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What would you like to do?
IF we do romance-and I'm not saying we have to- can I be the girl? >.<

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I'm really cool with anything :)
And actually, do you mind if we do doubles? I think it's more fair that way...

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Oh yeah! Doubles are fine! I must warn you though, sometimes I forget to post both sides of the story so you must remind me that we're doing doubles!! I'm funny that way. ^^
Alrighty. :D Real life or fantasy? (I hate supernatural, sorry...>.<)

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Haha! :D
And either is fine with me, really. We could always have two different plotlines going, so the two pairs don't belong to the same story. That way, we could do a real life and a fantasy if you like... :)

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Oh, that gets crazy complicated, though, right?
I don't know, you choose. :) All is marvelous and I'll just go with whatever you want to do. ^^

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Um...well here are basic starters:
-Struggling Artists
-Arranged Marriage
-High School
-Good Girl/bad boy
-Different social classes

That's all I can think of at the moment...

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You know Steampunk?! I'd love to have one of them Steampunk. You can choose the other one. ^^

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Gah! I adore steampunk! XD
Ooh! I have an idea, then!
So, we could have it in a world where there is some big war going on. One side has had enough and are planning on using drastic measures to end it. Let's say this steampunk world had magic in it once, so this side is starting to imprison people who still have that magic (which would be just little powers like telekinesis or mindreading, only one each) on false charges, planning to drain them of energy to use for a huge weapon.
For one couple, we could have a female detective who was accidently taken by a group of escapees, all convicts who had powers. She falls for the leader of the group of theives, a conman.
The other couple could be the prince or leader's son and the tinker who was supposed to be designing this mega weapon, and neither know what is truly going on. When they find out, they could go on the run, trying to hide the designs for the weapon. They could then meet up with the thieves and so on and so forth.

What do you think? :)
This was actually a dream I had. Lol :D

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I've been a different sector thing of steampunk for Halloween for the last two years now. ^^
Oooh! Awesome!! :D It's so cool. I love it.

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Ugh! Hardly anyone here knows about steampunk stuff! You are officially a very cool person in my book.... xD
And we have these renaissance faires about an hour away from where I live. They have a steampunk weekend there and I have bought so much costume stuff there!
Coolio! Which one would you want to be the girl in? :)

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And you're practically a ninja- a very high complement among my people- in my book. ^^
Wow! Awesome! :D I make all my own stuff but for gadgets and such I go to a little costume store in Denver.
I don't care. ^^ You choose. :D

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I have been known to dable in the *dramatic pause* Ninja arts! XD
I am very happy to be practically a ninja in your book :)
And we have a costume store around here, but they are lacking in their steampunk apparel sadly...So, I await thy faire!
Um...I don't know! I love both really! I guess I'll be the detective and the prince if that's alright with you...

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