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The Courtyard of the house of Elrond, where banquets, dancing, festivities and music is held.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments ((u post first!))

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Legolas led Arwen to the dining table in the last homely house. "Take a seat, Arwen, I'll order." He ordered their childhood favorites.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen smiled, when she heard what he ordered. "Great choice!" She sat down and took a sip from her glass of water.

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Legolas grinned. "We've spent too much time with each other." He rethought that and said, "actually, we've been together for so long, best friend."

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Arwen smiled back. "Yes, we are best friends." Their food came and her mouth watered at the amazing smell.

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Legolas helped himself to some food. he ordered a goblet of Elvish wine. He had not change for his taste of beverage. Seeing Arwen's unimpressed glance, he almost choked from laughter on the wine.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arisen giggled when Legolas chocked. "What's wrong?" She helped herself to some food, too, and took a big bite. "This is really good! I actually haven't had is meal in a long time", she said, thinking back to the old times again. Oh how fun it had been. She smiled at Legolas. "You should really come here more often, and I more often to Mirkwood. I wonder why I never visited", she said, frowning.

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"You make me laugh," he said. "Yes, why do you never visit? Is it Lord Elrond? Or is it just you're to lazy to get yourself on a horse and ride all the way to mirkwood," he teased.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments "Yes, it's just such a long ride!", she said. She giggled. "I can ask him, if I can ride with you there, when you go back. Then you would have some company on your way back home", she said happily.

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"Yes, that would be nice," He agreed. Finishing his goblet of wine, Legolas took a look over the balcony, where the waterfalls of Rivendell and its beautiful valley that held the Last Homely House could just be seen. "I doubt my father would object."

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen followed his gaze over the beautiful valley. "I just love it here so much", she sighed, "Istn't it just so pretty?" She looked back at Legolas. "Do you want another goblet?"

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"Mee too, Arwen." He politely declined her offer with a twinkle in his greyish eyes. "I think I've had enough for one night," she smiled impishly. "A drunk elf, especially an elf prince, is not highly looked upon."

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen laughed. "Well I can definatley agree with that." She sat back in her chair sighing. "Aah, I don't think I can ever eat anything ever again. That was delicious", she said. "Do you want anything else?", she then asked politley.

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Legolas shook his head. "No thank you Arwen. Your hospitality skills have still not changed, I see," he grinned at the dark haired elf-girl.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen grinned back at him. "Well, should I show you to the guest room?", she asked. She got up and walked to the balcony, looking around. "IT's a lovely evening."

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"Yes, please." Legolas said as he stood up, swinging his long, straight blonde hair behind his shoulders. "It always is a lovely evening here in Rivendell, but I think we can both agree that it is impossible to get tired of it."

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments ((Should I make a guest room thread?))

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Arwen smiled. "Yes, that is true. If I were locked up here forever, I'd be miserable", she said honestly. She then walked back inside. "Follow me!"

(( He will be staying at the south guestroom!))

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Legolas followed her with a chuckle. "So would I."

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen walked to the balcony. The waterfalls glistened and she wait for Legolas to come.

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Legolas appeared behing Arwen, frightening her. He laughed. "Man, I'm hungry," he said.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen giggled as she turned around, "Don't ever do that again!" She walked to the table and ordered some food. "Do you want anything special?"

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments ((I like your profile picture! Did you edit it? Is it from a book?))

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Legolas shrugged. "I don't mind, as long as it's edible." He grinned. "Youre such a frightened rabbit, Arwen. Gosh," he teased, "Man up."

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((thanks! Yeah, I did. It's Renn, from Chronicles of ancient darkness. it's one of my fav series.))

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen rolled her eyes. "I'm definatley braver than you", she said grinning. "Remember that one time when we were kids and you fell in the river because I frightened you!", she said laughing, "that was pretty funny."

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"Oh yeah? Says who? I bet you on every drop of lava in mount doom that we're either equal" he whispered the last word, "OR I'm BRAVER! Ann no, thank you for reminding me, but it was NOT funny."

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen laughed, "Fine, we're equal." She took a bite of her food. "I wish there was something more exciting going on recently. It's been so boring..."

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"Really? Boring in Rivendell. What does that make Mirkwood then? The most tedious place in Middle earth?" Legolas frowned.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen grinned. "Well? Do you have any plan on what you want to do today?"

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Legolas shook his head. "Nope," he said offhandedly.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen frowned, "We could go for a ride, if you want."

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"Sounds good to me," The Elf prince said, finishing his breakfast.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen smiled, "Please decide where we go! I really don't care..." She quickly finished her breakfast, too, so the could soon go out.

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"Hmm," Legolas thought it over. "How about we visit the forest near Hobbiton,"

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments "Okay,"Arwen said and she got up. "Let me just quickly change! I'll meet you at the stables!"

((I'll make a stables thread!))

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Legolas whistled to himself as he made his way down to the stables of Elrond.

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Madelaine woke up in a bed. She moved her head slightly. "Where am I?" she said weakly.

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"Welcome to the Last homely house, the house of Elrond." Legolas beamed as he unwrapped her burn. The marks had completely faded, save for a small scar, and the arm was back to its usual color. Legolas smiled as he checked the bloodflow. "Everything is back to normal," He said, "The medical elves did a good job."

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"What happened? I don't remember anything, after..." she paused. She knew something had gone terribly wrong in those forests.

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"It's going to be alright. Your arm was burned, majorly, but it's fine now. Just ty not to do much brusque action in the next 2 days or so." He said.

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"What did it say?" she asked sternly. "I know it said something Legolas, I just couldn't read it. Tell me. I know you know." she said, sternly.

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He sighed. "Sauron." He said simply. "He is coming back, but we can repel his forces."

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Madelaine looked out the window. "I-" she stopped, unable to find the right words.

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"It's okay," Legolas said, laughing slightly. "As long as you stay with the elves no harm can befall you."

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She pursed her lips. "I feel like a failure."

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"You're not," He chuckled, "You're just new to this."

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She sighed. She rubbed her arm. She looked down at the scar. She could see the markings.

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