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What are you reading?

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message 1: by Ann (new)

Ann Anderson (annanderson) Hi there!

So what are you reading? I just finished The Chocolate War, one of those books I should have read a long time ago.

I'm trying to pick the next: tossup between Double Indemnity (I'm on a noir jag) or Angel Baby.


message 2: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Isaac (stephenrisaac) | 8 comments Mod
I actually haven't been able to read much. I am in the middle of editing my next novel, In The Flesh.

It is very time consuming. However, I am wanting to re-read a novel I picked up at a thrift shop. It is called "A Good Day to Die" It is by William C. Bates. It is REALLY good. He is not very well known. I was just caught by the title of the book and it was like a dollar haha

message 3: by Ann (new)

Ann Anderson (annanderson) I'll look it up on Amazon. Happy editing!

message 4: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Isaac (stephenrisaac) | 8 comments Mod
Thanks :)

message 5: by Ann (new)

Ann Anderson (annanderson) I just started Double Indemnity. The movie follows the book exactly, except in the book the guy is more low-class, has bad grammar, not the smooth guy played by Fred MacMurray. But it stands up great, hard to beat the original noir-meister, James M. Cain.

message 6: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Isaac (stephenrisaac) | 8 comments Mod
I have never heard of either the book or the movie. I don't know if you have seen or read any of the Dexter series but they are like 90% completely different. It is strange.

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