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The Library has all the books you could imagine. Students come here often to do homework, write a paper, or just read a book.

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Victoria (aka Juniper) sat in the library reading a book.

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She turned to her studies.

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Charlie walked through the door of the library, shoving his hands in his pockets and walking through the aisles of books.

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Victoria looked up. It was only a boy. He'd better be quiet...

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He pulled down a book that looked interesting enough, and looked to find a table. "Mind if I sit?" He whispered to a girl, hoping shed understand him, his accent was thicker when he spoke quietly.

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"Sit, sit. Just don't talk too much." she said. She didn't look up, but his accent made him sound cute. Ughhh....

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"Thanks." He nodded, smiling as he sat down. "I'm Charlie, by the way." He added before openings book.

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"Victoria, but call me Juniper. Happy reading, Charlie." Victoria said, hoping he'd take the hint.

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He chuckled, understanding that she wanted peace, and turned the first page of the book. "What are you reading?" He whispered again, peering over the table.

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"'Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Saw There'. It's good." Victoria said, looking up a bit. Bad idea. He WAS cute.

((I just realized we have the same name :-D)

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"I've read it as well, it's a good choice. However, this, uhm," he turned over the cover, searching for the title. "'The History and Use of Water in Alchemy' is a real page turner." He pursed his lips, having only picked out the book at random.

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"Huh. Sounds... fascinating. So... you're Irish?" Victoria said.

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"Born and raised." He nodded, proud of where he came from.

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"Can you guess where I'm from?" Victoria said. She had a strange mix of accents, from living in so many places, so it's funny to hear what people guess.

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"At least give me a continent." He bargained, never being good at guessing things like this.

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"Okay. North America. There are two countries on it. Which one am I from?" Victoria said, smiling. She was born in and raised in one country, but lived in the other for part of her life.

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He frowned, thinking of the geography for a bit. "I'm hearing a bit of French, so I'm going to guess Canada?" He raised his eyebrows hopefully.

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"Good. I was born there and lived there for ten years. Then I lived in Alaska, which is part of the U.S. You'd be right either way. Hey, are you going to the dance?" Victoria said.

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"I am, actually." He grinned, proud that he'd gotten the answer right. "Are you?"

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"Of course!" Victoria said. "Would you mind escorting me then?" she said, rushedly. She could NOT believe she actually said that. She wouldn't mind as long as he said yes, but...

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"I'd be honoured." Charlie grinned, becoming to be excited for the dance.

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Victoria almost screamed of joy. She kinda had a date!

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He chuckled, shutting his book and scooting the chair back. "So, uhm, would you like to go for coffee or something?"

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"How about hot cocoa and pastries?" Victoria replied.

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"Sounds like a plan." He pushed out his chair, setting the book back in its place and shouldering his bag.

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"Let's go!" Victoria says, packing her studies and other books up.

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"Alright." He said, heading out of the library.

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((Where shall we go?))

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(Er, somewhere in the city? There isn't a café place or anything)

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How about one of the restaurants? McDonald's?

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Yeah, that sounds good, I'll post there first.

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sol | 211 comments Aria laughed quietly as she skateboarded down the aisles of the library, looking for a book. She knew it was against the rules but she didn't care.

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sol | 211 comments (wow. I have to go now >.> just my luck. I'll be on later tonight at like 9 ish))

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cecilia ((Aww, okay Dx))

Dustin sat in one of the empty chairs with his sketchpad and some pencils. He was in the middle of drawing one of the bookshelves when a girl on a skateboard swooped past. Of course.

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sol | 211 comments ((Ugh. My mom isn't ready yet. I hate that it's so irritating omg))

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sol | 211 comments Aria stopped abruptly and kicked her skateboard up and caught it. She saw a boy drawing. First person she'd seen in there all day. "Hey, sup?"

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cecilia Dustin frowned slightly, gaze fixed on what he'd been drawing. "I was trying to draw that," he pointed at the bookshelf. "Now I've lost my focus."

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sol | 211 comments "An artist, yeah?" Aria tied her long hair back into a ponytail so it wouldn't get in her way. "Sorry for breaking your focus." She looked down at his sketchpad. "You're good,"

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cecilia "Actor, technically, but I hate theatre," Dustin said after a moment. "Thanks," he added, carefully finishing one of the lines he'd left unfinished.

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sol | 211 comments "You hate theatre?" She asks him, raising an eyebrow. "Then why do you act?"

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cecilia "Didn't have much of a choice in the matter," Dustin shrugged. "Broadway makes money, and that's what mom needed."

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sol | 211 comments "Oh." Aria replied. "So. Why are you drawing a bookshelf."

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cecilia "Because there's books on it," Dustin said simply. "They're all different. Each one is a different challenge. Detail varies."

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sol | 211 comments "Hmm." Aria looks at the bookshelf for a moment. "Not exciting enough for me," I shrug. "I'm Aria,"

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cecilia Dustin shrugged. "It's exciting to draw something new," he said simply. "Dustin." He added, he'd never been good with introductions.

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sol | 211 comments "So, Dustin." Aria inspected him. She wondered if he had any powers. "Are you happy that you got accepted to this place?"

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cecilia Dustin shrugged. "I've been on Broadway, so getting in is pretty much guaranteed. But it's a nice school, and mom's not paying for it, so it's pretty nice."

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sol | 211 comments "Don't ya miss your family?" Aria asked him.

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