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Where meetings and talks are held.

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Legolas had decided to pay Rivendell a visit- he missed Elrond, and things were not going well between him and his father at home in Mirkwood. Spotting another elf, he recognised her immediately. He raised a hand and waved. "Good day, Arwen," he said in their tongue.

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Arwen turned around. "Legolas? What brings you back to Rivendell?", she asked. She walked towards him and smiled. She hadn't seen him in a long time.

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((it's ok))

"It's been too long, Arwen." He smiled. "I have no old friends back in Mirkwood." He shrugged, running a hand absentmindedly through his long blonde hair. "Besides, my father, Thranduil, is not on my good side at the curren time." His tone changed to a happier one, and he asked, "How goes your father, Lord Elrond?"

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen smiled. "He is good, very good. You can see him later." She than thought for a moment. "Is there anything you need? Was your journey ok?", she asked. She sat down and waved for him to follow.

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"I am happy to hear of it." Legolas followed her, happy that he had a friend. "No thank you, Arwen. I found my journey quite to my liking."

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen smiled. "That's good. So, tell me, how has everything been? Why are there problems with your father?"

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Legolas said offhandedly, "Kind Thranduil does not approve of my liking for Dwarves. Our allegiance has been severed ever since my father refused to help Thorin Oakenshield to gain back his throne and home from that fire-worm, Smaug." His voice was as smooth as that of flowing water over stones. "I am very different to him, Arwen."

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen nodded her head. "I understand. Well you are always welcome here!" She got up and turned towards him. "Do you want to go for a walk?"

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"Thank you." The young elf prince smiled. "As are you in Mirkwood." He gave a mock grin, and bent down, fingertips touching the floor in an attempt to stretch his legs. "I'm open for anything, a walk sounds nice, after riding Tempest all the way from Mirkwood..."

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen smirked back. "Okay, let's go to the bridge. It's beautiful at this time of day." She turned and walked along the patch towards the bridge, turning back and quickly waiting for the prince to catch up.

((c u there!))

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Legolas ran to catch up with Arwen, which he did in little time. "Race you there!" He shouted, as they had done thousands of years ago.

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Everyone had gathered around the area. It was untouched from the rest of the destruction being rebuilt. Elrond sat in his usual seat. This time, however, Soren Oakenshield was there, as old as a withered tree (But had an AWESOME beard). He had dwarves with him, and Ty could tell his time was nearing.

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 622 comments Eowyn sat down near Aragorn and smiled at Jenna.

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Ty had joined up. His armor clanking and grabbing Gimlis attention. "I heard the news Lad. Seems like ol Ragnar isnt around anymore." Ty gave a saddened expression. "He died saving anne." He looked up and bursted into tears. "And... shes passed away as well."
Gandalf looked at Ty. "Now now there, nothing to be too worried about. I'm sure you will find a great strength in facing Drax. As for us wizards, we have the ressurected witch king of Angmar to deal with.

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 622 comments Elaine walked in and stood by a pillar.
"Oh dear. How did she pass?" Eowyn asked.

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Legolas shook his head sadly. "Internal bleeding i thjnk. Ty you sad it was possible t bing er back at Valinor? We need her she wasarave fighter but Sauron knew her weakness… Without weapons shes as helpless as anewborn kitten. ut if thereis still hope…"

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Erin Ellen came in and leant by Elaine "am I welcome here?" she whispered

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Richard | 206 comments Pallando stood looking stern by the Dias. He was rarely seen at such large gatherings and he loathed speaking a lot.

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Legolas looked up at Pallando. "Pallando!" he exclaimed in a whiser to he wizard. "Have you heard of the latest news?"

((you guys ddo know i'm not letting Anne diefor real so easily right? Her current situation is dead but can be revived by Ty. i think :/))

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Legolas frowned nkt sure wether he was being mocked or not. then he saud in a dignified manner "Anne has moved on." He forced himself nit to cry.

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Erin ((Get off my account hoe))

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((Radagast can come here if you want))

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Richard | 206 comments "Moved on to to where? To bree? To Gondor? You're details are dreadful!" He said

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((i knew that was richard :) ! as palland :)))

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Erin ((Still haha, he should be more aware))

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Richard | 206 comments ((Make your own Westosi characters then woman))

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 622 comments Flora wrote: "Ellen came in and leant by Elaine "am I welcome here?" she whispered"

"Of course you are." Elaine smiled.

"She has passed on." Jenna said.

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With an offended air legolas said, "If you must know, her soul hasdeparted."

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Erin Ellen smiled at Elaine "this is all rather exciting.."

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((sure john why not))

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Richard | 206 comments Pallando was silent for a minute "hm well. That's a shame. No way of revival?" He asked

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Legolas scoffed at ellens remark. "Sounds like someones had a happy childhood," he snapped.

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Erin Ellen raised her eyebrows "not happy exactly, but not one where councils, wizards, dwarves or high lords were every present. It's enlightening to see them all in one place, my lord"

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He looked at pallando in disbelief. "Thats a shame? " he yelled at the wizard. "She was one four best figters! She knew Saurons fortress like theback of her hand; she let herself get captured and tortured and abused a d she never gave in and you call her deatha SHAME! Go ahead and call your silly wandwaving a shame. it would please me greatly."

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To Ellen e shot back "Well this is not exciing. its tragic and frstratig. And i presjme you know my nae sLegolas?" Irony dripped thick from his voice

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Richard | 206 comments A troubled look passed over Pallandos face "I meant no offence Legolas, clearly this girl was one of your great friends and I know she was of my part time companion Elenwë, I myself liked her well enough. Yet the amount of people I have seen die on my travels, the amount of creatures I've seen die since the dawn of Middle Earth, If I broke up over everyone I would not be much use now would I? Clearly I realise the threat that has been shown by this poor girls death, as is the reason I have answered the call to come here" he said, justly

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 622 comments Eowyn shook her head. "Enough fighting over this, her death was a tragedy, not a shame. It is upsetting to hear she passed, but how do we bring her back through Valinor like you said could be done?"

((Can I bring in Lady Galadriel?))

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Erin Tears sprang up in Ellen's eyes "You think this isn't hard on me? To me Anne was... I never told her but.. No. I can't. We are here to help save Anne, or avenge her and nothing will stop me from helping! And yes I know who you are, prince of mirkwood, do you know who I am?"

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Legolas looked down ashamed. "Forgive me you are right."

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Richard | 206 comments Pallando smiled and put a hand on Legolas' shoulder "You are forgiven. Always. But remember, if you ever want me to save your hide... Don't call my wandwaving silly" he smirked sadly, as if he might be having to help save his hide soon

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 622 comments "That is enough Pallando." Came a voice. Lady Galadriel stepped out and took a seat.

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Richard | 206 comments Pallando turned "ahh" he said trailing off. No one had ever had been able to tug at his heart strings. No one bar her. "Lady Galadreil, I did not expect to find you here"

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 622 comments "This matter has been brought to me and I do wish to help." Galadriel nodded.

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Madelaine looked down the entire time. She stood by a column. She fiddled with her fingers. All the commotion was making her ears hurt.

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((sure rogue but annes out of play until ty comes back))

Legoas looked at Ellen and said "i am sorry. i have been snippy and i regret it. i wint anymore Pallando. " to the queen he saud "We must move on. How my father would e ashamed of me! I was foolish to think it… one cannot bringnack the dead."

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Richard | 206 comments Pallando nooded "your input will be very welcome my lady" he took a seat far away from her

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Richard | 206 comments ((We are kind of stuck without an Elrond...))

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"I did! And then she died again, because I'm to stupid to do anything right!" She said, frustrated with herself. She had killed Woodsong, and wanted to just die.

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