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Alice (alice20) Heyo

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Hey ^^

What did you have in mind, if anything?

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Alice (alice20) Hmmm... I usually like to roleplay supernatural, but I'm open to new things. I've been wanting to try romance for a while. You?

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I always love supernatural RPs (but I must warn you, I tend to always have demonic characters ^^). Romance is fine but if I say something that's really awkward it's because I've never really had any experience with love and such. It's preferable if we don't do 'doubles' because they get very confusing. Ooh! And I love doing Apocalyptic or Dystopian RPs. ^^

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Alice (alice20) So how about a supernatural/dystopian rp, with a little romance if we feel like it (by that I mean it doesn't have to be centered around kisses and stuff)? And yeah, totally agree with you about the doubles.

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Sounds good to me.

I can RP any gender. Your choice.

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Alice (alice20) I can be the girl. Do you want to make a storyline ahead of time or go with the flow?

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Let's just go with the flow?

Guess I'm the guy ^^

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Alice (alice20) Coolio :]

Name: Trista Gray
Age: 17
Species: Phoenix girl
-Regenerate it she's wounded
-Breathe fire
-Sing a song that will transfix anyone with its beauty
(I'll probably add more as I go along)
Appearance: Fiery red hair, striking orange eyes, slim, a beautiful smile, defined cheekbones, dressed in a tank top and ragged jeans
Personality: Kind, generous, defiant, strong, spirited, judgmental, hates people who hate her, easy to annoy
Background: She has a father who is tending to a handicapped mother back at her homecountry of Ashria. She is descended from a long line of powerful phoenixes who all had a curse cast upon them that prevented them from reincarnating after their third death. Her mother's declining health made her determined to find a cure, and she has trekked across the dystopian human world to find a hermit that allegedly holds the secret to saving her mother, as well as lifting her curse.

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Nice character ^^

Name: Chamber White
Age: 18
Species: Hell-hound. His mother was a were and his father was a demon.
- He has two major forms. One being his humanoid form and the other, his hell-hound/wolf type form.
- Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Sight, Smell and Taste).
- He's able to conduct the removal of one's soul.
- Possession.
Appearance: Chamber isn't distinctively well built, but he's more of the lean type. Nearly everything about his face is sharp. His cheekbones are high and sharp. His eyes are almond shaped and slightly angled. His eyes are also a pale blue kind of colour. He has black hair that just falls short of his shoulders. His skin is an even light olive colour, and he doesn't have any blemishes or anything really.
Hound form: His hound form is pretty much a wolf version of his human form. So, it has black long fur, pale blue eyes and is fairly skinny. His teeth are unbelievably sharp and strangely white. He has horns, similar to a ram's, protruding from his head and sharp talons extending from his paws.
Personality: Chamber is a bit cold and uncaring. He can make a good friend, can be loyal and could obey rules, but he just doesn't want to. He has a quick temper and jumps to conclusions far too quickly. He can be impatient sometimes and is a tiny little bit cocky. But he's also calm. When he's feeling particularly angry or malicious, he'll go into his 'scary-calm' phase where he'll decline being angry and speak minimally. He has a crude sense of humor and can make jokes in an attempt to lighten a situation. You can't blame him for being angry. One of his parents is a wolf and the other a demon.
History: So...the human world is cracking. That's was his fault. Him and a few of his mates. The demon council all decided that humans were pathetic creatures that needed to survive to live. So, they brought hell to the humans and waited for them all to die out or Heaven to intervene. Of course, the latter happened. Then, the council sent warriors to fight the angels. Chamber was one of the hell-hounds sent up to kill. After he was injured by heavenly weapon, his pack abandoned him and retreated to hell while he was still up on Earth. Bleeding on Earth. Eventually his wounds healed and he was able to move from his exposed position. He took shelter in a human house that had been long since abandoned. Chamber only came out at night (How cliched) and avoided the communities of humans that were trying to survive with their limited resources.
Mother - Dead. Murdered by his father.
Father - Alive and well in Hell. He's apart of the demon council.
Multiple Brothers - They're all somewhere in hell.

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You still alive there? Wait, I shouldn't ask that. Ahem. Hello?

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Alice (alice20) Oh, sorry... I didn't get a notification :( curse you Goodreads!

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Alice (alice20) Wow that's a really complex charrie... luv it!

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Thanks ^^

Did you want to start the RP? Or would you like me to?

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Alice (alice20) I dunno where to start... do you want to?

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Chamber sat on the ground, his back on the wall and a lit cigarette placed between his lips. He'd been living up here for some time. Sleeping, eating and doing everything he could up here on the surface of Earth. His demon companions hadn't opened a gateway into Hell since their last attack, meaning he couldn't get back to his real home and realm. His food supply was running short and he would have to start hunting humans pretty soon. He exhaled some smoke and watched the wisps twirl up into the sky, as the roof of the building he was sitting in had long since disappeared. He sighed, "Come on. You've got to do something." But he couldn't find anything useful to do. He'd already toured and explored all over the place.

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Alice (alice20) After hours and hours of walking, Trista finally decided to step and rest at a decrepit looking town at the side of the road. Her feet felt like blocks of bricks as she treaded her way to a small house with no roof. Curiously, there were no signs of life in the town. No lights were on and no one else was walking on the sidewalk, and although Trista found this slightly creepy, she found an odd sense of peace as she slumped against the side of the house.

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Chamber grunted and stood up, using the wall for support. He'd been deprived of his medication, so his legs were weak. They'd been injured fatally before in a war between the heavens and hell. It was a miracle that he could still walk. Chamber stretched his back and walked out of the building, carefully avoiding the sharp shards of glass that littered the ground. The air outside was dusty and just generally unpleasant to breath in. He touched a hand to the hilt of his dagger, just to confirm that he still had it on him. Humans had gone crazy the last few years. Cannibalism was the worst he'd seen from these petty creatures. They thought that they could survive? How pathetic. Soon, Hell would bring up the army and annihilate the human race. But he wouldn't be part of that army. His pack had already lost his trust. Maybe he would fight for the humans. Chamber started walking around, taking little steps, and winced as he heard bones crack.

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Alice (alice20) Trista heard the sound of cracking from behind the wall. She quickly woke up and quietly prepared to attack whoever--or whatever--came out of the house. She was used to this kind of wake up call... often, ravenous humans tried to sneak up on her while she was sleeping and eat her, but Trista always was able to fend them off using her fire powers, which for some reason the cannibals hated.

The bad thing was that the more she used her fire abilities, the less powerful they were and the harder they were to summon. Trista blamed this on the curse... the wretched curse that brought so much fear and suffering among her family, and the curse that had sent her on this journey. So, right now, Trista concentrated on channeling her powers to annihilate the imminent threat that was creeping behind the wall.

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Chamber rolled his shoulders back and prepared to change forms. Humans thought this process was an easy one, but that was far from the truth. It felt like your being was torn apart, only to be stitched back together again. And then your mind had to cope with the sudden alteration. Your senses enhanced until every little scent became overpowering, everything that moved seemed to become 10x bigger and the slightest heat change was incredibly drastic. He groaned and shifted into his hound form. Then, he took off in a fast sprint, sensing that somewhere, hell was opening up. This always happened, but he never actually reached his destination in time. The gates would always close before his feet could bring him to the place. He let out a growl and stretched his legs further, in hopes of running faster. He couldn't get much faster, without hurting himself. He would get to that gateway and he would get back into hell.

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Alice (alice20) Trista waited. The creature behind the wall seemed to stop moving for some reason. Then--suddenly--a dog-like thing sprinted straight out of the house like it had Hell on its tail. But as Trista watched in shock, she saw that it was running toward something, not from something. That was fine by her. As long as it stayed away from her, she would leave it alone.

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Chamber let out a howl, hoping that the gatekeeper/s would hear this and hold the door for him. Maybe they could see him as well. He howled again and kept on sprinting towards that opening. It was so close, yet so far away. His muscles were starting to ache, from the sudden exertion. Come on. Just a little further. Then you'll be back Home. Then you'll be able to rest. Then you'll see your pack, your family and your master. Keep. Going. He clenched his jaw, his limbs strained and quite sore now. He hadn't run this much since the first day he'd been left up here and now he was paying the price for his laziness.

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Alice (alice20) ((Okay so I was thinking that Chamber holds the key for Trista to lift her curse, but at the price of sacrificing his passage to Hell...? Do you like that idea))

Trista was curious to see if where the dog was headed. She had never encountered such a bizare event before, where the animal ran away from her instead of attacking her at first sight. Having nothing else to do, she decided to follow the dog and uncover the mystery.

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((That's a great idea. The item that Chamber needs to gain access into Hell is a pentagram. And that pentagram also relieves Trista of the curse. Correct?))

Chamber started panting, his lungs starting to run short on air. He needed to get to this gate. He would use his pentagram and then stay in Hell for the rest of his life. That seemed like a good plan. The gate was starting to close, he could just make out the gatekeepers moving to shut the portal into the demon realm. Dammit! He started to run faster in an attempt to get there before they disappeared. As he wasn't especially know in Hell, he couldn't summon the gate but had to wait for someone to do that for him.

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Alice (alice20) ((Yup))

Trista used all of her muscle strength to catch up to the dog. She finally got close to him, only to see him run even faster towards what seemed to be a closing, circular portal suspended in midair. The portal closed before the dog could reach it, however.

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Chamber slammed into a seemingly invisible wall. It wasn't a wall, of course, but the remains of the closed portal. Soon, the Earth would return to normal and the space would return to normal. He let out a mournful howl and sat down, staring at the spot where the portal had been. He whined a bit, hoping that some rogue demon that had wandered too close to the boundary would hear him and call for someone to open the portal. That didn't happen. He pawed a bit at the air and dropped his paw when it passed through nothing but air. Then, he started growling, disappointed and angry with himself.

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Alice (alice20) For some reason, Trista felt heartbroken for this animal. The howl he had let out after slamming into the wall of the portal was heart-wrenching and mournful, and Trista found herself wanting to comfort the dog, somehow. But, she didn't. The dog was obviously from a different world, judging from the horns on its head and the sharp talons on his paws. She had heard horrible stories of people torn apart by these strange species of hounds, so she tried to creep as quietly as possible away from the dog.

Unfortunately, Trista was not adept at the art of soft walking. A twig snapped under her foot.

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Chamber flattened his ears, growled and spun around to face a girl. He narrowed his eyes, adapted a defensive position and continued to growl. Had he been followed? Or had this girl just happened to be here when the portal was open? He doubted the latter. Anyone that came in close proximity to the opened portal, would have their head torn off, intestine served at a feast, and fingers severed from their hands as fingers were currently recognised as a delicacy. He took a step forwards, hoping to scare this girl off before he actually wanted to harm her.

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Alice (alice20) Trista prepared to fight the dog. She didn't know that he didn't intend to harm her; the fierce expression in his stance made her think he was about to attack her. Knowing that she would not be able to outrun him, Trista summoned balls of fire in her hands and raised her hands as a warning to the dog not to come any closer.

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Chamber snarled but didn't take a step closer. He wouldn't let his stance drop, because she was wielding fire which could harm him. Burns weren't the easiest to heal. He scratched at the ground with his left front paw, annoyed with his feeble attempts at scaring this girl away. He stopped growling but his teeth were still bared, his canines almost glowing with how pristine they were. Please leave now. I don't want to get burnt and I'm sure you don't want to be shredded. He knew she probably couldn't hear his thoughts...but it was worth a shot.

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Alice (alice20) The canine didn't come any closer. That was a good sign. Most other ravenous creatures would have attacked Trista despite the glaring balls of fire in her fists. Then, Trista noticed the oddest thing. The dog seemed to be trying to communicate something to her, as if it possessed a conscious, human mind. Trista felt her fire fading; without intense fear or anger, Trista's powers had no fuel behind them.

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Chamber nearly tiled his head, at the fading balls of fire, but stopped himself. He didn't want to lose his semi-menacing demeanor, just in case. He covered his teeth again, but there was still a warning glint in his eyes. Good. Now please take your departure. With his teeth no longer bared, he didn't look that threatening. If you ignored the massive talons and the ram-like horns, he could pass for a normal wolf. Only then did he realise that his girl had held fire and how strange that was of a human. Impossible of a human. There was only one plausible solution: she wasn't human. Fascinating. Maybe she was another demon trapped up on the surface. Perhaps an angel who had fallen? He wanted to ask, but couldn't talk while he was in hound form.

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Alice (alice20) Trista could see the bravado with which the hound held himself. The relief she had seen in its demeanor after her fire balls had faded suggested that the dog hadn't wanted to kill her after all, and that it just wanted to scare her away. Fascinated by the humanistic behaviors that the dog possessed, Trista called out, "Who are you?" She realized that it was a sign of madness that she was talking to a potentially dangerous animal, but her curiosity had always been her fatal flaw.

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Chamber didn't respond to her question, remaining still in his position. He could tell her. It wasn't like he was on some top secret mission or anything. He was just a lowly hound trying to find his way back to his home. He blinked a few time, debating whether he should change forms or just stay frozen like this until she left. Oh, he didn't really want to answer her question so he remained still and almost glared at her. It wasn't a hate-filled glare, but more so a 'focusing' kind of glare. He didn't make a sound, either. Not moving equals so sound. The silence fell over them, it was comforting to Chamber, but it could potentially get awkward.

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Alice (alice20) ((sorry for taking so long :( ))

Trista dared to walk closer to the animal. Maybe it was the droop of his eyes, or the way it hadn't attempted to attack her, but she sensed that it was still morose about its apparent failure at entering the portal. Trista felt a song opening up through her throat, like it always did when she felt sorry for someone--or in this case, something.

A melodic tune flowed out of her lips before she could stop it. This dog was going to think she was crazy, singing like this, but for some reason it was an unpreventable habit that was a characteristic of phoenixes like her.

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