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Bethina I've read this book last year and I need to ask the Aristotelian question, "How much thinking is involved in writing this?" This is a story of emotional blackmail, in the sense it appeals to sympathy but it does noes not go hand in hand with reason or logic. Sure they take a trip, fall in love etc. (only out of having a dis-ease, cancer). I really was disappointed with the title, was expecting to have a star-crossed story with it.

Bethina misery loves company, there disease was the common ground they had.

Bethina yet the book used it as emotional blackmail, hence, how much thinking (logic and reason) is involve in writing this if we left out the cancer? sad really, thinking the title is a Shakespearean quote.

Bethina you confuse magic with cancer

Susannah I don't think it was written as emotional blackmail. It was showing them as people and trying to show what their lives were like, and their lives frequently sucked. It was trying to be realistic. And I think their illnesses definitely made them star crossed, because that means "ill fated," like what their lives were like made it difficult or impossible for them to be together.

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Elevetha Kaylee wrote: "Bethina wrote: "you confuse magic with cancer"

I am not confusing magic with cancer. I am using magic as an example. I'm sorry if you can't tell the difference.

What I am saying is, you can't tak..."

That wasn't confusing at all. So thank you!

Bethina Magic is a style of writing "Lo marvelous real"

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