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Court: (Winter/Summer/Iron)



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I'll do mine to get this started.

Name: Arianna Sho'nall

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: https://www.google.com/search?q=lucy+... But with green eyes.

Personality: Arianna doesn't much like people, nor is comfortable with the cruelty of her court. She spends her time out in the land hunting or by herself with books.

History: Her parents, the rulers of the court, were both killed in battle and is now being sought after by her uncle who doesn't like her and deems her unfit to ever rule and finds her unworthy of royal blood.

Court: (Winter/Summer) Winter

Crush: Open

Other: Arianna hates cats.

FaeryMeganChase Name:Arianna Tularyn

Age: looks 16 but is several centuries old.

Species: Half-blood


Appearance: Tall and slim with long black hair with blue eyes. Usually wears a silver blouse, blue jeans, black boots and a long,black coat that billows around her.

Personality: Known for being frosty, cold and uncaring but it is just a defiance mechanism so she doesn't get hurt. She normally leaves her face blank, portraying not emotion.

History: Arianna lived in the Winter Court all her life, never having met her sire or going in to the mortal realm. She was know as Mab's favorite until she befriended the half-blood daughter of the Summer King. Making Mab banish her, however Meghan Chase, the Iron Queen, made them Iron Princesses. Allowing them to stay in the Iron court with Ash, Meghan and Keirran, the royal family of the Iron Court.

Siblings:Full blooded fey named Iciella and Cassian but she is also, though she now it at the time, sibling with Sage, Rowan and Ash


Court: Winter at first but later Iron

Boyfriend: Prince Keirran

Other: Does not know that Ash is her blood brother

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