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❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ When they got inside Rayn's eyes went huge "Whoa, it looks just like my room at home!" She snapped her fingers and two bed, a table and a pillow ,for Mist, appeared.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Nice," said Aurri in approval. Each bed was a simple yet comfortable mattress, complete with a thick woven blanket of soft, teal threads. The table was mahogany, beautiful, black-red wood swirled and carved magnificently. Mis settled contentedly on his pillow.
"So... What can you make appear? I've seen baskets and furniture so far."

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn thought for a moment then replied " Um...just about anything that's non-living I guess." She then thought about the storm clouds and realized for certain she had caused them. "I guess I can kind of control water too..."

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Well, that's pretty cool." Nodded Aurri. "Thanks for letting me stay here." Aurri crawled into her bed.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn climbed into her own bed " Thanks, and no problem." she yawned and fell asleep.

Mist Snored a little creating a peaceful sound for the two to rest.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) When the sun rose through the tiny window to the east, Aurri was already up. She sat on the mattress, braiding her hair.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn woke up, she got ready, and made breakfast.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Hey," said Aurri. Mist awoke, lifting his tiny nose into the air.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ "Hi" Rayn said.

Mist nuzzled Aurri then flew over to Rayn and sat on her shoulder.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "So, any plans for today?" Asked Aurri curiously. She straightened her dress. She had slept in it so it was sort of wrinkly now.

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❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ "Hmm, no not really, you?" she said stepping into the bathroom to change. She handed Aurri a dress of silk "Here you can keep this one if you want."

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Wow... Thanks!" Aurri graciously took the beautiful gown. She examined it. "I need to go see Mei, I do everyday. But otherwise, no plans." Aurri slipped off her dress and pulled on Rayn's silk. It was pure and soft and wonderful. Long, bunched sleeves, a boat neck, and long, folded skirts. She felt like a queen.
Pinning her braid up in a circle around her scalp, she added, "I'll need to go to the river again today. It's washing day."

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❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ "Ok, I will come along I like Mei she sounds so amazing." She smiled at Aurri she looked like a real princess.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Aurri smiled. "Sounds good."

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ (( I won't be role playing for a while))

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Gabrielle (gabshi) ((Okay. RP at the market when you get on again. XD))

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Gabrielle (gabshi) The two left. Mist decided to stay home.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn walked inside and plopped down on her bed she fell asleep

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❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn walked into her house Aurri followed close behind.
She grabbed a towel and dried her wings off then she handed one to Aurri.

Mist woke up and flew over to Aurri and licked her nose.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Thanks," nodded Aurri. She took the soft green towel and gently wiped some of the wetness from her wings.
"Hey, Mist," she laughed, patting the creature on the head.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Mist snorted and rested on her shoulder.

Rayn walked over to her bed and sat down. "I wander what Tide was doing in that tiny village?" She sighed "He almost never leaves the castle grounds."

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Aurri shrugged but remained silent.
Getting up, she began a pot of tea on the stove, without asking for permission. When the kettle squealed, Aurri took it off the stove and poured it into two non matching teacups. She found these in a cupboard adjacent to the stove. She handed a cup to Rayn and kept one for herself.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn smiled and took the cup "Thanks." she said while she grabbed some bread down out of a cupboard. She cut it up and gave a slice to Aurri. Then she pulled out some honey butter and began to decorate her slice.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Thanks," Aurri says. She starts to pull apart bits of soft bread. She eats it plain.
Sipping her tea, she sits down on the edge of an old wooden chair. The back left leg is slightly shorter than the rest, causing her to be slightly off balance.

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❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn looks back at Aurri and gives her a kind smile. "That chair was my grandmother's chair, when I was small I would pretend the chair was a great big ship at sea!" Rayn began to smile bigger, she was returning to her normal joyful self now.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Haha," Aurri smiled slightly at the younger, childish self of Rayn that was beginning to show. She stood with her near empty tea cup and refilled it.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn began washing her cup and put away the bread. She sighed happily "I miss those days sometimes." Then she walked over and sat in a chair next to where Aurri was.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Aurri nodded. She too remembered childish days, but hers had not exactly been pleasant and she was not excited about reminiscing the past.
Draining her cup, Aurri took it to the sink and began to scrub it. When it was clean, she hung it over a clean towel to dry.

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❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ "So what should we do now?"Rayn asked feeling a bit bored. She looked through a little round window. The rain had stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Aurri shrugged.
Looking at her watch, she sprung up. "Sorry, Rayn. I've gotta go. But, if you want, you could come over later and sleep over. It you want," she smiled. "If so, just come in pjs and bring a change of clothes, sleeping bag, etcetera..."
And with that, Aurri left, closing the door behind her. It was four fifteen in the afternoon.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn smiled she was excited about the sleep over she walked over to her book case and began to read.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn closed her book and began packing for her sleep over with Aurri. she pack her silk dress, a red sleeping bag, her brushes, a tooth brush, pillow and blanket. Then she changed into her nightgown and grabbed her purse and over night bag. Mist flew over behing her and landed on her should then she stepped out side and locked the door. Rayn headed for Aurri's house.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn flew into her house and tidy up her mother would be here in an hour. She had to hurry and get into her prober gown and tiara.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Rayn was preparing some tea when she head a knock on the door. She opened it to let her mother in she bowed and her mother bowed back.
"Good to see you mother."
"You as well Rayn my darling."
"Please come in and sit."
Her mother nodded and a young man followed behind her.
"Who is he?" She whispered to her mother "This is Sir, Antonio." The man bowed and kissed Rayns head. Great my mum, brought me a boy friend she rolled her eyes slightly.

The three of them walked over to the table and sat. The sipped their tea and made small talk.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Soon her mother raised a said far well. Sir, Antonio raised as well she waved to the two and they left. Rayn shut the door and sighed with relief that, that was over. She changed into a t-shirt and sweat pants then sat on the couch and relaxed.

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