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Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #2)
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Days of Blood & Starlight > Chapters 29-56

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Octavia (octaviah) | 19 comments Mod
So this is where I/we shall rant and rave about chapters 29-56 which will be read from the 16th-22nd. :)

Meagan (reviewingwonderland) | 14 comments Chapter 40. OMG!!!!!!

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Octavia (octaviah) | 19 comments Mod
Don't tell me I haven't made it that far yet!!

Must. Catch. Up!!

Meagan (reviewingwonderland) | 14 comments You better catch up. Because I'm going to start posting some WTF spoilers!! :-)

Michelle (In Libris Veritas) (shadowrose) Oh man I need to catch up. I ended up getting super busy yesterday and had to put it down.

Meagan (reviewingwonderland) | 14 comments Chapter 50, page 265 - I want to scream at my book "No you stupid girl, don't go down there!!!" It's like one of those bad horror flicks were you know this wont end well.

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Octavia (octaviah) | 19 comments Mod
What's happening?! No DON'T tell me!!! I'll just stay up super late tonight and catch up

Michelle (In Libris Veritas) (shadowrose) I honestly feel sorry for almost everyone forced to be involved in this war. Wow...

Meagan (reviewingwonderland) | 14 comments I know what you mean. It's heartbreaking to know there are so many innocents on BOTH sides that are being affected.

What chapter are you in?

Meagan (reviewingwonderland) | 14 comments Chapter 78 - What?! NOOOOO!

Michelle (In Libris Veritas) (shadowrose) I just reached chapter 57, lol. I'm so far behind you!

Meagan (reviewingwonderland) | 14 comments I finished the book today. Only to find out that the last book doesn't come out until 2013!!! :-( Octavia how could you do this too me?!

Michelle (In Libris Veritas) (shadowrose) Oh man, it's in April too...that's forever away, lol.

Meagan (reviewingwonderland) | 14 comments I know!!! The book is so heart-wrenching with the relationship between Karou and Akiva.

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