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Do you want her dress as your prom dress????
maria maria Jun 09, 2013 12:50AM
YES!!!! That dress is gorgeous!!
And it's my favorite color!!!

Certainly. Unfortunately, my prom was last year. :( lol

I love the dress but I don't have a prom in Australia, only a formal, which really isn't formal enough for something that extravagant.


I adore this dress, but I wouldn't wear it to prom. Mainly because I'm planning on making a statement by turning up in skinny jeans and a top. Just because I can.

But I would wear it to a ball provided that Prince Maxon escorts me, of course :D

Yes! I LOVE that dress!

I agree, Miriam! Maybe someday, I would wear that dress if I were invited to a prom in Prince Maxon's presence. Otherwise, I would wear something more simple.

What about this one as a Wedding Dress in White??

ok yes, I love this dress!!! but its a little different than the dress I imagined while reading. Going on this note, does anyone know how the scarlet-ish dress showed up on the cover of the Elite? was I just blanking or was it not in the book at all?

lemme see...its blue, it pretty, and it related to the selection (*cough* maxon)....HELL YA I WOULD WEAR IT!

Hell YES!!!! :-)

Her dress is gorgeous but i get the f eeling it would drown me...or more like strangle me.

I WOULD definitely say yes... it is gorgeous. But I think I am less... ostentatious than the dress portrays. I think I would have to turn it down because I would rather have a much simple dress, but I still think it looks breath-taking.

Haha I would so wear it!
<3 Mina

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