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Hopes for Bk. 5?

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What do you hope the GR5 includes or is like?

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Rena | 1 comments I have tooonnnsss of hopes for book five. To some degree I think Karigain will freak out a little the next time she sees Estora (at least on the inside) because she thinks her friend hired someone to kill her. Other than that there are just so many things that could happen I'm not entirely sure. Mostly I'm interested in hearing others thoughts on the end of Blackvail.

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Atifa | 12 comments I heard it might be called Mirror Sight!!!!

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Atifa | 12 comments And I think it's coming out next spring :D

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Atifa | 12 comments I just saw the cover release, and it doesnt really match the series' covers -_-

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Where do you find it?

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Atifa | 12 comments its from her blog/ website

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