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Debate! > What If The Night World Couples had Children?

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Cheryl Constaza | 1 comments So... What if, in the future, after the Apocalypse if over and the good guys win, the Night World couples have kids?! I recently saw a similar question under the Percy Jackson category, and it had me wondering. I know that it isn't really time to be pondering about this question, but if it happened, what would it be like?!

What kind of children would they have? What kind of parents would they be? What kind of powers would they have? Personalities? Looks? Gender?

I personally think the couples would make hilarious families. Imagine a little Ash, or a combination of Jez and Morgy, or maybe a little Quinn/Rashel?

.... The world would be in danger.

Margau (mrslizabethdarcy) | 1 comments According to LJ Smith's website. I found out one of the couples are actually going to have a child. In my opinion, I think Jez and Morgead are thee chosen couples.

.·:*¨ × Shannon♥Beel Stole & Ate My Heart × ¨*: (amethyst_angel) | 1 comments Theoretically, Poppy/James, Quinn/Rashel and Hannah/Thierry can't have kids biologically since 3 of the soulmates are made vampires.

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