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Where Sauron's followers are lookout and where enemies plan for attack or are captured.

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Kip was dropped mercilessly by the birds to the ground. He lay there unconscious for a while, until finally he awoke and groaned slightly at the pain that racked his body. He was bleeding from scratch marks and torn of flesh, from the birds beaks. he hissed as the injures scraped along the ground.

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Woodsong dismounted the horse at the ground pulling out a sword he crept around the grounds killing anyone he dare speak or try to warn others.

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Lena came out, the skirt of her dress trailing behind her. "Woodsong!" she exclaimed. "So nice of you to join us," she said, smiling sarcastically.

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Woodsong whipped around a fire lit in his eyes "where is Anne." He growled at her drawing the sword up to eye level his blonde hair wild and out of place he clothes spattered with Orc blood.

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In truth, Anne was hidden behind a boulder, surrounded by Orc guards who knew her very well. They had bound her hands behind her back so tightly with deer hide rope that it cut dep into her wrists, causing blood to run down her hands. They had also gagged her with a foul smelling rag, so she was unable to cry out. All she could do was sit and watch helplessly as the tears ran down her cheeks. With no weapons. She was as weak as a baby rabbit.

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((Guess What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!))

Lena laughed. "You think I'm going to tell you?" She asked him. "Not over my dead body," she sneered.

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"Well than I'll especially enjoy watching the life drain from your eyes." Woodsong said to her his voice low.

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"I don't think you'll have the chance," she said. Fire surrounded him, making him unable to get out.

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Holt (tnkphk) (( HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!! ))

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"Really fire you can do better than fire Madelaine." Woodsong said with an arrogant tone.

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(( Happy birthday Maddie! ))

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She drew her sword, and the fire disappeared. "Picky aren't we?" She asked, a wicked grin spread across her face. "Is this what you want?"

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(( I saw it recently, it was Fcking Incredible. Enjoy it! TOTALLY WORTH WATCHING! ))

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Holt (tnkphk) ((I'm a girl))

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((What?! I thought you were a guy!!! Oops...))

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"Of course as long as were on fair terms that is." Woodsong said keeping his blade up.

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"Fair terms. Tell me, then Woodsong. What are the 'Fair Terms'?" She asked, leaning on the hilt of her sword.

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"Well I'm not exactly magic am I, I can't really control anything can I, so fair terms is no magic of any shape or form." Woodsong said looking at her.

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"Alright," she said, shrugging. She lifted her sword. "Engaged," Lena said sarcastically.

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Ty shifted into the shade as he snuck into the place, looking around for traces of Anne, and wherever woodsong could be. He frontflipped and somersaulted over a few rocks before landing steadily inside of a small crevice, and it hit him. Woodsong was in a fight with Madelaine.. "What the hell is wrong with these people here?!" He said to himself, eying drax's wing closely. He noticed a few orc in the back, and took them down quickly, and seeing anne there, gave him a shock. She was passed out due to traumatic re-enactment. He picked her up, and sat her down, unbounding her gag. He put his hand over her mouth and said "Shh. Woodsong is busy helping here."

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Lena heard Ty. Wind threw him over next to Woodsong. She smirked. "No one helps Anne until I saw so," she said. She snapped her finger, and Anne disappeared.

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"Well I geuss it's two against one here." Woodsong said motioning to Ty.

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Ty sat there, and sighed. "Madelaine.." he said. "WHAT THE FCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" He screamed. "You think joining sauron will make you feel like you are meant for something?"

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"Yes, yes. Or is it?" She asked, grinning. Ty disappeared, reappearing in the dungeons. But, when Ty would get there, Anne wouldn't be there.

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"Well I geuss it's just you and me now." Woodsong said looking at her his eyes filled with hate.

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Ty held on to his blade as a vortex sucked him in, and landed him there. The blade of Morgoth was glowing a golden hue. He grabbed hold of the iron bars and snapped them out of place, walking away from the dungeons up into the higher echelons of the tower. There, he stood on a lookout watching Woodsong and Madelaine.

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Her gold eyes shimmered, creating dancing lights on the gravel. "You can make the first move," she said, yawning.

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"Ladies first." Woodsong said in a deadpan voice.

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She smiled. Her sword hit his chest, creating a large cut.

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Woodsong smiled slashing at her throat creating a large cut.

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(( Ty sliced through the apple in his home, creating a large cut. ))

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She waved over it, and it disappeared. "Likely chance," she said, hitting his stomach.

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"This will be more of a challenge won't it." Woodsong said slowly circling her.

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"It will, since your a weak, helpless elf. Just like that dumbstruck, Legolas," she scoffed.

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"Say what you will." Woodsong said and smirked at her.

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(( Woodsong, you Fool of a Took! Sorry had to say it.))

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Ty wrote: "Drawing a rune, he tried to contact Saruman. "What do you need now child?" Ty sighed. "What happens when one joins Sauron and obtains the yellow eyes?" Saruman scoffed. "They are magic weapons used..."

((Um... Actually she made her eyes become gold. Sauron didnt do that, and neither did Drax.))

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(( herp a derp, I'll delete it. Trying to come up with an excuse for the extreme power she obtained.))

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"I will," she said, before disappearing.

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Ty gave a widened expression as he saw this. "When did she learn to do that?!"

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"Oh come on I was hoping for an actual person not a coward." Woodsong said.

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Ty jumped down, placing his landing as he fell from the high area. He ran up to woodsong eventually and looked at him. "Why did you run here so haphazardly?"

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"Why did you follow?" Woodsong asked his sword still out.

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Ty gave him a look of stupidity. "Think about it, you are alone in a world ruled by that Girl, Drax, the freaking Witch King of Angmar, and the Lord of the Rings. The only good thing I saw in this was the fact Shelob the great spider is wounded. "WELL OF COURSE I WOULD FOLLOW! We need to try to get Anne, and get the hell out of here."

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"Well love makes you do stupid things." Woodsong said sheathing his sword.

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Ty gave a wide-eyed expression at Woodsong. "Hoo! Thats something different dude. I remember when I was like that in Highschool!"

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"Now come, we need to get Anne out of this vile place." Woodsong said and turned.

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