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This is for Chat, and spam. All spamming will be deleted from the other threads, or else it gets too messy. Have fun!

Hi everyone, thanks for joining! I'm Sarah and a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan!

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I LIVE in New Zealand... Yay!

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HEYYYYY!!! Thanks for joining Nightlockiss! You are offcially a being of Middle Earth.

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asdfghjkl; math!

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I will proceed to create ze Charrie!

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lol. Ok, u can also request one if u want.

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I would but I am terrible at staying in character.

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i meant ok

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Heyoooooo! :D What's up guys?

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message 13: by ella (new)

ella  (katarella) | 83 comments What's up?

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Hello. :3 I love LOTR and I think this will be an amazing group.
The name's Bailey but you can call me any nickname you like.

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omg thank you soo much! invite ur friends and stay active!!

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hi John. Thanks for Joining!!! :)

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@ @

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what does that mean? Crazy face?

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lol :)

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Heyy John!

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Heyy Sarah how have you been

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments OH MY GAWD! IT'S THE TRAILER!!!

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heyyy! Great John, thanx

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had a wavehouse party last night.. OMG IT WAS AWESOME!!

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I remember *Just randomly* one time I was in a massive Mexican Wave at the Rugby World Cup. It was possibly the most exhilarating thing I have done. And that includes ab-sailing and stuff. It was brilliant!

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Does anyone want to Roleplay?

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

up in the prancing pony

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Do I have to create a different character for that?

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just bring Rose up into the bar.

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Will do!

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Just wondering if I am allowed to make another character, I wanted to make a boy perhaps for someone?

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sure! U can make as many as you can handle. And u can request some originals too

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Alright! I was thinking to make it more interesting for Anne. (:

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kk. works ofr me. :) Thanks

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message 46: by Richard (new)

Richard | 206 comments Hi :) if you wish to add a character that already exists in the world of middle earth but they died, do you leave that it or just base it around before they died?

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they're still alive. No worries. You base it around before they died.

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Hello! This group seems fun!

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Does anyone want to RP with Arwen? I kinda got lost on the other role play with her...

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