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Rebecca (rebeccas_books) | 340 comments Mod
Read any sexy Erotica novels lately? Or one that disappointed you? Post your reviews here.

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Jennie  Coull | 42 comments I think this goes here, my review of Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) by Sylvia Day

well maybe less of a review more of a vent!

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Cora Tea Party Princess (corazie) | 661 comments Mod
Ok, so this is an old review... But I really enjoyed this and wish this review had more exposure haha.

Knight's Mistress

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Rebecca (rebeccas_books) | 340 comments Mod
2/5 stars to Baby It's Cold Outside (Flirting for Fun) by Carly Carson

'His hot eyes gazed down at her face and she took a second to marvel at her good fortune. She'd fantasized about this moment for five long years. He'd been a mirage, a dream, a symbol of the only treasure she ever wanted to find at the end of the rainbow.'

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Brodie James | 9 comments Wow, i just finished reading the most amazing novel,The Commons: Book one: Journeyman written by Micheal Alan Peck. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I will be brutally honest, I loved it. Micheal is a true artist going from penning a column for and writing restaurant reviews it amazes me how naturally he writes fantasy. The characters were so alive I could feel them with me every step of the way.You would never know is's his first novel it flows so perfectly.

Paul Reid is a tough 17 year old having spent most of his life in foster homes or on the street, he finds himself living at new beginnings group home. Even though he has grown to love Mike Hibbets also known as Papa Mike who runs the group home. A man who taught Paul "There's no god to lift us up - we rise or fall together". He finds himself leaving to find a place in the world. Paul buys a one way ticket to San Francisco, aboard the bus he meets Annie Brucker a red headed army veteran who did two tours of Iraq and her sweet little autistic boy, who turns out to be more than he appears. Both have their own stories in the book. The bus crashes and so starts the journey to free the commons from the thief Mr Brill who holds souls and their energy known as essence for his selfish gain never allowing them to move on. Which means everybody that dies gets trapped in Mr Brill's web never to leave purgatory.
Along the way Paul meets Jonas Porter a workaholic envoy who's job is to help him complete his journey. Rain a beautiful goth girl who's hair is as dark as her eyes with an attitude to match. Ken a huge mummy with a gentle personality and Po a crazy little monk with anger issues, who when fighting reminds me of tazzy devil just a blur of arms and legs.
Together they embark on an adventure to last a lifetime. Can they free the commons from the evil that traps it?

Micheal paints a picture so clear I didn't even need to close my eyes to see it. I fell in love with the characters they rip you into their journey and a world full of mystical and magical things, you will never want the book to end.
I laughed, I cried, I pondered life and am a better person for having read this book. Inside you will find a story of growth and twists you could never predict, with many beautiful quotes one of my favourites was when Jonas told Paul he felt "Like a kitten at four am and the world my owners toes".
I urge you to read this book you wont regret it Micheal is a genius. i give this book a ten out of five. You can find it at Kobo, Itunes and Amazon for under $4 but worth so much more. Looking forward to book two.

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Jason M. Daniel | 12 comments Free on Amazon (must be 18 to read)

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Jason M. Daniel | 12 comments Last day free!!! Please leave review
Tastefully Tortured by Samantha Sinclair

message 9: by Devi (new)

Devi Nair (views_she_writes) Thirteen Suspects Thirteen Suspects by C.M. Okonkwo

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Check out the complete review at Thirteen Suspects

A sex filled murder mystery. The murdered victim had sexual encounters with 13 females, all of which are described in vivid details in his diary named "YOLO". The detectives investigating the murder comes across this book and thus the 13 characters are placed under suspicion.

The story is a murder mystery for the sake of saying. It is basically an erotic diary of a sex starved hostel guy.

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message 10: by Devi (new)

Devi Nair (views_she_writes) The Sinister Urge The Sinister Urge by Frances Newton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Read the complete review at The Sinister Urge

Yes, it is a love story alright. But the love story is between a brother and a sister. No, it is not an affectionate love story. It is an incest love story. Those who like to read it will like the story.

The character building is nice. The story is nice. But the incest kills the mood. Unfortunately, a 2 star, but only because I am not comfortable with incest. Otherwise it is a good one.

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message 11: by Devi (new)

Devi Nair (views_she_writes) Five Crazy Days in May by D. D. Five Crazy Days in May
Genre: Murder / Mystery / Thriller / Suspense / Erotica
Rating: 1 Star
Review: Five Crazy Days in May
A murder mystery with a twist

message 13: by Devi (new)

Devi Nair (views_she_writes) Leather and Lace by Maggie Adams Leather and Lace
Genre - Romance / Drama / Suspense / Fantasy
Rating - 5 Star
Review - Leather and Lace
The thing to look out for in this book is not the romance. The romance is typical and anyone who reads Romance novels know that the protagonists always end up together. The factor that is a USP here is the way the story goes.

message 14: by Devi (new)

Devi Nair (views_she_writes) Connor (A Kendall Family Novel, #2) by Randi Everheart Connor
Genre - Romance / Drama / Suspense / Fantasy
Rating - 4 Star
Review - Connor
Connor is very much like any olden fairy tale minus the frills and royal kingdom. That gives a very lovable feel to the entire story.

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Stephanie Noel (wherestephaniereads) | 25 comments Check out my review on the Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. I know the book came out along time ago but I had to read the book.

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message 17: by Natacha (new)

Natacha Lalande (natacha_lalande) | 10 comments I see there hasn't been any erotica reviews posted here in over a year, so i decided to share one of the reviews i wrote in march.

I found Tears of Tess for free on Amazon for Kindle books. I love erotica books in different styles and i had not actually read what the book was about except knowing it was erotica, so i jumped in blind.

Spoiler alert, i gave this book 4 stars out of 5.


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Goracer T | 1 comments Ode To My Joy: A Bad Girl Gone Good

I love this book and I would love to live it.

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