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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex Tveit (vikingabroad) | 33 comments Hi All,

Going to try and make this not so lengthy. I am a Norwegian guy living in Toronto (hence the name). Have been living here for about 13 years now, which is just over a third of my life. (33 now).

Been around Reddit for quite a long time, and signed up for the Reddit group a while back. But as with a lot of other things, life gets busy, and some things take a backseat. However, I do love books and reading. Whether it be actual paper, e-books, or what more often happens nowadays, audiobooks (commute + dog walks are good quiet times to spend reading :) )

I dabble in all genres, though I started out heavy in fantasy and scifi. Now I am more or less omnivores.

Love to connect with people with the same, or even different tastes (my taste seems to change once in a while, so who knows what I will want to read 5-10 years from now), so please feel free to 'friend me'.

I also dabble in writing, which is why you'll see some how-to's on writing (On Writing by S.King is awesome btw.). But it is dabbling. Still wondering if I am in love with actual writing, or the idea of being a writer. Definitely not there in terms of quality still, but getting slowly better. Any would be writers there that want to connect/talk/discuss, please feel free to throw me some lines.

Happy to join the Reddit community here.

Alex (Vikingabroad)

(okok....not so short after all. sorry.:p )

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (icecheeseplease) Hi, Alex! Welcome to the group, we're happy to have you here. We understand that this group probably isn't the most important thing in your life and that's okay! We'd love to hear from you when you have the time.

message 3: by Dallas (new)

Dallas (dalski) | 26 comments What's up, man. I thought On Writing by Stephen King was awesome. If you ever want to bounce ideas around or critique each other's work or something just hit me up. I need more friends that like to write haha.

Welcome to the group!

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex Tveit (vikingabroad) | 33 comments Ashley: I will do my best. Love connecting/discussing books and writing with others. Will also be fun to participate in the monthly readings!

Dallas: Likewise. I may not be the most experienced critic, and definitely not the most experienced writer. But I am slowly getting better. Always up for a discussion/info sharing. :)

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