a while, the whole neighbourhood was silent...except for a few crickets chirping and...the silent sobbing of Jacob. He was kneeling over the dying body of Briony, pierced with an enchanted knife to kill Nephilim and Angels with her eyes struggling to keep open. He decided that the fault was on her supernatural parents for doing this to her.

Briony had told him before how her parents were not proper angels from heaven. They hadsecretly escaped, uncaught and didn't turn into a devil. They were mainly counted as supernaturals by how they act.

Slowly Jacob replaced his sorrow with steaming hot anger.

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Part Three



Jacob loves having his head stuck in a book. It keeps his mind off things and reading before bedtime can help with the nightmares. He prefers reading than the famous methods like counting sheep and all.


Jacob doesn't really love loud things but he needs them. They take his mind off grumpy things, depressing things and never gives him a chance to think about them.(Which is a good thing.)

Video Gaming

Jacob finds this distractive too. He can play for hours until his eyes go square but rarely does he have much time to.

Fiddling, Fidgeting

Jacob loves to twiddle and fiddle with the small knick knacks around him. It gives him something to do and is also a little distracting.


Somehow, Jacob loves the feeling of cold anger and revenge boiling inside him until it turns steaming hot, burning. Anger doesn't let him think and it somehow makes him feel powerful and courageaus.


I say it isn't jealousy...

Jacob hates couples proving, showing they are couples anywhere in his sight. Them smooching and cuddling angers him. He says that he's annoyed at how stupid they are but he doesn't realise that it was jealousy...more than annoyance.

Silence, Sleeptime
Night is the hour when it is extremely silent and thinking becomes easier. Remember, Jacob hates memories coming back.


Peas are icky and green according to him. They can also be hard. They just make him feel queasy...


The horrid beasts...think they rule the world...Horrid. They try live as humans but most are just stuck up idiots. Stupidibus.

Oranges, Fajitas, Sand Castles

These were what Briony liked. They remind Jacob of her...
Jacob found them annoying and wished he could abolish these.


Speed 8/10 (Fast as a human.)
Stamina 8/10
Charisma 6/10 (Makes no effort.)
Knowledge/Thinking 8/10
Happiness 3/10

Jacob holds advanced amunition such as his new edition case of pistols that range from big to small. He also holds a case of spy equipment such as secret cameras etc. He only uses new technoligy.

{Other} After many attempted suicides, he has many scars on his wrists and other body parts. One scar cut deeper than intended. It isn't a straight scar though. It looks wonky and lays on his wrist. It is a weak spot for him as sometimes it suddenly opens and makes Jacob yell in the overwhelming pain.

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Name: Juliet Xing
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Eyes: Charcoal black
Hair: Sleek, straight, and brown
Skin: Slightly tanned
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 126
Other: Juliet wears golden dragon earrings with rubies for eyes. She has succulent, glossed lips, and never wears eye makeup. Juliet has a narrow waist and hips.

Personality: Juliet is kind and sweet...for a Hunter. In other words, she won't kill you on the spot. Juliet is a rough-and-tough sort of girl, and prefers boys and tomboys. She's never been a 'Aww. I'll hold your hand' sort of girl. More like a 'Suck it up' sort of person. Juliet is sarcastic and clever, but very withdrawn and calm. Except when she breaks down. Juliet occasionally breaks's a side effectof her job. But these nervous breakdowns have lessened since she first began hunting.

But before, she was bubbly and cheerful, and always very her mother. Juliet always had a smile on her lips, and made friends almost instantly.


Of course, Mother.

Juliet was born in an English countryside to Chinese parents. She was always happy, always cheerful. Until they came...
It was midnight, and the moon, full, hung over the sky. Juliet remembers her little sister commenting on it.

It's beautiful...


But a full moon attracts werewolves. At night, a shutter creaked. Juliet opened her eyes, and decided to slip into the kitchen for a snack. Suddenly,her sister's piercing scream echoed through the house, followed by her father's pounding footsteps, and her mother's matching scream. Oh. Her mother must have fallen asleep reading a bedtime story to Mia. Then sickening gurgles. Three of them. She entered the room. They all had their necks slit,and her father was draped over a chair, blood dripping from his wound.


This WASN'T supposed to happen!

So Juliet snuck away. She had nothing to loose, and killed supernaturals ruthlessly. So began her career.
Relationships: Single...but she has never dated, and is not that sort of girl.
All Deceased
Mother: Shu Xing
Father: Fa Xing
Sister: Mia Xing


Juliet is extremely fast. She's built up her speed over the years, while tracking monsters. She also has almost instant reflexes.


Not likely. Juliet only has average strength, and is no match against vampires and the likes. But her speed and stealth make up for it.


Juliet is like a cheetah. Lithe. You won't even know she's there until it's too late. She excels at sneaking around, and sticks to the shadows. To her, invisibility is the key to killing supernaturals.


Juliet is not very charismatic. But she can be charming when she has to be. Juliet has a way of flipping her hair that entrances some supernaturals.


Extreme. Juliet is your go-to girl for quick schemes and confusing retorts. When facing slow, large, clumsy supernaturals, Juliet never fails to deliver some twisted monologue. By the time the full sentence is comprehended...Juliet's done her work.


Juliet has high tech missiles and bombs, a few stolen from labratories, and an astonishing array of daggers and pistols. But her favorite is either her gold sword (from a museum) or her father's rifle.


Why not? Juliet has a way with instruments. She feels one, and instantly knows how to play it. Juliet always has an iPod and earphones with her. She enjoys dancing as well, but she hasn't danced much since the incident.


Juliet is a book-addict. She's exhausted libraries reading up on supernaturals, and the occasional drama. Never let Juliet see your book. And NEVER steal hers. In fact...Juliet is a especially infamous in libraries...


Juliet loves cheeseburgers almost as much as killing supernaturals. After a job, Juliet never fails to pay a visit to a fast food joint. And never fails to blackmail her way to a free cheeseburger. After all...she has a way of knowing things.


Juliet can't stand broccoli. The smell. The taste. The appearance. She thinks of it as eating a weird miniature tree. She especially hates the stalk. But better than nothing. Most of the time. And it's not that she dislikes all vegetables either.


Hunters hate Supernaturals. Juliet is a Hunter. So she hates Supernaturals. Especially the werewolves. Well, you can't blame her! It's all for revenge, in her eyes. But it can be lonely and depressing.


Juliet is scared of trains. No explanation, she just shudders at the sight of one. There's something scary about watching the train tracks rumble as a train approaches...and the horn. Ugh. Loud noises.

Other: Juliet has a photographic memory, and remembers everything from books. So, useful on a spying mission.

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Name: Martine Scarletta
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Eyes: Milk Chocolate Brown
Hair: Brown braid
Skin: Fair
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 124 pounds
Other: Martine is fairly busty, and has narrow hips. She is slim, with an athletic build, and wears a flower ring that, when tapped, transforms into an unbreakable golden shield. She has a dainty appearance and long eyelashes, as well as full, succulent lips.
Personality: Martine is not your typical girl, despite her appearance. She is witty and tough. Martine is exceedingly loyal to other Hunters, and brave, but ruthless towards Supernaturals. She kills them eveyr chance she gets. But she's very, very good at blending with Supernaturals, and makes and excellent spy.
Martine was born in the Italian countryside. She lived in a large half-Victorian mansion, half-farmhouse sort of place, with her two brothers and her mother. One day, when she was in the city market, shopping for tomatoes, vampires came and killed her family, setting fire to the house as well.


Outraged and blinded by grief, she set out for revenge. Because now, she had nothing left for her. So what was the point of staying?


I've got nothing to lose.


Ever since she was 14, Martine has been tearing down vampire covens, murdering werewolves, and destroying shifters. Martine has a habit of carving her first initial on every victim's chest,right over their hearts. So if I was going to watch out for'd be Martine.

Relationships: Single. She's never dated, and probably never will. Martine is more a solitary Huntress.
Family: Deceased
Mother: Marette Scoletta
Twin Brothers: Dylan and Dimitri Scoletta
Weapons/Skills: Martine likes to utilize her collection of cruelly sharp knives and top-of-the-line guns, not to mention high-tech bombs. But she also has her family's bronze broadsword, inlaid with a sapphire.

Spying :

Martine is the ultimate spy. No questions asked. Sure her stealth is barely average for spies...but she can blend and disguise. If you need a spy team...head to Martine and Juliet. Martine began spying almost when she began to Hunt. So...she's pretty experienced.

Strength :

Martine is very strong. She can lift heavy loads, and there's real weight behind her watch out. She can hit your pressure points lightly...and it's lights out. But for stronger's two hits to K.O.


Martine can charm almost anyone into doing her bidding. This works on Supers and Hunters. However, select Supers can dodge this 'power'. Martine can be flirtatious and deceivingly charming, though.



Martine enjoys the feel, smell, and appearance of grass. She remembers running through the long blades of grass in the fields. That fresh, wild aroma. It had entranced her instantly. And the morning dew...

Chips and Salsa

Martine loves tortilla chips. And salsa. So Martine likes tortilla chips and salsa. Yet somehow she isn't obese... Martine can eat a bag of chips and a can of salsa. She prefers spicy.


Water :

Long story short, Martine used to love water. A water elemental almost drowned her. A new fear was born. And now Martine hates swimming. It's not that she's a bad's just that some experiences are two horrible. Well, at least she killed the elemental.


Martine despises the close quarters of a cave. The...ignorance of not knowing what lay in the shadows. And Martine hates not knowing. So she distrusts caves, and would honestly rather spend a night in a tree.


Well. This one's obvious. Ever since that night, Martine has been thirsty for blood and revenge. Supernatural Blood. Supernatural revenge. Not her fault, it's just payback.

Other: Martine has a pet viper named Grimm.

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Name: Larett Rolen
Age: 28
Gender: Female

Personality: Unlike the other Hunters and Huntresses, Larett is bubbly and sweet. She is very kind and cheerful. Larett insists on calling everyone dah-ling. Well...when it comes to Supernaturals, she's dead serious and cold. And a tough fighter. Larett is feisty as a fighter.
Larett was raised in a bright New York apartment. Her parents were both well-paid Hunters. She always enjoyed talking on the phone and makeup more. Until the day her parents vanished, presumed dead, on a job in Cancun. Larett lost her cheer. She decided to avenge her parents. She ran away at age 16, and slashed and hacked through monsters, regaining some bubbly cheer. But she's never truly happy.
Relationships: Single, and she's a single lady
*cue Beyonce

Father: Michel Larett
Mother: Vanessa Larett
Weapons/Skills: Larett wields a long dagger named Katanna, and some ninja stars. Hey, don't judge. All the other weapons vanished with her parents. And Larett is skilled with knife-fighting.
Other: Has a cat named Hester

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Am I meant to judge the character of Head Mod?

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I don't think any moderators need approval of their characters.

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Um...wouldn't that be unfair though?

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Sorry about the last one, kind of...basic, but I only created her to kill her off. You know,in the battle? Otherwise all the casualties would be on the Supernatural side.

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ShuhanTheGreat(Tim!Best Friend!) wrote: "Um...wouldn't that be unfair though?"

Well, I mean to be a moderator you have to have good grammar and stuff, so it would be expected of you to have a good character sheet and stuff.

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