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a humorist's look at a women's out of control middle age and family

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Susan Wow, I loved this book. The first couple of pages draws you in and surprises you with it's rich detail and humour. As I read, I felt an identity with the out of control family and all it's zany relationships. As I said to my friends, I would love to be friends wiwth the author if she is like she writes. A humourist with realism and a knack for storytelling.

Amanda I first read Jeanne Ray's Julie and Romeo...and have since read all her books. My favorites are this one (Eat Cake) and "Step Ball Change," another book about a woman past the bloom of youth who has to figure out what she wants out of the second half of her life.
Jeanne Ray writes about characters who are real people, women who might live down the street, or show up in your aerobics class, who you'd like to have a coffee with and listen to them wonder about what was going on with their young adult children or their crazy aging parents.

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Jess I loved the idea of a safe, happy place being inside a bundt cake - I can identify with that! Very enjoyable book.

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