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Robin (Bridge Four) What do you guys think is going to happen to Mal in the next book. I've seen a few theories floating around on a different thread but thought I'd open it up for discussion here.

Mal was a little whiny in Siege and Storm trying to figure out his place in Alina's world but it seams that there is something special about him.

Robin (Bridge Four) Mal is special but maybe not in a way we expect. The first time he put his fingers around Alina’s wrist something happened and they both felt it. Again, when she was fighting the Darkling, Mal got a hold of her wrist and pulled her out of the darkness Alina glimpsed something through a golden door. Also in the war counsel room when Mal said that they needed him (the twins gave looks at each other) and then Mal continued on to say to catch the bird and they relaxed. Maybe Mal is the 3rd amplifier somehow he is the fire bird and he could track the other two because ‘like calls to like’ or something like that.
Or maybe he isn’t an amplifier but a grounder or something I don’t know but just a theory he and Alina are tied together somehow that had to do with her power.
I also wonder if it is because of Mal that Alina couldn’t call her powers at the end of S&S. I don’t know if he can have some sort of shield effect on her and since she was so close to death he accidentally stifled her power and now she has to start from scratch.
Or it could be possible that he is a decedent of the Saint that made the Stag, IceDragon and Firebird and that is how he is attached to them. Perhaps even he can ‘make’ matter.

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WinterRose Let me begin by saying I don’t think Mal needs to have “special powers” to fit into Alina’s world. (I'm not saying you are saying that by any means, but I’m not a fan of that idea: that one must have magic powers to fit in.) Doesn’t give a very good message to those who aren’t Grisha. lol

Mal’s role as captain of Alina’s guard COULD be a big deal. I mean we’re talking about someone who is essentially the head of security for a potential leader of the world. Maybe Alina isn’t utilizing his responsibilities very well, but I feel like that’s a pretty important job lol.

Now, I don’t know all the ranks of Leigh’s world, but Mal could go on to be one of the leaders of the army. Or he could become a captain of a ship. Or he could train soldiers in combat fighting.

I guess my point is that I think there are a lot of options for him to be “important” that don’t involve him having special powers. I don’t hate the idea of him having some special power; I just hate the idea that he HAS to have a special power or he won’t fit in.

Right now I think Mal needs to take a chill pill though. They're in the middle of a war, so it's not like he could go "live the dream" or whatever, even if Alina wasn't the sun summoner. (It's really Alina's title he hates so much that is keeping him alive.)

Having said all that, it’s clear he has something going on, that he isn't entirely human.

I think if he was an amplifier, he would have the same effect on Alina as the Darkling and Baghra had; and if I remember correctly, he has the opposite. If there are things that amplifier your power, there might be things that tone it down too.

What I find curious is that his effect seems to be on everyone, not just Grisha. I thought at first he was just likeable, but maybe he has some ability to influence those around him. Alina always goes on about how he can adapt and fit in anywhere.

Another thing about the firebird. Pretty sure it's a spin on a phoenix, which is a bird that dies and is reborn in it's ashes, and rises again. Kind of reminds me of Alina's last line in the book: I will rise again. (Or something like that.)

Robin (Bridge Four) Another thing about the firebird. Pretty sure it's a spin on a phoenix, which is a bird that dies and is reborn in it's ashes, and rises again. Kind of reminds me of Alina's last line in the book: I will rise again. (Or something like that.)

Oh that is interesting. I like the analogy.

I don't think Mal had to have a special power to fit it but it seems that - that is the direction this is headed in. True he does seem to fit in everywhere and be able to diffuse many situations when they aren't directly associated with Alina.

He was a little whiny trying to find his place and then totally went out and did the self destructive thing when he didn't feel important to Alina. Very teenagery but he is a teenager really. The Darkling wouldn't do anything like that since he is like 1000 years old and I think Strumhond is about 5-6 years older so he has outgrown it too. Hope Mal is a stronger character with less ego in R&R.

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Sim Re: the phoenix thing, just looked it up and apparently the Firebird is a figure from Russian folklore

Given how much Ravkan culture is Russia-inspired, I would guess that's where Leigh's main inspiration is coming from. It's pretty interesting to poke around and look at all the different Firebird-related fairy tales available online. I couldn't find any direct connection to Mal though-- no legends that say the Firebird is especially good at blending in to its surroundings or tracking other creatures, heh. Oh, well, I guess that would be too easy :)

A couple random interesting things I did find: the Firebird is said to glow brightly, and just one of its feathers can illuminate an entire room. Sounds really similar to Alina's power! Also, in Igor Stravinsky's ballet "The Firebird", the main antagonist is another character from Russian folklore called "Koschei the Deathless", an immortal sorcerer. I wonder if the stories about Koschei might give us any clues about the Darkling...

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WinterRose I forgot the firebird was in Deathless! *smacks head* Leigh recommended the book Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente, which features Koscehi who reminded me A LOT of the Darkling. :P He's the tzar of life, and eventually his love for a girl becomes his undoing. It's depressing, because they both die in the end lol. But they get to be together.

I started to wonder if the Darkling was originally named Koschei..guess we'll see!

Vindictev Lol. Give Mal a break. He's a jealous 17 year old boy that's in love. He still has some growing up to do, and he's learning more about himself in Siege and Storm.

Some theories about who Mal is that my friend and I came up with:

Mal is a descendant or reincarnation of Ilya Morozova.

We both like this theory more, since Mal being the Firebird would be too much of a shock. Lets not forget that Mal was able to find both the Stag and Rusalye, two rumored and legendary mythical creatures that could have been anywhere in the country or sea. It can't be a coincidence or luck that Mal would be able to find both if he's just an ordinary human and his rare tracking talent was never practiced on. He may have a connection with all three of Morozova's creatures. Maybe they call to him.

Mal is the Firebird or is connected to it at least.

Now I've heard people say that Mal can't be the Firebird if it'll resurrect from ashes after it dies. I'm not entirely sure what happens to Phoenixes when they're killed tbh, or if the Firebird is a Phoenix. I mean what would be the point in them trying to make it an amplifier for Alina if it's just going to resurrect after it's killed? As for Mal being connected to the Firebird, we don't know about his past and his family, but we do know that he was raised in the place where the Firebird was seen flying over in the Istorii Sankt’ya. That can't be some random clue.

Either way, Mal must have something special in his bones to explain Alina's reactions to his touch *coughs and chuckles* , and his rare tracking ability.

Christina WinterRose wrote: "Another thing about the firebird. Pretty sure it's a spin on a phoenix, which is a bird that dies and is reborn in it's ashes, and rises again. Kind of reminds me of Alina's last line in the book: I will rise again. (Or something like that.) "

I thought that same thing about the final line when I finished last night. I am also highly curious as to why the Darkling had Morozova's papers in the first place. I guess it could be because he is so old. What about the farmer's child? The one Morozova resurrected? What if that has something to do with the firebird? Maybe an ancestor of Mal? I'm not entirely sure what my theory is on this yet. I just thought of that and it's something to mull over. I've also considered the fact that there were conflicting reports of whether Morozova had children.

However, I'm pretty sure I'm going to no longer be a "technical" book throwing virgin (it messes them up so I drop them gently onto my bed but only occasionally) if the Darkling doesn't get more time with Alina in the next book (and if he isn't the winner of the love... rectangle?). I'm still sticking to my hypothesis that they balance each other- light and dark- and I still believe he can be redeemed! At least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself until I turn the final page of book 3.

I just really don't want Alina to end up with Mal. He's too whiny and brooding and I feel like Alina's feelings are, like the Darkling said, a crush that she has yet to get over. They just don't click in my mind. All of their kisses and embraces just felt wrong to me, like Alina was making out with her brother. I would rather her end up with Nikolai than Mal. I think Mal needs to sacrifice himself in some way. He at least needs to freakin grow up.

Maryam I think Mal definitely has some magic in him... ever since they were kids because how else could she hide who she was? Obviously she is becoming something other than a sun summoner. It's weird but twice he was able to bring her back to herself and not get too hurt in the process. Mal needs to realize that the girl he loves was never who he thought he was, because really she was just repressing it and making her sick. Maybe by seeing her truly powerless he will realize that he loves her for who she is not for what he wants her to be > I don't think it's entirely selfish, i think he wishes she didn't have the responsibilities and burdens and people wanting something of her. I think he feels responsible that he couldn't shield her from it, from the first book on.

Rosalynn You guys are so smart. I didn't see any of this.

krisusnoona wow !! =)

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