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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Welcome to Happily Ever After Academy. We hope you enjoy your stay.

All of you have been born into this world as a Sona - a certain type of fairytale character, with characteristics and traits that will reveal themselves in time. You each have a birthmark on your shoulder that gives insight as to what type of Sona you are.

Sleeping Sona, Knight Sona, Damsel Sona, Tower Sona, Prince Sona...all of you are welcome within our walls. Most of your ancestors have had to deal with being Sonas on their own. They had no idea what to do when The Urge hit, and they were forced onto the path of their fairytale, facing their Twist alone, and often confused.

Here at HEA, we are here to help you deal with being a Sona, and to get your happily ever after. With specialised classes, a warm friendly environment and optional tutoring, HEA is equipped to deal with any crisis - big or small.

However, as any school does, HEA has a list of rules you must abide during your stay here. You will find these in your Student Handbook, but the golden rule is as such: no contact with HNA Academy may be made. At all. Any Sona who is found breaking this rule will be expelled immediately.

The Happily Never After Academy has made it it's duty to see that none of you ever grow up to fulfil your fairytale roles. That you never have the skills to deal with your urge, find your fairytale path and see out your Twist and gain that happily ever after. HEA's borders are heavily protected for your safety. Curfew is 10 o'clock sharp.

For all new students, please find your way to the Administration Building and fill out a Student Form with:
- Your name
- Your age
- Your Sona type
(If your family come from a line of Sleeping Beauties, your birthmark will be spindle-shaped. You are therefore a Sleeping Sona.
If your family come from a line of Prince Charmings, your birthmark will be crown-shaped. You are therefore a Prince Sona. And so forth.)
- A brief bio on yourself

You will be given a dorm key upon arrival by Ms. Myrtle at the Administration desk. You are advised to lock you dorm door upon leaving the room.

If you have any queries, feel free to speak with myself, or the Vice-Headmistress Ms. Merryweather, and we will do our best to aid you in any way we can.

Headmaster Merlin.


This roleplay allows you to become a Sona. As a Sona, once you reach sixteen your powers are no longer dormant. This means that, once the time is right for your fairytale to begin, you will be hit with The Urge. The Urge will suck you onto your fairytale path.

You may feel the urge to take a trip to a nearby tower. You may feel the urge to go deep into the woods. You may feel the urge to take an apple from an old lady. But you are powerless to stop it.

The Twist is the climax of your fairytale path - it's like a trial. If you pass this, The Urge breaks its hold over you, and you are free to live your life as you choose. An example is Prince David freeing Snow White with a kiss. Prince David was a Prince Sona - graduate of HEA - and if he had ignored the signs of his Twist, he would not have found Snow, would not have triumphed over his Twist and would not have broken free and gained his happily ever after.

So now it's up to you! Fill in your Student Form and become apart of the HEA community :)


My character:

Name: Sybelle Lumiere
Age: 17
Sona Type: Sleeping Sona. Spindle-shaped birthmark.
Not much to tell, really. My mum was a Sleeping Sona too - she was getting a dress fitted and was slipping out of it when she pricked her finger on one of the pins used to hold the hem in place. My dad was a Prince Sona, who was passing by on his way to pick up his motorbike which was being fixed at the local garage. He heard the seamstress shrieking, and...a kiss later, my mum was fine and they decided to start dating.

Heads up - I totally hate this Sona stuff.

I mean, why should some curse dictate my life? Choose my husband? What if a Prince Sona with a wart on his nose decides to walk by when I prick myself?

So I'm off to HEA. To await my doom.

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Lady Poppy | 367 comments ((Thank you so much BN! You're the best! :) So are there only 5 Sona types? Or are there more options?))

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
(There are plenty of options open - you can create any type of Sona you think up.

You could even pick a HNA Sona (e.g. off the top of my head: a Hag Sona, etc.).

More HEA Sonas could include Godmother Sonas, etc. It's up to you!)

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Lady Poppy | 367 comments (Oooooh! I am all excited now! Okay, I'll figure out a character as soon as possible. Might have to happen tomorrow.. or, well, today given that it is past midnight.)

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Sue (youvebeensued) This is so creative Booknut. I know I've been MIA, not really taking part in the roleplays. And I am so sorry. I promise to continue this one without a break. I'll post my character soon.
P.S. This roleplay idea is so freaking cool! :)

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Melissa | 869 comments (Are sonas gender specific?)

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
(Some may be. E.g. Prince Sona.

But some Sona types are open for all genders, such as Sleeping Sonas, Protector's really up to the roleplayer!)

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Rimpy wrote: "This is so creative Booknut. I know I've been MIA, not really taking part in the roleplays. And I am so sorry. I promise to continue this one without a break. I'll post my character soon.
P.S. This..."

(That's okay, Rimpy!! And thanx - it's a little bit of my imagination, and some ideas plucked from a great book: Kill Me Softly. The idea of the birthmarks comes from there, and Poppy mentioned to me that another 'school' roleplay would be great. So it's a fruit salad of the two :))

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Melissa | 869 comments Name: Melody Tremaine
Age: 17
Sona: Rose Sona. Birthmark shaped like a rose.
Bio: My mom skipped town when I was just a little girl, leaving my dad and me to pick up the broken pieces she left behind. To make matters worse daddy dearest decided to pawn me off on his latest girlfriend of the month for the next ten years, I was a lonely kid to say the least. Don't get me wrong I love my dad, he's a total sweetheart when he's not out trying to invent the next big thing. I just wish he'd been around more, that's all.
Thoughts on sona: So apparently there's a guy somewhere who my good for nothing father is going to piss off and when that happens I have to offer myself in his place and eventually fall in love with the guy? No thank you. Oh and it gets even better. This guy is cursed to look like a hideous beast and also has anger issues. Aren't I a lucky girl?

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Sybelle Lumiere:

The plump woman with spectacles perched precariously on her long nose must have been the much sought Ms. Myrtle. She sat behind an arch-shaped mahogany desk, eyes glued to the computer screen before her as she waved a hand at a pile of paperwork which re-arranged and filed itself.

"Fairies," the girl behind me in the line muttered, rolling her expressive eyes.

I had to agree. Fairies were always interfering in the fairytale world. I mean, the original Sleeping Sona - named Beauty - nearly failed her Twist because a bunch of fairies decided to gift her with every charm imaginable. Every spell has repercussions. Not that fairies ever have to deal with them. Lucky Philip was there to save the day, otherwise Beauty may have ended up sleeping forever.

Beautiful. But comatose.

"Next," Ms. Myrtle chirped, eyes never leaving the screen. I walked forwards and picked up the sea-green quill. "Name, Age, Sona and other details in the box below," she parroted, still not glancing at me.

A form flew towards me, settling on the desk. I slid it over and began filling it out. When I was done, Ms. Myrtle snapped her fingers and it flew into a pink file-cabinet, swallowed up by a metal drawer in the blink of an eye.

"You class timetable will be sent to your dorm," she said, sparing a glance my way. "Be sure to grab your key, too."

"Key...?" I trailed off as I felt something hit my head. Lifting a hand to my hair, I felt the smooth, cold metal of a key. Stupid fairies. "Gee. Thanks."

"Next," she said, dismissing me already. Biting back a sigh, I moved out of the way, and headed out of the Administration Building.

Welcome to HEA.

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody Tremaine

I could barely squelch the overwhelming urge to growl at the perky pink fairy as she zipped around the room, glitter trailing to the floor in her wake. I took a deep breath and Jessica's voice filled my head, "don't ever tick off a fairy honey. They may be the good ones but that doesn't mean they don't know their way around a curse." I really liked Jessica I hoped dad would give her a chance. She was actually the one who had told me about the whole sona thing. Turns out her brother has a prince sona so she had known all about it.

"Here's your paper work deary." The fairy said, waving her wand at a stack of papers which came flying at me. My eyes widened and I scrambled to catch them all and they key which came out of nowhere. "There's your dorm key, your room assignment is on the top paper. Turn all your paper work in by the end of the day and you'll officially be a student here at HEA." The fairy said proudly.

Again I had the urge to snap something at her but I just nodded and smiled politely then heaved the papers to a nearby table to get started on them.

Once they were finished I handed them back to the fairy and went in search of my room. On the way to the dorms I was pelted with no less than two dozen apples which came from a class of girls with snow sonas(?), and had to duck out of the way of animals which swooped down to answer the call of another class of singing girls with cinder sonas(?).

"Jesus." I muttered, "this place is worse than the circus." I entered the dorm building and found my room, making a fool out of myself when I opened the door and scrambled away from it just in case something else came flying at me.

A girl was sitting on one of the beds with her legs crossed, she looked up at me and offered up a small smile. "You must be-" She looked down at a paper in her hand, "Melody?" I nodded. "That would be me. I have a question though before I unpack anything. You don't have any weird fetishes do you?" She looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I dropped my bags and held my hands up in defense, "hey. You never know what kind of people you'll meet in a school like this. It's just better to know these things up front." She was still looking at me weirdly and I silently congratulated myself on weirding out yet another person I'd have to live with for the foreseeable future.

"I don't know about the whole.. Fetish thing, I'll have to get back to you on that. I'm Sybelle by the way."

(Hope that's okay)

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Sue (youvebeensued) Name: Arieanna "Ann" Abelle Valentina
Age: 17
Sona: Cinder
Birthmark: Shaped like a shoe, with a small cursive script.

Bio: I lost my mum at a very young age. I don't even remember her. Dad says that she was beautiful like a fairy, and a sona. She was a Cinder too. My dad married again to this stupid woman, who knows nothing but to spend my father's money on useless stuff. And that's not it. With her comes her two beautifully UGLY daughters, who are just as brainless as her. So that's my life. Which if you call sucky, then that will be the understatement of the year.

Thoughts on Sona: So as I found in this letter I found in my mum's dresser, there will be some big party or ball or something like that, where this handsome guy will fall for me (as if that's ever going to happen!) So then I'll leave without a notice, and he'll come looking for me. And save me from my hellish life and yada yada. Happily ever after? Really? I kinda enjoy the drama of my life, but oh well. I guess I just don't care anymore.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
(@Mel - that's great :))


"You don't have any weird fetishes do you?"

Blinking rapidly, I stared at my new roommate. Recognising her as the girl from the Administration line who had had the fairy grudge, I tried to find a fitting response to that question. Sure, I have a fetish, I thought sourly. Napping. Sleeping. Falling into comas. My indecision must have been obvious, because the girl threw up my hands defensively, saying "Hey. You never know what kind of people you'll meet in a school like this. It's just better to know these things up front."

You're telling me. "I don't know about the whole..fetish thing," I finally replied, getting to my feet. "I'll have to get back to you on that. I'm Sybelle by the way." I held out a hand.

"Nice." Melody shook my hand. "Sona?"
"Sleeping." I rolled my eyes. "Please keep all sharp things to yourself."
She cracked a smile. "Rose. Hairy men and plenty of pitchforks in my future."
That made me laugh. "Yeah, the Grimm Brothers would have had a good laugh at our expense."

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Sue (youvebeensued) Ann Valentina:

Why do fairies always have to be pink? That was the first thing that struck my mind when I saw the fairy at the office. And there was pink glitter everywhere! On the desks, chairs, even on the application form that she passed me. Did I mention that her chewing gum was also pink?
"Just fill in the form hon, and you will be officially a member of the HEA family!", she said a little too enthusiastically.
I bit back my sudden laugh, coughed a little and started filling my form.
After a while, she gave me a key to my dorm room. Well it was floating on top of my head. Awesome right?
Floating keys, pink fairy glitter, and singing classes of flying fairies. I let out a huge sigh. Welcome to HEA, Ann.

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Lady Poppy | 367 comments (How many people per dorm..? Could we do 3/4 or something?)

Name: Lacey Lovington
Age: 17
Sona type: Rabbit Sona (I should probably come up with a better name for this) - the symbol is a small rabbit head? (Yikes)

Bio: Oh? Are you here for some interesting backstory? That's not what you'll get. My mum was a Rabbit Sona too, clumsy thing. She fell down a hole one day, chasing a fluffy white rabbit. See, I'm clumsy too and I'd rather not fall down a hole to who knows where. Oh, right, Wonderland is it called? How horrid would that be! I wish I could choose my own fate. Oh well, I'm off for HEA Academy!

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody Tremaine

So with awkward introductions out of the way I started unpacking. When I got to my suitcase to put my clothes in the drawer of the dresser and unzipped it lingerie exploded out in every direction. I stared at a frilly bra in horror and picked it up by one of the shoulder straps. My mouth opened and closed and I blushed bright red. This was so not what I had packed.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I screamed and threw the bra down. Sybelle was looking at me weirdly again and struggling not to laugh at my reaction to the underwear. I threw myself onto my bed and snatched up my phone, punching in the numbers for Jessica's cell. It rang twice before a woman's sing song voice answered. "Melody what a pleasant surprise my dear. What can I do for you?"

"I- You- Why- What-?" I struggled to articulate just what she could do for me when she giggled, "oh you opened up your suitcase huh?" I scowled fiercely, "why would you do that to me? I almost blinded my roommate with a thong!" I yelled into the phone. Jessica cackled, which only made me angrier. "You're such a hag sometimes!" I huffed.

"Aw you know you love me." She said and I sighed, knowing if I continued to be angry she'd think I actually meant the hag comment. "Yeah I do, but seriously? Why did you stuff my suitcase full of frilly underwear?" I asked, rubbing my face and sending an apologetic look to Sybelle.

"I thought it would spice up your life at HEA, I bet there are some really cute guys there." She said, and I could practically hear her smug smile through the phone. I made a face, "you know with my sona that I'm going to fall in love with a beast. I doubt he's at HEA and a relationship would only complicate that." Jessica sighed, "c'mon sweetie live a little. Have some fun before your sona kicks in."

I sighed, "fine, I'll try to keep an open mind. But I'm getting rid of all this lingerie!"

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
(Maximum of 4 people in a dorm)

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod
Name: Victoria Lowe
Age: 17
Sona Type: Unzel Sona
Birthmark: Three Rampion(AKA Rapunzel)flowers
Brief Bio: My life has been pretty.. normal so far I guess. If being given to a sorceress at birth by my parents counts as normal. The sorceress (who I've come to call my mum) treats me pretty well though - none of that ridiculous turning-me-into-a-hamster-and-keeping-me-in-a-cage stuff.
I get regular hair cuts, plenty of nice clothes and whatever, so I'm pretty chill.
Thoughts on Sona: Apparently, my sorceress mum is supposed to lock me in a tall tower for some reason and a dude is supposed to hear me sing, climb up my hair and fall in love with me. Then my mum will get angry at the both of us and dump me in a forest, where the prince will find me and we'll live happily ever after.
The whole thing sounds pretty messed up. I mean, what the hell? I'd rather stay locked up in a tower than fall in love with some random dude who climbs up my bloody hair!

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod

Shaking my head in amusement as Melody argued over her lingerie issue, I unpacked my things and grabbed a pair of jeans and a cute top that I didn't remember buying - mainly because it was a bright shade of crimson that conflicted with my usual wardrobe which consisted of blacks, dark blues and the occasional green shirt.

Mum. I sighed and headed into the en suite just off the bedroom. She was always trying to get me interested in more girly attire. "A Prince Sona isn't going to kiss a tomboy," she was fond of reminding me. Like I needed reminding that my fate rested on some hormonal teenage guy being able to pucker up.

Splashing water on my face and letting my long, blonde hair fan down my back - almost hitting my hips - I tugged on the top and jeans, before exiting the en suite bathroom. Melody was off the phone and trying unsuccessfully to shove all the lingerie back into the suitcase.

"Need help?" I offered, coming over and sitting on the lid.
"Thanks," she said, snapping the locks shut. "I'm going to kill Jessica when I see her again!"

I grinned, jumping of the suitcase and brushing the back of my jeans. "It was...amusing."
"I really am sorry, though."
Waving a hand, I replied, "No problems. Really."

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody

Awesome first impression Mel. Really, it was wonderful. I thought to myself and finally managed to shove the last of the mostly transparent bras into my suitcase. I spun the suitcase over and cautiously unzipped a different part of it. I sighed in relief when I saw my normal clothes, though it looked like Jessica had snatched up all of my underwear. I shuddered at the thought of walking around in so much lace but until I could find a place to buy new underthings it looked like I'd be stuck with them.

I scowled and shoved my clothes in the drawers then kicked the suitcase under my bed. There was no way that lingerie was going to see the light of day until absolutely necessary, which unfortunately seemed to be coming up sooner rather than later.

I lay back on my bed and pulled out my class schedule. I made a face as I read each class. First class of the day: Navigation 101. Really? Well that might come in handy but still, seemed rather unnecessary. Second class: The Different Forms of Anger and How to Manage Them. Bit of a mouth full for a class. I scanned through the rest of them and each seemed to be things a person could learn with common sense alone. I looked over at Sybelle, "what classes do you have?"

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Sue (youvebeensued) (4 people in a dorm? Can I be roommates with you guys then?)

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
(@Rimpy - sure :))


Frowning, I snatched up my class schedule - printed out on extremely glossy paper - and scanned the page.

1st Period: Navigation 101
2nd Period: Botany
3rd Period: New Student Assembly hosted by the Headmaster
4th Period: Sleeping 101
Free study until Dinner @ 7pm sharp

Sleeping 101?! I looked up at Melody, mouth gaping in horror. "They're teaching me how to sleep!" I exclaimed, shoving the paper at her. "I've been doing that since I was born!"

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody

I cracked up at Sybelle's indignant expression. "At least we have first period together." I offered, trying not to giggle. "And hey, at least you don't have anger management class. Where you have to deal with everyone else's anger." I said, blowing a lock of hair out of my eyes.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod

I raised an eyebrow. "Ah. It's a 'beast thing', huh?"

"Looks like it." Melody couldn't have sounded less pleased.
"Want to grab our stuff?" I glanced up at the clock. "We have fifteen minutes to class, and I have a feeling we don't want to be late."

"Navigating our way to Navigation," Melody snickered, and I couldn't help but chuckle, grabbing my satchel off the bed.

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Sue (youvebeensued) Ann Valentina:

Okay question. They said in the books that the first cinder sona was this pretty blonde named Cinderella. So, it was mentioned that she went to this great ball and she had to get back to her place before midnight. She was in such a rush that she lost her shoe on the way, and the prince, I must say that the guy was quite intelligent to find a girl with a shoe, and they didn't even know about shoe sizes back then! Well he finds her and they get married and blah-ba-di-
blah-ba-di-blah! So how did she even lose her goddamn shoe if it fit her perfectly? Quite a mystery huh? Tell me 'bout it. Well this story did help me a little. Now I know why I keep losing my stuff every-freaking-where!

With my train of thoughts, I finally find my room and open it with the key. Four pairs of eyes stare at me, one of the girls lying on the bed, the other sitting. I offer a tentative smile. "Um hi".

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody

"Hey. You rooming with us?" I asked the girl who had been spacing out in the doorway for a while. I sat up on my bed. I wanted to ask her about the fetish thing because some sonas had pretty weird attachments but refrained from doing so out of the blue again. Of course what I did say wasn't much better. "Do not under any circumstances open the suitcase under my bed unless you want to set off a frilly explosion. Okay?"

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Sue (youvebeensued) Ann Valentina:

"Do not under any circumstances open the suitcase under my bed unless you want to set off a frilly explosion. Okay?", the girl suddenly warns me. The girl lying on the bed starts laughing hysterically. Suitcase girl rolls her eyes, and says, "I'm Melody".

"Arieanna, but you call me Ann", I say, shaking her hand. "I'm Sybelle", the blonde girl says. I smile at both of them, and make my way for one of the empty beds, dropping my bags and suitcase on the floor.

"Uh, Ann?" Melody starts. I turn around, "Yeah?".
She seems very hesitant to say, whatever she's trying to say or ask. "Any fetish?", she finally asks.
"Huh?", I'm taken off guard. Fetish? Is that some sort of a category I'm not aware of? Damn this sona thingy sucks so far.
"Nevermind", Melody says, and plops into her bed.
Shaking my head, I start unpacking.

"So, what's your sona?", Sybelle asks, sitting up on her bed.
"Cinder. I think", I say a bit nervous, 'cause I've never talked about this to anyone before.
"You think?", says Melody.
"Yeah. I mean, my Dad's human, and Mom was a sona. But she died when I was young. I got to know about the whole sona thing in this letter she left me."
Pin drop silence prevails. Sybelle looks sad, as she mumbles a sorry, while Melody just nods slowly, taking in all the info.
"That's okay. What about you two? What sonas are you?", I ask, trying to lighten the mood.
"Sleeping", says Sybelle. "Rose", Melody replies.
"So what's your story?", I ask. I'm happy I'm able to make some conversation, without some stupid remark or something like that. Grow up with a brainless, wicked stepmom, and a couple of stupid step-sisters, and you'll be an expert in bitchy retorts. I'm dead serious about it.
I listen to both of them, as they share the stories, or fates that they're supposed to meet.

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L | 1252 comments This is a wonderful idea Booknut and so creative! I am quite sad that i have only just discovered it, and so have missed a lot.

I certainly shall concider thinking something up and joining in. Xx

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody

"Ugh, for me just image beauty and the beast part two." I said, wrinkling my nose. I hated thinking about my sona, why couldn't I just meet a normal guy with a nice attitude and friendly disposition? But no, I had to become the prisoner of a guy who will certainly have a mother complex and terrible breath. Ann at least seemed nice and it was cool that I wasn't the only one to be kept in the dark over the whole sona thing until recently. Even if it seemed like a bit of a sore spot with her.

"Oh and if a woman named Jessica ever calls when I'm not here she's kind of my dad's girlfriend. Just an F.W.Y. for you because if she thinks you don't know who she is she will play nasty tricks on you. Believe me." I said, remembering the last time someone had answered when she called and promptly claimed to me my lesbian lover. That was an awkward one to explain.

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Sue (youvebeensued) Ann Valentina:

"Sure thing", I say. Suddenly a question stuck my mind. "What were you asking about the fetish thing?", I blink my eyes, as she squirms a little before answering.

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody

I fidgeted uncomfortably, "well with all the different sonas there are some pretty weird people. Like I've heard some girls with cinder sonas let rats into their rooms." I said, shuddering. I had had a bad experience with rats when I was little.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod

I wrinkled my nose. "Eww."
"Tell me about it," Melody agreed, nodding vigorously.

"Well I don't keep rats," Ann hurried to assure her, sitting on the edge of the bed. "But I did have pet mice at home."
"My aunts love animals," I said, smiling a little as I thought of them.
"Aunts?" Melody asked, shoving the suitcase further underneath her bed.

"Yep. I have the story?" Cringing a little, I added, "Although I'm pretty sure none of them are fairies. I think. It's hard to tell, but they're the loveliest ladies I know. Aunt Freya is the cook. Aunt Mary is a dressmaker, and Aunt Fran works as a vet. Together they can pretty much rule the world...or so Mum says. It was Aunt Mary's dress shop that Mum pricked herself in, you know."

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L | 1252 comments Name: Red Canis Brown

Age: 18

Sona Type: Shifting Sona
*Birthmark ~ paw print

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Red has spent many years since a young child at an ancient boarding school, where she spent all her weekends, holidays and Christmas’ at. Other than making a couple of friends, Red was always a quiet pupil and it wasn’t until she turned sixteen did she notice why she was “different”. She has never known family or anyone who has cared for her, and so during this time it was extremely hard for her, as she felt even more alone.
One day, Red was sent a telegram stating where she would be sent after leaving St. Cuthbert’s boarding school and enclosing a one-way train ticket in the envelope. The HEA Academy was a world away from what Red was used to and so after 2 long days of travelling, she would finally arrive at a place that would change her life forever…
The days of loneliness and confusion were at an end. Red however, was still cautious and so she wears her blood red cape constantly. She was presented with it at school and told that it simply is a shield and protection?? Also, at the top of Red’s right arm she has a tattoo marking etched within her skin that has been there since birth. It is the symbol of a paw print.
Red’s sense of smell is acute. She also has always had an affinity with animals, especially the old caretaker’s dog Pongo whom she felt understood her – you know?! And at night the queerest thing happens…she sleepwalks. But it is as if she is looking through the eyes of another body.

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L | 1252 comments Red

I was completely exhausted after my incredibly long journey to HEA, and so as soon as I entered the lobby I instantly slumped into a nearby leather chair. Despite having had a long afternoon nap between stations, I was still shattered as my mind sparked with a million unanswered questions.

“Can I help you dear?” I looked up from where I was sat to a grand mahogany desk, which behind perched a peculiar middle-aged lady with bright orange spectacles that were encrusted with dazzling crystals.

She certainly looked eccentric to say the least, and quite out of place sat in front of an ancient watercolor painting that was dark and faded.

“Yes, I have come to sign in” I promptly replied, standing up abruptly and scooting over to the desk in a flash.

The lady, known as Ms. Myrtle passed me a form to fill in and a key to my dorm room. As I scribbled on the paper my mind was flooded with thoughts and excitement, on this new place and my future; which was finally happening! Once I had done as requested Ms. Myrtle left the front desk and slipped out through a door at the back, leaving me standing completely alone with only a nearby ticking clock for company. I presumed that I had better take my belongings with myself upstairs to find my room, as after several minutes of standing looking like a statue Ms. Myrtle had not reappeared.

Glancing to my left I noticed a magnificent, ornate wooden stairwell that spiraled up and up for such a long way. It was the only staircase in the entrance area and so I presumed that it had to be the way to the dormitories and other parts of the Academy. As I picked up my cloth bag from the floor and headed in that direction, I couldn’t help but recall Ms. Myrtle’s face as her eyes had briefly examined my blood red cape. Her eyes in that instant had seemed to glaze over, as if she was almost fearful of me and yet I had no idea why she should be so.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed to myself, as I took in the unusual unfamiliar surroundings.

This certainly was a grand, old place with stunning paintings hung on the wooden paneled walls and golden numbers that twinkled and sparkled on the doors. I counted each door that I passed in turn, until I came upon number 221b which fitted my key.
The old, rusty key that I held in the palm of my hand also had a small paper tag attached to it. Once I had placed it in the lock and opened the door so as to enter the room, I examined the tag on the key more closely.

It simply read:

“Red. I have placed you in a single room by yourself, for safety. Normally you would share with other students, but trust me, this is for the best.
P.S- Please bolt your door at night. Vice-Headmistress. Miss. Merryweather”

What on earth was that about? I was entirely confused as to why I had been segregated from everyone else, even before starting at this new school. And why she was so concerned about safety and locking my door, I could not be sure. Feeling suddenly deflated I sat down on the edge of my bed next to my bag, with the previous thoughts and excitement now draining from me. I could only hope that this bad start was not going to continue and that It would get better, as I hated being alone.

As I sat there looking down at my hands quietly thinking, a sudden and unexpected noise awoke me instantaneously from my deep revere. The few words I discerned, whilst awaking from my trance-like state were ‘are you alright?’. It was a male voice speaking and as I lifted my head I was able to put a face to the words spoken.

An auburn haired young man stood in the open doorway to my room, looking at me sitting pathetically in a crumpled heap with obvious concern. I nodded shyly at him, but no words were able to pass through my lips.

“Hi, I’m Quinn”

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Sue (youvebeensued) Ann Valentina:

"That's really awesome", I exclaim as I listen to Sybelle. "I mean you have a lovely family. I used to dream of real family when I was a kid, but it was just a dream. All I had to do was to deal with a brainless step mom and two incredibly stupid step sisters", I ramble before thinking.

Awkward silence. "Sorry, I never really talked about my stuff with people before, its kind of relieving", I apologize. I certainly did not want to be the damsel in distress.

"Oh no, please you don't have to be sorry about anything", Sybelle rushes in.
"Yeah, even I'm just as clueless as you are about this whole sona thing. So chill. No worries", Melody joins in, smiling genuinely.

I smile, going back to unpacking my bag, others doing the same.

"Hey Ann? By any chance, do you like frilly lingerie?", Melody suddenly asks me.

I turn around in shock, my eyes wide, while Sybelle laughs her butt off. "Just as I figured", Mel says, shoving a big heap of underwear in a suitcase, and kicking it under her bed.

message 36: by Booknut, Head Moderator (new)

Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod

"Please don't bombard our other roommate with lingerie," I teased Melody, feeling for Ann who was staring at Melody in shock. "Her name is Lacey or something - says so on the sheet. And I doubt she has an underwear fetish."

"Shame - because I have plenty to go around," Melody replied with a grin once the suitcase had completely disappeared from sight.

message 37: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 869 comments Melody

I glanced at the clock and made a face, "if we don't head out soon we're going to be late." I said and grabbed my shoes, pulling them on and trying not to fall off my bed. "What's your first class?" I asked Ann. "We've got Navigation 101 together." I gestured to Sybelle and myself.

message 38: by Sue (new)

Sue (youvebeensued) Ann Valentina:

For the first time, I glanced at my class schedule.

1st period: Magic 101
2nd period: Botany
3rd period: New student Assembly hosted by the Headmaster
4th period: Losing stuff 101
Free study until Dinner @ 7 p.m sharp.

"Are you freaking kidding me? They have a class where they're gonna teach how to lose my stuff?!", I exclaim, not quite able to wrap my head around the stupid classes I have.

"They're teaching me how to sleep. Beat that!", Sybelle deadpans.

This place is so weird.

"So, what class do you have now?", Melody asks, a bit impatient.
"Uh..", I glance at my schedule once again and answer, "Magic 101".

"Damn! I was hoping we could all be in the same class!", Melody says.
"Me too", Sybelle joins in.

"I have Botany after that", I say.
"Yes! I have Botany too!", Sybelle says, excited.
"What do you have for 2nd period?", I ask Melody.

message 39: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 869 comments Melody

I made a face, "anger management class." Ann looked me over, "you have anger issues?" She asked a little fearfully. I laughed a little. "Oh no, this is a class on how to deal with someone else's anger." I said wryly. I shook my head "do we really need classes like this? I mean if this is our 'destiny' shouldn't we be fine figuring this stuff out on our own?" I put air quotes on destiny to emphasis how ridiculous I thought the concept was.

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L | 1252 comments Red

Speechless, I had just sat gawping at Quinn like an idiot while he tried (and failed) to make friendly conversation. What had struck me was a twinkle in his eye that hadn’t escaped my notice, for when he winked at me I could see the faint glistening of an amber tinged eye. Without time to dwell on this I managed to utter a few syllables, in response as he waited for me to confirm that I indeed did have a voice.

“Nice to meet you.” He replied with a darkly mysterious half-smile before then glancing quickly down at his wristwatch.

“I shall see you in Navigation 101 class, soon” and with a curt nod of the head he was gone and I was once more alone.

Surveying my dorm room more meticulously this time, I noticed how ancient the Academy felt with its oil paintings and Victorian style, oak antique furniture. Everything was at least a hundred years old, including the massive mahogany wardrobe which was as wide as a small hallway. Seriously, I considered stepping inside to see whether I would end up in Narnia. Next to the bed was a pretty vanity desk complete with mirror and a spare key to the room. I felt comfortably at home as I walked around, to pick up my timetable from the window seat.

“Right, time to make some new friends” I smiled to myself, endeavoring to remain in as positive a frame of mind as possible.

I wanted this to work. I was so desperate to ‘belong’ and now was my chance to mingle with other similar kind. As I turned to leave and make my way to class, my mind wondered back to Quinn and his amber glinting eyes. I just shook my head and thought that it wasn’t possible…but I couldn’t help but wonder. For you see, this ‘sign’ was something I was familiar with.

It was a Wolf thing.

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Sue (youvebeensued) Ann Valentina:

I was a bit shaken with the thought of my roommate having anger issues. Anger is so not my thing. I don't even remember the last time I was angry. Yes, I get frustrated. Mad. And I hate those creatures rotting my house. But not angry. Even if I do, I like being silent, unless it goes down. But people lashing out of anger, yeah that's a little scary.

Shrugging the thought, I focus on Melody's question. "I know right", I say with a sigh. I had been thinking the same. "Its like they are training us to be a part of some crappy fairy tale, we don't even know its gonna happen or not".

Both of them nods their heads. "See, my point", says Melody.

"Well, we might have to think about it later. Its getting late. We better get to our classes now", Sybelle suggests.

We all agree to her, and make our ways outside, locking the door behind.

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody

Sybelle and I squinted at our class list and tried to find our Navigation class. "Looks like the first test is finding the class itself." I joked lamely as we circled the same building for the third time. I at scratched my head in frustration. "Come on! It's gotta be here somewhere." I said, feeling pretty humiliated at this point.

I jumped when someone tapped my shoulder. "Need some help?" A boy with short black hair and bright green eyes said. "No." I said at the same time Sybelle said "yes." He chuckled and I blushed, looking away as Sybelle asked him about our class. "I can show you, that's where I'm headed too." He said and gestured for us to follow him. "Oh goody." I muttered, grunting when Sybelle elbowed me. He glanced back at me, his eyes glimmering in amusement.

"I'm Christian by the way." He offered and I sighed, realizing I was being an ungrateful bitch. "I'm Melody." I said with a tight smile. "Sybelle." Sybelle said. "So what kind of sona are you?" She asked. Christian's eyes darkened for a moment, his green eyes taking on an emerald hue but it was gone so fast I wasn't sure I'd seen it in the first place. "Prince." He said, smiling charmingly at us. "What about you lovely ladies?" I rolled my eyes and couldn't help smiling at his cheesy tone, "I've got a rose sona, she's got a sleeping sona." I said as we rounded a corner and started walking away from the buildings. Just as I was about to ask if he really knew where we were going a small building came into view with a big banner on the side which had a compass on it.

"Think that's it?" Sybelle whispered to me and I smiled," odds are pretty good that it is."

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod

"I think the compass is a little overboard," I muttered to Melody who nodded in agreement. "Obviously this school is in serious need of remodelling."
"Subtle is not their forte," Melody replied.
"Says the girl with the suitcase full of lingerie."

"Did you say something?" Christian said over his shoulder. Melody's cheeks turned red, her eyes daring me to tell him about our topic of conversation. Poor guy. He wouldn't be able to handle it.

"The compass," I supplied, gesturing to it. "It's a little..."
"Inconspicuous?" he joked, grinning. "Yeah, the Navigation teacher, Professor Crick, can tend to overdo the welcome committee. I'd brace yourselves for his class. Sitting in the back would probably be a good start."

I smiled. "So you need a Survival 101 for Navigation 101?"

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Sue (youvebeensued) Ann Valentina:

I take off in the opposite direction after I said bye to both of my new friends. I have no idea where is my first class though. I search through the classrooms, two heavy dictionary like books in my hands. I stopped in front of the academy map, trying to find a way to get to my class.

Somehow balancing my books, and I reach for my glasses. Yeah, I have these nerdy looking glasses, (which I avoid wearing in public) putting them on. As I navigate my way through the halls, I suddenly crash to the floor, my books scattering, my glasses flying. I wince at the pain that stung at the back of my head. I hear someone cursing, and then a voice calls out, "Hey, are you okay?"

I blink open my eyes and stare at a pair of the deepest shade of blue-green eyes. There's worry in it. And it doesn't suit those beautiful eyes. I focus on the face in front of my eyes, my brain now registering the pain at the back of my head.

"Yeah", I croon. I try to sit up, but I feel dizzy and end up holding onto the only support I find. A strong arm braces me at my waist, the only thing that kept me on my legs.

"Yeah, I really don't think so", I hear the deep voice again.

I look up to the person to whom the voice belong to. I find myself looking at a handsome guy, well handsome is an understatement. He steadies me, and bends down to pick up my books and my glasses.

"I'm so sorry, my friend pushed me and I crashed into you. And", he looks around, "he took off".

"That's okay", I say, trying to keep my voice normal. Though I'm miserably failing at it.

I take my books and glasses from his hands and I feel my face heat up when my hand touches his, "accidentally".

I look down, trying to cover my face with my hair and make my way to my class. Though I have no idea where it is.

"Hey! Wait!", the voice calls out to me.

I turn around and see him walking upto me. "Well that wasn't really a very good apology, and I'm really sorry. I'm sure you hit your head hard. Do you mind if I walk you to your class?", he says.

No freaking way. I absolutely do not mind you walking me to anywhere.
"Sure", I say.

He smiles, and I think I just died. "I'm Mason by the way", he introduces himself.

"Arieanna", I say. "But everyone calls me Ann".

He smiles again, and asks, "So where are we headed to?".

"Magic 101, though I don't know where exactly it is", I reply, a little embarrassed.

"Hey that's my class too, great! And you're headed in the right way", he assures me.

I smile at him, and continue walking unless we reach our classroom.

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L | 1252 comments Red

As I silently flitted down innumerable corridors and passageways, which all looked confusingly similar, I glanced every so often down at the crinkled paper I was clutching tightly onto. The map of HEA Academy was reminiscent of the building itself; old and weather-beaten, with the ink markings upon the creamy vellum almost indiscernible. The flooring was either emerald green tiles or wooden everywhere and all the mahogany, light brown doors seemed exactly the same. I was completely confused and very much lost, within this vast maze of interconnecting threads forming an immense institute for those born into the fairytale.

“Now what?” I questioned, as my feet came to a halt in front of a thick, wooden paneled wall that marked a dead end.

I figured that the map was of no use and that I was as lost with it as I would have been without it, and so with this thought filling my mind I stuffed it hastily into my pocket. Clicking my tongue and drumming my fingers lightly upon the wall, I thought about what I should do to try to avoid being late for my first ever lesson. If I was going to start well, then lateness was not a first impression that I particularly wanted to implant upon people’s memories of me. And so closing my eyes I focused on my inner senses and those heightened senses that the other part of me possessed; the Wolf part.

‘In fairytales one acts according to either good or evil…they act according to what is written, what is foretold and to their natural instincts.’

The slight notion of this school being connected to a fairytale or twisted reality suddenly crossed my mind, as I realized that everyone in this building had one thing in common.

For in fairytales nothing is impossible. All kinds of creatures intermingle and all kinds of weird and peculiar happenings occur, that is considered not uncommon but rather expected. If reality seems improbable, then it most definitely possible and if the truth appears distorted then it must be real. According to the phrase ‘Once Upon A Time’ events unfold differently to those in actual time, and so as I stood lost in thought it was this very existence that I lived in which made me smile.

“How can I be late” I whispered to myself hurrying back down the corridor “if time is altered from what lies beyond these walls?”

“How can I be lost, if I am not there to be found?” I questioned into thin air, as I darted around another corner and down a spiral staircase.

“And how can lessons be learnt, if what one teaches can alter…”

My voice grew in volume as I spun around another deserted corner and dashed inside an open doorway, where a large group of students were congregating. I had used my acute sense of smell to lead me to other humans, and fortunately I just had happened upon the exact classroom which I was supposed to be in. There were so many unanswered questions swirling around in my head, about myself and also about fairytales. As the lively bunch of students silenced as I entered the room, I knew that it would take time for the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place and for ‘the Urge’ to take its full effect.

I presumed that no one knew what the future would bring, nor where it would lead. We all were destined for different paths. What I didn’t know was the path I had set out on was planned, by the headmaster Merlin, to lead to a dead end…
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Lady Poppy | 367 comments ((Sorry it's taken me so long, I've had family difficulties. When I finally had it all typed up and was previewing it, something happened and the entire thing deleted. -_- I'll try to hurry.))

message 47: by L (new)

L | 1252 comments Lady Poppy wrote: "((Sorry it's taken me so long, I've had family difficulties. When I finally had it all typed up and was previewing it, something happened and the entire thing deleted. -_- I'll try to hurry.))"

That is terrible! I've had that happen on the computer at times, and it is so anoying. I do hope you can remember what happens with your character :) Xx

P.S- see you all in the in UK it is my bedtime.

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Lady Poppy | 367 comments Lacey:

I sprinted into the main building, short of breath, slamming into the front desk with my arms extended to absorb the impact and stop my momentum. I flipped open my ancient pocket watch, extremely anxious after discovering I had one minute until the first bell rang. No no no no no. No! I can't be late on the very first day... what will the other students think of me? My heart sank with a sudden thought. What will mum think of me? I became frantic, pounding on the minute bell repeatedly that sat on the tabletop.

A flutter of wings and a quiet jingling sound announced the arrival of a pink fairy. I was a little awed-- I'd never seen a fairy before. My admiration was crushed fairly quickly when she said, "You're late dear." I frowned at her and replied, "I'm aware of that, thank you." Sure enough, a loud ringing reverberated off of the walls, signaling the start if first period. She tutted disapprovingly at me. I scowled at her when she was busy shuffling through papers.

After several minutes of stressful waiting, the pink fairy set a few pieces of paper in front of me with an unnecessary flourish. I signed my name quickly and grabbed the stack. With a quick goodbye and thanks to the front desk fairy (who had disappeared in a cloud of pink sparkles before saying goodbye, further irking me), I began running down the nearest hallway. I pulled out my schedule and room paper as my feet pounded on the empty floor.

Roommates: Sybelle Lumiere, Melody Tremaine, and Ann Valentina

There is no way I'll have time to stop at my room before class.

Period 1: Magic101
Period 2: Botany
Period 3: New student welcome with the headmaster
Period 4: Balance101
Free study until 7:00pm

Without processing what the actual classes were, I kept running, trying to find the room my first period was in. A rug a few yards in front of me was not laying flat on the ground -- the edge was flipped up. I, being a clumsy girl, was not watching my feet, and sure enough, the tip of my shoe caught on the upturned end.

I flew through the air along with my bag, landing on the ground with a muffled oomph! My case kept soaring, but as soon as it made contact with the wooden floorboards, the entire thing exploded. Clothes, along with everything else packed, rained down. I was incredibly lucky no one else was around to see that particular blunder.

I began repacking my case quickly, hurling myself at farther away articles of clothing. If packing had been an Olympic sport, I was sure I would get gold. Slamming the bag shut, I saw a blue ribbon laying dejected two feet to my right. I picked it up, amazed by how silky it was. It immediately struck me that my mum had packed it-- it had been hers. I tied my pearly blonde hair back with it as a headband, closed my fingers around the handle of my bag, and rushed into the closest classroom. Luckily it was just the one I was looking for.

I slid into an empty chair at the back table, ducking my head and hastily hiding my bag under the desk. A deep voice from the front of the room made me jump. "Late. On the first day too Miss-" the man consulted his roll sheet, "Lovington," he finished, as if my name tasted bad in his mouth. I hid my face, pretending to search in my bag while I flushed scarlet.

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talltyrion | 708 comments Name: Jackie Lyons
Age: 17
Sona: Little Red
Birthmark: A wolf's head
Bio: Shy by nature, Jackie tends to be apart from others her age. Her family has high expectations for her, and she's never been without anything that they could buy for her. She doesn't particularly enjoy being a Sona, but doesn't see a clear way out of something that is so very important in her family.

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Melissa | 869 comments Melody

First class of the day and I was ready for a nap. The professor seemed cool but apparently the first day of the year was the day he had chosen to get all of the boring stuff out of the way. Like the importance of knowing your way around blah, blah, blah. I dropped my forehead down on the desk rather dramatically and ignored Christian's amused snicker. Okay, semi ignored. I may have flipped him off. But only a little.

Professor Crick cleared his throat and tapped on his desk. He reminded me a little of that dwarf teacher from the Harry Potter movies. What was his name? Professor..... Something. Oh well. Anyway he waited until he had everyone's attention before speaking, "now I know this has been very dull for some of you," He paused and I swear he looked right at me and I heard Christian snicker again. "But that part is over now. I'm going to pair you up and give you an assignment which must be completed before class is over." He said and started reading names off a list which appeared in front of him.

I crossed my fingers and prayed I'd be with Sybelle but she ended up paired with some guy named Thomas. I ended up with Christian. And the fun continues.

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