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The apartment of Peter Heckershoth.

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Peter enters his apartment and throws his coat on the rack. He sits on a couch and and falls asleep.

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Peter rolls of his couch. He hits the ground with a thud. "Ow." He looks up. He sees his over due library books. He grabs them and runs out the door.

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Peter walks in. He was a lot weaker than he made out to Luna and Allayna. He passes out on the bed with his wing throbbing from being away so long. He lets his wings out and tries to ignore the pain.

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Peter wakes up. He is sore everywhere. He moves his wing. "Ow. At least it's good enough to move." He puts his wings away, gets off his bed and, heads out the door.

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Peter walks in and rests on his bed. He falls asleep.

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