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The real seventh wheel..

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Anika I was thinking about it just now and I kind of feel Piper is the real seventh wheel, not Leo. Leo can fight in fights and is useful while Piper can only use her voice to try and calm down the enemies. When it comes down to defeating Gaia Leo will be much more of an asset to defeating her rather than Piper. What do you guys think?

Lani Hmmm... I never really thought about that before. I guess it is true. In a fight she would kind of be the seventh wheel.

Abby That's true buut I think it only applys during a fight. She has jason and Leo is kind of an ousider withh everyone.

Brittany I feel like something is going to happen with Leo and all the sudden it's gonna be like BAM! And then everyone starts to notice Leo more or he will end up being someone important Lol.

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sim Maybe! I feel it's either Piper or Frank! Leo, on the other hand, isn't the seventh wheel at all: all tha fighting thing aside, after all, he's the entertaining source of Argo II besides Coach Hedge of course!!

Annabeth Granger I honestly don't know what to say. They're all in a relationship (Percabeth, Piper and Jason, Frank and Hazel) except Leo but Leo is good with fire and all that stuff... I don't know, I guess we'll see in the House of Hades.

Celestina Maybe the thing about the seventh wheel is a socal thing. Leo might be good with tools and fire but he isn't very socal. He is the only one of the seven that does not have a girl/boyfriend. Piper might not be very strong,but is very good socally.

Annabeth Granger Piper's awesome, they all are... I dunno... Again...

Emma Grassi Piper is more involved with the group, and she's Jason's girlfriend, so they're not going to want to make her or Jason mad by not including her. But with Leo it's more "He won't mind. He probably has things to build."
He just isn't included.

Gayathri I think Piper is the Seventh wheel. I feel this about her because she just not generally fit in. I feel she is fussy and spoilt.

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Teagan Gayathri Chandran wrote: "I think Piper is the Seventh wheel. I feel this about her because she just not generally fit in. I feel she is fussy and spoilt."

How is Piper fussy? She barely ever complains, apart from when her dad doesn't notice her, and lets face it, wouldn't everyone complain if that happened to them?

Anyways, I think Hazel should be the 7th wheel. She's from the early 1900's for the gods sake! But she doesn't really come across as being old-fashioned.

Yeah, Leo is the 7th wheel. Everyone is paired up except for him. But I am SO on Team Leo anyway. ;)

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Mimi I've always thought that at moments Piper can be helpful but if she didn't have charmspeak, she wouldn't be very helpful in a fight. Not a lot of immortals fall for her charmspeak. Mostly just mortals and some monsters. She's a good fighter, but sometimes charmspeak doesn't work. Leo is helpful with his fire but he's the only one not in a relationship. Percabeth, Frazel and Jasper. So therefore, Leo is the seventh wheel in social stuff, but Piper in a fight.

Madhura I feel like a lot of people say that Leo's the seventh wheel cause he's the only one not in a relationship, but just because he's not in a relationship doesn't mean he has to be singled out. I feel like all the people in the seven can be the seventh wheel in different situations depending on their personalities. For example, socially Leo is the seventh wheel, Piper's the seventh wheel in a fight, Frank's the seventh wheel in fitting in and saying the right things, etc.

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still leo

Cleopatraselene2 I think Jason is in a way because no one can understand him.

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Ever Poor Piper, no one understands. She can fight too, you know, and see the future on Helen's knife. She can also charmspeak, which kinda got thm through a lot.

Hecate19 I love all of the Seventh, and its so hard for me to say any of them is the seventh wheel. but if I had to choose one, it would be frank. I mean, his life could be ended by a stick. A STICK! And how did he help save the world exactly

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